If a national revival and a spiritual awakening are to take place, pastors must step forward and take the lead to call their people to holy prayer, passionate repentance and sacrificial action. It is past time for Christian leaders, especially our pastors, to stand up for their God and Country, reclaim their moral leadership and exercise their pulpit freedom, just as our founding fathers did. Simply, pastors must decry the wickedness in our land, and proclaim universally that “Jesus Christ is King”. Whatever is holy must be exalted, and whatever is evil must be condemned. Regardless of the cost, the pulpit must no longer be threatened into silence.


The North Carolina Pastors’ Network (NCPN), an inter-denominational body, is hereby organized by and for North Carolina pastors for the pursuit of revival and spiritual awakening, through the training, encouraging and equipping of one another to promote Biblical values, the foundation of our highly revered Constitution, and support initiatives and legislation that embody these timeless truths, as well as candidates for political office with Biblical values, and spawn a state-wide network of Christian pastors.


Sanctity of Life


  • We respect the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death.
  • We support pro-life options instead of abortion (e.g., Pregnancy Care Centers and adoptions), adult stem cell research and protection of the lives of the disabled and elderly.
  • We oppose abortion, abandonment and destruction of live aborted infants, taxpayer funding of abortion (i.e., groups like Planned Parenthood), embryo stem cell research, requiring the destruction of embryos, euthanasia (i.e., physician assisted suicide), sex trafficking/slavery, and rationing of healthcare for the elderly.

Sanctity of Marriage & Family


  • We respect God’s design of marriage.
  • We support traditional marriage between one man and one woman, and state amendments affirming the same.
  • We oppose same-sex unions and “marriage,” repeal of state and federal Defense of Marriage Acts (DOMA), coercion of all chaplains and clergy to perform same-sex ceremonies, and foster care and adoption privileges to same-sex couples.

Freedom of Religion & Speech


  • We respect our basic freedoms and rights given to us by God.
  • We support our Constitutional freedoms and the Bill of Rights, including a pastor’s right of free expression from the pulpit.
  • We oppose the healthcare mandate to pay for contraceptive and abortion-causing medications, secularization of society, suppression of religious speech (“Jesus”) in the public square and government regulation of churches and religious organizations.

Parental Authority & Choice in Education


  • We respect the parental authority given by God to a Father and Mother.
  • We support their decisions relative to the sexual instruction of their children, school choice, and the role of prayer and the Bible in public education.
  • We oppose current federal directives to indoctrinate our children into accepting homosexuality as normal and sexual abstinence until marriage as abnormal.

Constitutional & Limited Government


  • We respect the Godly wisdom of our founding fathers.
  • We support the limitations placed upon the government and balance of powers between the federal and state governments.
  • We oppose primary loyalty to the State (i.e., “Statism”) rather than to God first, and “We the people” second, dependency upon the federal government, resulting in $16 trillion dollars of debt, destruction of capitalism and the free market by crushing regulations, and dividing our nation between wealthy and poor.

Christians Voting Biblical Values Above Political Affiliation


  • We respect the critical value of our right and responsibility to vote, protected by the sacrifices of our military.
  • We support the Godly call of all Christians to cast their vote based on Biblical values.
  • We oppose the worthless fruit of “Hapathy” (i.e., based in blind Happiness and Apathy), a defeatist attitude (i.e., based in fear of others, not fear and love of God), “Washing Hands” of responsibility to shift blame to fate and a fear of offending others valued above expression of truth.


The North Carolina Pastors’ Network will be guided by four cornerstones: Final Authority of Scripture, Proclamation of the whole counsel of God, Command to be Salt and Light, and Truth that “faith without works is dead”.


We foresee a future where God’s Word is preached “from sea to shining sea” by deeply convicted pastors to sinners and Christians alike, convicting all to seek forgiveness of sins, the former receiving salvation, and the latter, restoration, all together proclaiming “Jesus Christ is Lord”, and standing openly against evil and for good in our land. We must remember that, first and foremost, pastors are engaged in spiritual warfare with eternal consequences for all.

“Believing the truth of the Scriptures that, ‘Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people’ (Proverbs 14:34), we the undersigned solemnly state our enduring commitment to a Biblical world view as detailed above. We are unequivocally committed to voting for individuals who most clearly embrace these Biblical principles, regardless of political party, so help us God! Amen.”

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