Stand in the Gap Today 9/30/16

While the Bible has much to say about our words and the use of them, why do some people consider  words worse than actions?  Does the standard change according to the culture where does the politically correct  sensitivity to words eventually lead? Host: Dave Kistler

Stand in the Gap Today 9/29/16

In just 2 more days- unless Congress intervenes, President Obama will turn over control of the Internet -the only last free press in the world – to the UN, Russia and China.  George Barna, Executive Director of American Culture & Faith Institute, Founder of the original Barna Group also joins the program to discuss the latest research on where candidates rate on the trust scale with Conservatives.  Host: Sam Rohrer

Stand in the Gap Today 9/28/16

Could jihadists be training in your own back yard? Former FBI agent, John Guandolo, speaks to Islamic Jihad in America. How real is the threat and how soon could it happen? Host: Sam Rohrer

***To learn more about John Guandolo’s organization, please visit his website here:

Stand in the Gap Today 9/27/16

Can a voice now dead and gone actually comment on Monday’s Presidential Candidate debate? Today’s program highlights prophetic words outlining the steps adopted by the Establishment a generation ago clearly echoed by Hillary Clinton on stage last night. We’ll compare this to Trump’s fight for the people. Host: Sam Rohrer

Stand in the Gap Today 9/26/16

Is lawlessness destroying the fabric of our nation as increasing incidences of violence escalate worldwide? And is Donald Trump the “law and order” Presidential candidate of choice? What do people need/want to hear during the debates tonight to convince them to vote for him? Host: Dave Kistler

One Nation, Under God

Why is it important that our nation be unified under one constitution, one flag, one national motto, and so on? What is it about these things-and the principles and foundation behind them-that makes us stronger?  The Bible makes it clear that  “Every kingdom divided against itself will be brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand” (Matthew 12:25).  As the sword of truth continues to divide our nation-further driving a wedge between the light and the darkness, what should our response be?

Stand in the Gap Today 9/23/16

Sgt. Ed Stephens, South Florida law enforcement officer, joins the program to give an update and perspective on what is happening in Charlotte: the initial event (the shooting) and it’s aftermath. Host: Dave Kistler

Stand in the Gap Today 9/22/16

The challenge, in a free country, is to not infringe on someone’s individual liberty, but not allow their freedoms to become an occasion for infringement on someone else’s  or an opportunity for a crime and/or an catastrophic event.  Where’s the balance on this? Attorney David New joins the program as guest.  Host: Dave Kistler

Vote Your Values PA Bus Tour: Oct. 4-5th!

The Pennsylvania Pastors Network, a state chapter of the American Pastors Network, will be participating in the “Vote Your Values” Bus Tour Event! In partnership with Vision America, this event will take place in two locations in Pennsylvania to meet with pastors, assistant pastors and their wives.

Speakers at the event will be Sam Rohrer, President of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network; Bishop E. W. Jackson, founder of the grassroots effort called S.T.A.N.D. (Staying True to America’s National Destiny); and Rick Scarborough, President of Vision America.

Those in attendance will be encouraged and equipped with the tools necessary to understand and articulate the Christian’s duty to vote, how to vote with biblical values in mind and ways to remind their congregations to register to vote before the Oct. 11 deadline in Pennsylvania.

The “Vote Your Values” tour will make stops in six areas across the state:

  • Oct. 4—Breakfast—8-10am, Holiday Inn Williamsport, 100 Pine St., Williamsport, PA (Register here)
  • Oct. 5—Breakfast—8-10am, Best Western Premier Eden Resort & Suites, 222 Eden Road, Lancaster, PA (Register here)

***Note-All events are FREE but registration is encouraged

“We’re looking forward to meeting with pastors in  the very instrumental state of Pennsylvania just a month before one of the most crucial elections in our history…Pastors, churches and Christian voters hold the key to turning both our state and our nation back toward God and toward the Judeo-Christian values on which it was built.”—Sam Rohrer, PPN President

 To learn more or to contact us, please visit the PA Pastors Network website: