Time to Choose

By Sam Rohrer

“I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live” (Deut. 30:19).

As America’s sesquicentennial year approaches, and as we have recently remembered the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, we reflect on some of the history of our nation and actions undertaken so we might live free.

Without dispute, the war that’s underway around the world against freedom, Israel, the United States and the entire Western world—and witnessed in increasing acts of wanton terrorism worldwide—is Islam. Most disturbing, but something of which most non-Muslims seem oblivious, is that Islam is the primary source of terrorism and war worldwide and the reason we’re sacrificing the lives of precious freedom-loving American men and women every day.

The terrorism of ISIS as we’ve seen it acted out on our televisions in multiple countries is not some hijacked form of Islam. It is clear and pure Islam. Throughout the world, these horrendous acts of terror are nearly universally perpetrated by so-called “good Muslims,” not lone wolves or a small group of “outliers” who have hijacked a “peaceful religion.” Islam by definition, by the way, means submission—either willing or forced.

The fallacious and dangerous ‘peaceful’ view of Islam espoused by former President George W. Bush launched an Islamic propaganda strategy that is enabling the assault on freedom we see today. The murder of innocent people as they are rounded up and ruthlessly raped and killed in some countries and the acts that kill hundreds in events such as the Florida nightclub attack are lauded by Muslim leadership and considered perfectly normal to the Muslim belief system. In fact, it’s a political philosophy of expansion of Islam and condoned as a means of establishing a worldwide ruling caliphate.

Some professing Christians and many pulpits have chosen to believe the Bush view and become silent enablers of this “grand deception.” As a result of the Bush view and rising calls for peace through political correctness, Western governments and militaries have become impotent in the face of militant jihadist Islam. This assures the growth of worldwide jihad.

We are now at a critical and crucial point of understanding the true threat of Islam. It is the lie that, if not soon understood, will cause the collapse of America and the Western world.

Unlike Islamic sympathizers or biblically ignorant non-Muslims, jihadist terrorists are not exceptions to the rule, they are the rule. They are the “point of the Islamic jihadi spear.” The mainstream media would have us believe all Muslims are benign in their beliefs. They are selling us the lie that good Muslims are peace-loving and simply want to live their lives, practice their faith, attend their mosques and raise their families.

This is despite the fact that “good Muslims,” including their children, attend mosques where sharia law is drilled into their minds and hearts as dictated by Muhammad and the Quran. It is totally unlike any other religion that people can halfway practice in peace like Catholicism or Evangelicalism. The truth is hard to believe, but it should make every non-Muslim revolt in horror. When a ‘good Muslim’ attends a mosque, they learn jihad because this is what is taught:

  • Imams who lead these mosques are “certified in sharia” by one of two Muslim Brotherhood-directed institutions either in Egypt or Saudi Arabia.
  • It is the teaching of sharia that requires jihad as mandated by Muhammad and the Quran. It is this teaching that makes Islam incompatible with Judeo-Christian or Western thought.
  • It is why this ideology is antithetical to our U.S. Constitution and can never be compatible with or protected under the First Amendment.
  • It is this teaching of sharia in mosques that recruits and trains “good Muslims” to follow the dictates of Muhammad and the Quran, which commands them to kill or subdue all infidels (all non-Muslims).
  • It is this reality that makes mosques not centers of legitimate worship but recruiting and training centers for terrorists, and why mosques are not “churches” in the sense as envisioned by most Americans and by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Islam’s teaching authorizes the use of lying and deception—taqiya—to whatever degree possible to undermine and destroy all ideologies or political systems opposed to the Islamic political system and way of life.
  • It is taqiya that commands every Muslim to lie and deceive to further the cause of Muslim world domination.
  • The local mosque is where “good Muslims” are taught to follow and pursue sharia, which demands the death and destruction of all unbelievers and the United States of America (the Great Satan) and Israel (the Little Satan). It is also where the destruction and the collapse of the entire Western world is demanded.
  • Another advanced strategy of deception taught to be used in this war is the silencing of the pulpits of America and Islamic infiltration into the government to aid in the unwitting facilitation of the destruction of America.

This is not a hijacked view of Islam (read the Quran chapters 1-9) but the historic, pure view of Islam and Muhammad. The lie that Islam is peaceful, that ISIS-type terrorists are untypical of Islam, and Muslims generally are “good Muslims” who want just what Jews, Christians and those who believe in a Judeo-Christian view of life have is the lie that must be addressed.

