Stand in the Gap Meme 2 (1)Please let us know about the Stand in the Gap Churches you would like us to follow up with:

A Stand in the Gap Pastor and Church Ascribes to These Biblical Truths: “In Ezekial 22:30, just before God brought final judgment on the nation of Israel, He indicates that He gave one final chance to the people of that nation to hold off His judgment. God says in verse 30 that, “I sought for a man (righteous) among them (prophets, priests, princes, people) that could make up the hedge and stand in the gap before Me for the land that I should not destroy it, but I found none.” In this case, God found none. In the United States today, God’s judgment is deserving. We at PPN are looking for Pastors who understand the seriousness of our circumstances and will respond to God’s call and say that they want to know as a Church that preaches the whole counsel of God and wish to be a brighter light for Christ and “Stand in the Gap”. If you’d like to join the increasing number of pastors and churches that are not afraid of standing for righteousness in this evil age. Then please join with us and add your name to our “Stand in the Gap” churches.


As a Stand in the Gap church you receive:

  1. Complete access to our PPN Resource Library. (When you complete the registration, you will choose your own password which will allow you into all “Members Only” aspects of our Resource Library.)
  2. A monthly letter from PPN President, Sam Rohrer on current issues, special events, invitations to projects and calls to action, and more
  3. A beautiful certificate for framing that names your church as an official Stand in the Gap Church of the Pennsylvania Pastors’ Network as you commit to uphold the Stand in the Gap criteria* (see below)
  4. Automatic sign-up for the weekly PPN eNews
  5. Invitations and free access to regular online webinars and conference calls to hear from top leaders in PA and around the nation
  6. Special discounts for various events and a number of events at no charge to you
  7. Included in PPN communications to other pastors and we will recognize you as one committed to Pray, Preach, Partner and Prepare – and to Stand in the Gap!
  8. To become a Stand in the Gap Church, fill out the form to the right (on the home page or on the Stand in the Gap page)

Stand in the Gap criteria:

  • Commit to a PPN Pulpit Sundays at least once every other month.  – Preach specifically on the cultural, moral issues of our day, using our sermon notes or your own sermons (the first Sunday of the month, or your own schedule).  Our resource library contains a number of sermon helps to assist you with themes and ideas, to effectively communicate Biblical principles necessary to address our cultural problems.
  • Encourage your congregation to VOTE and be involved as Salt and Light in the culture.




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