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Abortions may be down but…..If we think Millennials are more supportive of life: We tie our hopes to a myth!

– “During the past few months I have spoken at some pro-life events as well as several high-level gatherings of national conservative leaders. In each of those meetings I have heard people say that we are in a great era for the pro-life movement, especially because Millennials are highly supportive of life in the womb. […]


2/1/18 – When America’s Young Kill their Young

When America’s Young Kill their Young. We are joined by Peggy Nienaber (V.P. Operations, Faith & Action DC) and George Barna (Executive Director of American Culture and Faith Institute). Topics discussed include: Update on the GOP Amtrak Train derailment. Rating the President: What people of faith think. Abortions may be down but……. if we think […]


The Ugly Impact of Abortion – Kim Ketola’s Story

Kim Ketola has written a book on a very important topic that has helped so many women – mothers and fathers – as it relates to abortion. The book is entitled, “Cradle my Heart, finding God’s love after abortion’. Kim found herself pregnant and left to make a decision. Kim shares her story and discusses […]


Why Life is Sacred – from God’s Perspective

At the recent “March for Life” VP Pence made direct comments back to our Founding Fathers and their view of a Creator God and life. Why is this principle of life so important to the foundation of Constitutionally recognized rights and the freedoms we enjoy? Why is life so sacred to God? Why should our […]


1/22/18 – Celebrate Life: God Does!

Celebrate Life: God Does! We are joined by Kim Ketola (Host of Cradle My Heart Today, author). Topics discussed include: Why is life Sacred – from God’s perspective. The Ugly Impact of Abortion – on Women and families – A personal story. The Ugly Impact of Abortion – On our Culture and Economy. Restoring a […]


The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview

Through the proclamation of truth, leadership training and collaboration with like-minded organizations, The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview seeks to build and resource a movement of Christians committed to living and defending the Christian worldview. Founded by Chuck Colson. We work with Christians and Christian organization across the denominational spectrum to advance the Kingdom […]