Abortions may be down but…..If we think Millennials are more supportive of life: We tie our hopes to a myth!

– “During the past few months I have spoken at some pro-life events as well as several high-level gatherings of national conservative leaders. In each of those meetings I have heard people say that we are in a great era for the pro-life movement, especially because Millennials are highly supportive of life in the womb.

Sadly, it is not true. We are tying our hope to a myth.” George Barna

So, hoping for the next generation to embrace life and end abortion according to George Barna – based on the research – is a myth. How serious is this myth?
– While the actual number of abortions is down the actual killing of the young by the young may be on the increase due to other factors? What are those factors? What does that say for the future of the pro-life movement?
– Do millennials have a decreased value of life?