The truth is that Islam teaches, yes commands, Muslims, to be involved in jihad—actions like those of the 9/11 hijackers, the Paris, London and Orlando bombers and the perpetrators of death and destruction around the world.

“Good Muslims” are commanded to be either active jihad, like ISIS, al Qaida, al Shabob or any of the groups that spring into existence seemingly out of nowhere, or to be “stealth jihad.” The choice to become an active jihadist like ISIS is to become part of the “tip of the jihadi spear.”

The more common choice is to become part of “stealth jihad/civilization jihad”—a part of the larger and less visible “shaft of the jihadi spear.” Those who choose the path of “stealth jihad”—the “peaceful appearing” Muslim chooses to quietly send money to support the training and recruitment of active jihadists in the over 3,000 jihadi training centers across America called mosques.

These Muslims finance, otherwise facilitate or enable the ‘tip of the spear’ jihadists. They quietly work to advance a most sophisticated propaganda machine dedicated to advancing the strategy perpetrated by such Islamic organizations as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood of North America—the world’s leading jihadist terrorist organization. This leaves a third group of Muslims who, while still possessing a choice, do so with potentially fatal results.

This third group of Muslims, of which there are hundreds of thousands, are Muslim by birth or Muslims by the fact that they grew up in a Muslim culture or a sharia-led society. These are Muslims, not by choice, but by coercion or forced involuntary servitude. These Muslims are not “good Muslims” but they must still make a choice. When confronted with the truth, all Muslims must choose to be part of the tip or the spear or to leave Islam altogether.

In reality, tens of thousands of Muslims worldwide are coming to faith in Christ and experiencing true freedom. For many, this choice results in death because Muhammad and the Quran mandate the death of all Muslims who choose anything other than the way of Muhammad.

For American Muslims who are still protected by the civil laws of the United states, there is still an opportunity to choose. They must choose life and freedom in Jesus Christ or choose death and slavery in Islam. In America, they can still choose life without the promise of death under sharia. But they must choose.

As an American Christian, I desire all people to come to Christ, experience the assurance of eternal life with God and to enjoy an earthly life blessed by God. That means Muslims, Christians-in-name-only, atheists or any other person who has not yet agreed with God, repented of their sin and accepted Jesus Christ as Savior still has hope. Those who know the truth of God’s Word and stop believing the lies must choose life in Christ or this nation will fall. The shining city on a hill will grow dark and the world will fall into the hands of a totalitarian regime that will make all previous wars and atrocities appear like child’s play.

From this day forward, may American Christians, pastors standing in the pulpits of America, members of the government and all “gatekeepers” of truth in our country redouble their effort to help those who hear them to choose wisely.

When America’s sesquicentennial year comes, will there be Christian faith left on the earth? Truly, the future of our homes, families and country are at stake.

This article was originally published on Charisma News HERE.

The Time to Repent Is Now: God is Sending a Message Over These 40 Days; Is the Church Paying Attention?

The time period of 40 days has great significance in the Bible, figuring into the lives of Jesus, Jonah and Hosea, among others.

The world is in the middle of an important 40-day period of its own, says American Pastors Network President Sam Rohrer, who hopes America, the church, pastors and believers are listening to the message God is sending.

“This week, through October 1, is the National Week of Repentance, and these 40 days between the eclipse watched by much of North America and September 30 have great significance,” Rohrer said. “These 40 days are a time for prayer, especially in the wake of many natural disasters and unrest. Periods like these were also common in the Bible, where God gave his people warnings and implored them to repent.

“So we must ask, ‘What should be happening in our country?’” Rohrer continued. “‘How should the American people be responding?’ We can tie these important questions to everything we see happening in our world—from hurricanes to earthquakes. God is indeed trying to get our attention. And everything fits within the context of taking heed of this warning, repenting and getting right with God. The American Pastors Network’s urgent message is: ‘Wake up, Church!’ Do we understand? Are we hearing and is it leading to repentance?”

Rohrer added that pastors especially should be encouraging their people to listen to God’s message, ask “What are you saying, God?” and get on their knees to repent.

“The verse 2 Chronicles 7:14—‘If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land’ (NIV)—was used widely during the presidential election of 2016,” Rohrer said. “But now, many have forgotten. The post-election message was that our nation had a short period of time—a small window of opportunity—to steer the ship right. What will the church do in that window? Go back to sleep or further engage? These past few weeks have been a very tangible wake-up call. We must look up and understand, and know that what happens in this country hinges on the people of God. Are they hearing, are they watching and are they responding?”

