10/20/17 – High Stakes Chess

High Stakes Chess: Russia, the Dollar, and the US Economy; China, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. We are joined by: William Parker (CEO Grandview Asset Management) and Dr. Mark Christian (Former Muslim Imam, Exec. Director of “The Global Faith Institute”). Topics discussed include: Are we primed for an economic collapse or correction? How should investors evaluate all these things happening? High Stakes Economic Chess: The Chinese Move against the Dollar, The Saudi Shift to Russia. High Stakes Strategic Chess: Hamas & the PLA alignment, Russia aligns with the Saudis and Iran.

10/19/17 – When the World Rejects Religion: The Latest Research

When the World Rejects Religion: The Latest Research. We are joined by David New (Constitutional Attorney). Topics discussed include: Religion: Defining the Term. Would this world be a better place without religion? Are we close in America to losing our religious freedom? What the Bible says about Religion and the End Days.

10/18/17 – Looking at Current Events in the Light of Biblical Prophecy

Looking at Current Events in the Light of Biblical Prophecy. We are joined by guest host Dr. Jimmy DeYoung (Host of Prophecy Today). His guests are: David James (Prophecy Today), Dr. Rob Congdon (Congdon Ministries International), David Dolan (Jerusalem-based author and journalist), and Jimmy DeYoung Jr. (Prophecy Today). Topics discussed include: How we should interpret the prophetic word of God? Middle East Update. European Union Update. Israel – What might you see there?

10/17/17 – Biblical Perspective on Self Defense and Church Safety

Biblical Perspective on Self Defense and Church Safety. We are joined by Huascar Rivera (VP WSK & Associates Security, retired State Police Lt. Colonel). Topics discussed include: What’s happening at APN. National Anthem Protests. A Biblical defense of self-defense. Protecting our churches and preventing church shootings. Solutions for societal and church violence.

10/16/17 – The Importance of Biblical Worldview in Protecting People

The importance of Biblical Worldview in protecting people. Topics discussed include: Current events. The Good: President Trump’s speech at the Values Voter Summit. The Bad and the Ugly- Hollywood’s Hypocritical cover up for objectifying and abusing women and children. Solutions: Reasons why we have a solid biblical worldview and understand the sanctity of human life.

If division in America continues . . .

If division continues in the United States of America: What will happen to our national security? What will happen to our democratic process? What will happen to our international influence? What will happen to our precious freedoms? What will happen to our families? What will happen to our military strength? What will happen to our very existence?

Who is responsible for the division in America?

Who is responsible for this division in America?
1) Is it the Church? 2) Is it the Family? 3) Is it the Government? 4) Is it the Different Races? 5) Is it the International Policies? 6) Is it the Education System? 7) Is it the Media?
The devil has victory if he can get us divided in America.
Are we are on the brink of another Civil War?