APN Looks Forward to 2018!



Dear Friends of God and American Pastors Network,

Extraordinary things are happening in this ministry. God is moving – no doubt about it!

Your contributions are working. He is expanding the platforms where His Word is being boldly, lovingly, and uncompromisingly applied to the issues of the day. God continues to bless the American Pastors Network as seen in membership growth of our State Chapters, raising up and encouraging passionate and faithful pastors.

Plus, He is blessing the outreach and influence of our Stand in the Gap radio programs, now on over 1,100 stations attracting over 1,000,000 listeners per day!

Now, God has opened new doors of outreach that can effectively use your generous year-end gift and ongoing support in 2018. Let me share some details. Please pray about how you can take part in this dramatic two- pronged expansion.

1) God has opened a huge door for Stand in the Gap Today radio in Washington, DC.

WAVA is DC’s leading Christian talk radio station. Its broadcast area includes 10,000,000 potential listeners, and our program airs during prime afternoon drive time! This opportunity is costly, but God recently provided over $100,000 needed for the basic air time commitment!

 2) Introducing Stand in the Gap TV!

In January we begin production of a new 30-minute weekly TV program. Distribution is through networks with a combined reach of over 120 million households!

Think of this, my friends.

God has enlarged the platform for applying the truth of His Word far beyond anything we could ever have imagined! We firmly believe it’s because you and our team have been obedient to His leading in this work. His blessings confirm it!

Growth like this requires talented, committed staff to produce teaching and response materials, an additional office staff person, response service specialists, and more. This is where your partnership can make all the difference.

Will you come alongside?

There are so many reasons to come alongside in a generous way right now. Whether you appreciate our focus on the authority of Scripture, our emphasis on the importance of the pulpit, our regular alerts to the dangers of Islam, our support of Israel, connecting the prophetic dots, or addressing life’s root problems, God is doing great things through this ministry.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what good friends of APN and guests on our programs say.

“You accomplish more in less time to advance the Gospel, and to advance knowledge and understanding of the Constitution than any other radio show I know of.” – Michele Bachmann

“I’m so impressed with this ministry! Folks, you’ve got to support Stand in the Gap Today radio and TV. What an outstanding opportunity to reach this nation with Biblical truth and Constitutional relevance!” – Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

Thank you for your support as we follow His lead! To partner with us, please click HERE.

Hon. Sam Rohrer

President, American Pastors Network

Host, Stand in the Gap Today radio and (soon) television

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