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People who can’t do those things don’t deserve good sleep. If you can’t handle a pharmaceutical like this, then go back to McDonald’s and make me a burger, because you won’t get anywhere in life.

Rohrer and his fellow hosts of APN’s radio ministry, “Stand in the Gap Today,” which airs on 425 stations nationwide, have been addressing these timely headlines and their tie to biblical times.

“In Isaiah Chapter 5, the prophet Isaiah proclaimed judgment on the Jerusalem of his day,” Rohrer said on a recent “Stand in the Gap” program. “Could his words be the final words of judgment on America of our day? His message was one of final judgment. No more warnings. No more time. God said, I’ll destroy your nation because you’ve rejected my commands and despised My holy name. Therefore, My fearsome anger will come against you and no nation will stand against Me. In that day, Israel deserved God’s judgment. We in America should look in the mirror and consider our sins in light of Israel then: materialism; apathy; ignorance; moral relativism; addictions of all types; bribery and corruption; rampant dishonesty. Is not God clearly warning our nation?”

Glorifying God in the Tragedy and the Triumph

 A rare eclipse across the U.S., two major hurricanes in Texas and Florida, a pair of deadly earthquakes in Mexico, a terrorist attack in London, wildfires in the West, and violence and unrest in St. Louis.

What kind of message is being sent to the world—and how are Christians responding?

The daily radio ministry of American Pastors Network, “Stand in the Gap Today,” which airs on 425 stations nationwide, recently addressed these world events and asked if God is trying to get the world’s attention.

“America and the world have seen much tragedy and turmoil over the past several weeks,” said APN President Sam Rohrer, “and while it would be easy to become downtrodden and defeated, we know that, ultimately God is in control and He will work through His people for good. Jesus never promised that the life of the believer would be easy or without strife. In fact, exactly the opposite is true. When we have faith in Christ, sometimes we are tested—by our circumstances, by our fellow man and even by natural disasters. But our challenge as Christians is to glorify God in the triumph and the tragedy, and to be His hands and feet as we work for good in this world.”

Listen to the program “God Will Be Glorified” here.

Along with other Christian leaders, Rohrer also offered a prayer for those weathering the storms through Charisma News.

“As a Christian,” Rohrer said, “I am ultimately praying that ‘God’s will be done’ through these storms. As Jesus Himself prayed while in the garden just prior to His crucifixion, ‘Lord let this pass, but if not, may Your will be done.’ In the face of all circumstances of life, be they blessings or judgment, the believer’s prayers must follow this same model. The reason is that because God is Sovereign, and because He controls the weather—either by causing or permitting events to occur—we must look to determining His reason. In the case of our nation where we have rejected the God of heaven, proclaimed His truth to be void and proclaimed evil to be good in so many ways, it should not be hard for us to look to the God of heaven and ask of Him how we as a nation should respond.”

Faith Leaders of America Sign Letter to White House, Hill Leadership Encouraging Wisdom on Immigration and Citizenship Issues

As Sessions Announces That Trump Administration Will Officially Rescind DACA, Faith Groups UrgeThat Citizens and Legal Migration Are Prioritized

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced this week that the Trump administration would officially rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, delaying adjudication for six months, effectively allowing Congress to craft its own immigration legislation, according to CBS News.

While urging lawmakers to act carefully and swiftly, Sessions called the current program an unconstitutional overreach of executive authority that has caused many legal concerns.

The multi-faith group Faith Leaders for America (www.FaithLeadersforAmerica.com) authored a letter to President Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, encouraging them to take on recent challenges of immigration biblically and wisely. A copy of the letter was also sent to General Sessions.

“God loves all people, but when opinion and political correctness rule in both public office and in the pulpit, confusion and bondage results,” said Hon. Samuel Rohrer, former Pennsylvania state representative, pastor and president of the American Pastors Network. “When biblical truth is accurately and boldly preached, and Constitutional oaths are honored, civil liberty and God’s blessing remains.”

Other signers to the letter include David Barton, WallBuilders; Paul Blair, Reclaiming America for Christ; Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin (U.S. Army, Ret.), Family Research Council; Mark Christian, Global Faith Institute; Maria Espinoza, The Remembrance Project; E.W. Jackson, Exodus Faith Ministries; Jerry Johnson, National Religious Broadcasters; Kelly Kullberg, American Association of Evangelicals; Rick Scarborough, Vision America Action; and Aubrey Shines, International Communion of Evangelical Churches.

