Federal vs. State Courts-What You Need to Know

How has the jurisdictions between federal and state courts been compromised and confused?  Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore clarifies these crucial roles and gives us an update on his court case regarding his actions following the 2015 Supreme Court decision on gay marriage.

America’s #1 Enemy

Dr. Mark Christian, President of the Global Faith Institute, is featured on this Stand in the Gap Weekend program. A former Eygyptian Muslim and Imam with family ties to the #MuslimBrotherhood, he shares from personal experience why this worldwide organization is America’s #1 enemy.

Uncovering the Truth About Refugee Resettlement Programs

#WorldNetDaily editor Leo Hohmann is featured on this Stand in the Gap Weekend program  discussing his investigation into refugee resettlement programs.  Questions discussed were as follows:

  • Whose involved in the refugee resettlement programs?
  • How are they funded?
  • How many refugees are actually being resettled?
  • Why are Muslim’s the majority of refugees admitted to the US?
  • What should Pastors being saying about this issue?

To access the transcript of the original program aired on 2/20/17 during the Stand in the Gap Today program, please click HERE.


Time to Reshape America?

Is now the time to reshape America?  According to the latest research conducted by the American Culture and Faith Institute, Christian Conservatives view this post-election era as the opportunity to redefine our culture according to biblical principles.  George Barna, Executive Direction of ACFI,  joins the program to give the statistics and offer insights into the next steps on the part of leadership to renew a shared vision and a path forward.

Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Truth, Justice and the American Way.  Ideals that no longer apply? This program delves into this topic and features an interview with Fox News Commentator #ToddStarnes about his new book ” ‘Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again”.  Also, Attorney, David New talks gives the constitutional view of justice while SIGT hosts lay out the biblical foundations for truth and justice.

The Founding Fathers on Immigration

What would our Founding Father’s have said about the current controversy over President Trump’s immigration policies? Historian and Author, David Barton, founder of WallBuilders, joins the program as guest to answer this question and more.

A Christian’s Perspective on Radical Islamic Terrorism

In President Trump’s Inaugural address, he used strong words to address the issue of radical Islamic terrorism. Expert John Guandolo with Understanding the Threat organization gives an assessment of the threat, steps necessary to deal with it on the federal level, and practical ideas for citizens and churches to wisely and graciously understand and prevent terrorist situations.

Passing the Baton

Now that the baton has been officially passed to Donald Trump, who is now the official President of the United States, what has he been given and what will his legacy be? Former US Representative Michele Bachmann, joins the program to discuss the Inauguration and the various alignments Trump will take on with the UN, NATO, and the EU.


The World Vs. Israel

On Dec. 23rd, the UN voted on a resolution to condemn Israel for it’s settlement activities in the West Bank.  This resolution is part of an ongoing effort to establish Palestinian statehood.  As Israel once again finds itself in the “crosshairs” of the world, is there a prophetical component to the events shaking up the Middle East? Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, host of Prophecy Today, joins the program as guest.


Blessing Israel

The Bible makes it clear that God’s blessing rests on those who love and support the nation of Israel-His chosen people.  Yet, the outgoing administration is continuing attempts to join with the UN in castigating Israel and pushing a “two-state solution”. This Stand in the Gap Weekend program will explore the 1948 and 1967 events surrounding Israel’s fight for nationhood and the surprising facts behind the Arab/Israeli conflict.