The letter reads, in part:

“While loving mercy, who will also stand for justice to those citizens who cannot find a job due to cheaper foreign labor? Who will speak of the real cost of illegal immigration to our states? And while many non-citizens are good neighbors, who will stand for justice for Americans victimized by people here illegally who do not uphold our values and laws? And who will prevent more needless crime and death?

“The Church is called to serve all people, and our government leaders are elected to defend and uphold the Constitution and the rule of law. Though there are tragic stories on every side of illegal migration, for our elected officials, responsibility to oaths must prevail. Law and order sustain stability and peace. A nation of wise rule grows strong enough to sustain care for the vulnerable in our midst.

“While some faith groups use selective Bible words for open borders and amnesty, we consider the whole counsel of Scripture. We find that the Bible does not teach open borders, but wise welcome. We are to welcome the lawful foreigner, who, like a convert, comes as a blessing. …

“In Scripture, we learn that God placed us each in a family, a land, an epic story of creation, the fall and redemption. The Bible envisions a world of beautiful and unique nations, not a stateless ‘open society’ run by global oligarchs. Each of us is called to be a blessing where God has placed us in the world. In policy decisions ahead, while treating undocumented people kindly, we ask that you would first and foremost honor often forgotten American citizens whose families have served our nation for many generations, and the patient people who have applied lawfully to come here and to become citizens of the United States. These lives also matter. These people also dream.”

Pastor Rohrer continued, “Those in the pulpit play a vital role by applying the whole counsel of God to issues and encouraging government officials to fulfill their God-given and constitutional duties.”

Faith Leaders for America is a dedicated group of clergy and spiritual leaders from various faith communities who share a common commitment to freedom — freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the other liberties guaranteed by our Constitution—along with a firm commitment to address the imminent threats to those freedoms.

George Barna: The Day Christians Changed America

On Thursday, Sept. 7th, author and social science researcher, George Barna, joined the Stand in the Gap Today program to talk about his new book: The Day Christians Changed America-How Conservative Christians put Trump in the White House and Redirected America’s Future.

To listen to the program please click HERE.

To purchase the book, please click HERE.

To visit the American Culture and Faith Institute website, please click HERE.

Tension in America | Are Identity Politics to Blame?

American Pastors Network President Sam Rohrer and Social Science Researcher George Barna Ask If Christians Are Guilty As Well

PHILADELPHIA—Few would deny that tension across America abounds. Is it because of “identity politics,” and are Christians guilty too?

American Pastors Network  President, Sam Rohrer, recently talked with renowned social science researcher, George Barna, on APN’s daily radio ministry “Stand in the Gap Today,” which airs on 425 stations nationwide.

Barna pointed to new research from the American Culture & Faith Institute (ACFI), where he serves as executive director, which defines “identity politics” as the practice of organizing a distinct social or political constituency around a cause, a sense of threatened existence, the perceived loss of opportunities or influence, or a set of ideals.

A number of movements, Barna noted, have emerged to challenge society’s prevailing traditions, beliefs, customs, and laws based on claims of discrimination related to race, sexuality, ethnicity, economics, and spirituality. The new national surveyfrom the Institute looked at peoples’ perceptions of various population groups and discovered numerous areas in which prevailing beliefs about our population are wrong or questionable—and could result in violent or conflict situations.

Rohrer and Barna discussed whether Christians could also be guilty of these inaccurate perceptions.

“Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for Americans, and Christians too, to find themselves forming an opinion about certain social movements or people based on how influential they think they may be,” Rohrer said. “Have we ever supported an effort or agenda because of the ‘bigness’ of the cause and that we wanted to be on the ‘winning side?’ Many of us have also formed negative opinions about groups of people because of what we’ve heard or read. When we do this, we fall victim to the dangerous phenomena known as ‘identity politics,’ and there’s no place for it in today church, especially as America continues to become more divisive.”

Past sociological studies, the research found, have shown that negative feelings toward a people group are sometimes founded on a sense of feeling threatened by that group. One common reason for that perception of threat is the size of the group in question. Overall, the survey found that most Americans hold a favorable view of the 11 groups listed, with the exception of Scientologists. Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Evangelical Christians, Muslims and Mormons were also included.

View the full research here and listen to the program about the research and identity politics here.

Lifezette: Monumental Test of Faith: A Christian Rationale for Preserving History

by Sam Rohrer | Updated 01 Sep 2017 at 9:38 AM

Little has been said about the causes building up to the tragic events of Charlottesville or about whether this national breach can be repaired. I believe unity will not be restored until we seek God’s answer for our troubled nation.

Truly, the light once emanating brightly from this “shining city on a hill” is flickering and at risk of being snuffed out — unless America awakens now.

The division among our people is reaching a fevered pitch, having moved to jeopardizing our future by purging the reminders of our past. Some say we should ask ourselves the question: “Where do we draw the line? If you can take down one monument, then what is to stop the removal of everything from the past?” Others are trying to make the case for why certain monuments should be removed while others should stay. The first is a logical question. The second won’t be agreed upon.

Our national memorials were erected because of their importance in our history — not because they represent perfect people or only the best of times. Our culture is too divided now to hearken back to the individual merits of each monument. Nearly everyone refuses to defend their historical value, lest he be identified as “racist,” “supremacist” or worse. Because of the complacency and silence from both the church and civic leaders, God’s people will be destroyed for a lack of knowledge of His truth (Hosea 4:6). This silence is deafening and is quickly propelling the enemies of freedom toward victory.

It is interesting to note, however, that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is encouraging the destruction of national monuments. They are joined by Marxists who have continually tried to revise our history by surgically removing all references to God, Jesus Christ, and our Judeo-Christian heritage. Truly, America hangs in the balance. The unbridled purging of our past could be destroying our future!

Why have monuments suddenly become the focus of attention? Shouldn’t we ask ourselves why we even have memorials? Shouldn’t we pause for a moment and ask what God says about them? What must Christian citizens do so that this mindless destruction is stopped? What have we as Christians done to prepare our culture for such a dangerous time? Shouldn’t we all take a deep breath and ask God for His guidance at this time?

Shouldn’t we all take a deep breath and ask God for His guidance?

A quick study of scripture shows God’s support of memorials. Joshua 4:21 says that memorials, even a pile of stones, are for the purpose of reminding — bringing to memory — some important occasion. God said they are to cause our children and grandchildren yet unborn to ask, “Why is this here?” and “What does it mean?”

God-fearing parents and grandparents should use those opportunities to remind children of who God is, what He has done, and about His relationship to the people at that time.

Memorials, erected by the support of the people or culture from a given point in time, should remain. To attack a legitimately erected memorial is to attack our forefathers’ judgment and to say that we know now what is more worthy than they did. To deface or destroy an erected monument is not only a civil crime — it is a detestable act of arrogance.

Even tombstones — personal memorials — should remind us of the shortness of life and eternity. Each stone is carefully placed as a sacred remembrance of the courage or service of a mother, father, or perhaps of a fallen war hero. In other cases, tombstones of wicked people remind us of the depravity of man and the results of rejecting God as Creator, Judge and Redeemer of mankind.

When we look at national memorials — whether for Christopher Columbus, George Washington, or Gen. Robert E. Lee — should we not reflect on their relationship to God, the role they played in this nation’s “holy experiment,” and how they dealt with various challenges of society in their day? Doesn’t every memorial hold a powerful teaching moment for every person?

Let’s use the present focus on national monuments as a time to recognize how the sinfulness of mankind always produces a tension among human beings. Now is the ideal time to proclaim that in Jesus Christ — the Redeemer of mankind — all people, regardless of color, nationality, or station in life, can find their intrinsic value before God. This is the time to teach that no human has any singular claim to truth, but that all truth is found in God. Now is the time that Christians should show the world that unity is only achieved at the foot of the cross — when we believe Jesus Christ alone is the way, the truth and the life. When we agree with God, peace, healing and unity will be the result.

Who must lead the way back to God? It is the church — but will the church arise? When the U.S. Supreme Court unlawfully ruled in favor of murdering the unborn, where was the church? When the Supreme Court ordered the removal of the Ten Commandments from the schoolroom wall, where was the church? When the Supreme Court spat in the face of God and ruled that His design for human sexuality was wrong, where was the church? When God’s role in our nation has been continually rejected, where is the church? When the ungodly attack memorials around the country, where is the American church?

Can we not see how the enemies of truth have come in under the walls as in the days of Belshazzar, and how in a moment our nation will fall from its pinnacle of greatness?

Wake up, American church! Stand up, pastors in the pulpits!

Sam Rohrer is president of the American Pastors Network, a national network of pastors with constitutional and biblical teachings that discusses today’s pressing issues. He was a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for 18 years and is co-host of the daily “Stand in the Gap Today” national radio program on 425 stations.

To read this article originally published on the Lifezette website, please click HERE.