7-11-17: “The Integrity of the Upright Will Guide Them”

QUESTION #1: One of the prime examples of a life of integrity in the Bible is the story of Joseph. What could today’s leaders learn from him?


Sam Rohrer:

“I would say that when I was a young boy, I admired Joseph and Daniel, who we’re not going to talk about right now, but another young man in position of authority, government, who stood above their peers and as young men did the job of a mature, older man. Confronted with great temptation, they stood tall. Now in the case of Joseph here, these are the things I see about Joseph that if applied by those in office, and I’ll put it to anybody, anybody in a position of authority, anybody, life would change, meaning this.

What did Joseph have? Well, number one, Joseph understood that God put him where he was. He didn’t choose to go to Egypt. He was sold as a slave. Later, we know when he confronted his brothers after he had been exalted to positions of leadership, he said, “What you did, you meant for evil, but God meant it for good.” Joseph understood who God was. We’ve covered it on this program. I think back on the June 16th program, we talked about the necessity of understanding the nature and the role of God. Joseph understood that, that he was there because God put him there, so he was not bitter. He was there, he knew he had a purpose and God designed it, number one.

Number two, he understood … The second point, we said, I think, on June 30th, understand the nature of man. Joseph understood sin. He knew his own personal frailties and he knew that God was not pleased with sin, so when presented by Potiphar’s wife to sin with her in adultery, Joseph’s response was, “I cannot.” I cannot what? “I cannot sin …” because he understood sin, “… against God.” That was the second thing. He understood right and wrong in regards to sin.

He also understood, because we know that, he understood accountability. He understood that he was ultimately accountable to God and then accountable to men, Potiphar, the guy who he worked for, because he said, “He’s put me in charge of his entire household. I have a duty and responsibility to do what he’s asked me to do.” He had honor, and he recognized that accountability principle, which is missing in the political realm today.

One, there is a responsibility to the people. That’s what the constitutional oath is all about, but ultimately, there’s accountability to God for doing what is right. That’s what Joseph had. When he put all of these pieces together, Joseph was able to be defined as a person of integrity. God looked at his heart and God ultimately raised him to vice president of Egypt. I think that’s extraordinary, but he understood these very basic things that our founders did and we talk about on this program. People need to understand, those in the pulpit, those in the pew, those in office.”

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7-11-17: “Nothing Hidden that will not be Revealed”

QUESTION #2: How does understanding this fact that there is Someone always looking, and that someone is God, change everything, with respect to living a life that’s above reproach?


Sam Rohrer:

“I think number one, if a person is in authority … Now we’re talking about Joseph, authority meaning an employer, somebody has somebody who answers to them, a mom, a dad, teacher in the classroom, somebody who’s in authority, somebody who has the ability to tell somebody else what to do. If that person understands that the position they occupy, not the specific role as teacher or employer, but the fact of a position of authority, that that was created by God because God established the concept of authority, and they’re in accountability to him. That’s what Joseph understood. Ultimately, he was accountable to God, who looks at his heart.

The difference there is that that individual who understands that principle will understand that he is always … as a Christian, we should understand this … on duty 24 hours a day in private, in public. No difference before God. If a politician who makes his bad deals … We’re talking about collusion here that we discuss in the other part of the program, secretive things in private. If we understand we’re accountable to God for doing that which is right, that’s the only solution to corruption and bribery and injustice within government or within the marketplace generally. It would change everything if we understood that God is looking at our heart, and even the thoughts of our heart are being measured by God, it would absolutely dictate and shape our actions if we knew that God was even measuring our thoughts.”

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7-11-17: “Do Not Lose Heart When you Hear Rumors”

QUESTION #3: One of the things that has been a problem with all the accusations that have been leveled against the Trump Administration is that there has been no quid pro quo which means “something for something”. In other words, if you give us this information, supposedly this negative information on Hillary Clinton, then we as a campaign or by extension, we as an administration now, are going to do back for you something because of the favor you granted us. There is none of that in any of this Russia collusion story. That’s why the FBI has not brought any charges thus far. How is the reporting on this story hurting the Trump administration and what are your thoughts?


Gary Dull:

“…before we came on the air, I saw someone on the Fox News Channel who said that he believes that this is going to bring Donald Trump down and that his administration will not be able to last out the term. Now that’s pure speculation. That’s just putting thoughts in the minds and the hearts of people across the nation, and I will say this-if Trump is brought down by this, then there are a whole lot of other people who are in trouble.

Probably what everybody on the Democratic and the Republican side of the aisle should do is to try to put a stop to some of this that’s going on, because it’s going to go back to a lot of people. A lot of people do the kind of opposition research that sometimes may step over the line. You talk about collusion, I asked an attorney last week really what is collusion. Sam said it was a legal term, and, of course, this particular attorney said, “There is nothing going on in this Trump situation that would bring about a description of collusion.” In fact, the dictionary actually says that collusion is a conspiracy for fraudulent purposes. Think about that, a conspiracy for fraudulent purposes.

Now let me say this. Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with this individual was not wise. The question that I have is why did he do it? Of course, we realize that that simply could be because of the lack of experience that he and the Trump people had. It shouldn’t have been done, if it did take place and even if it took place the way that they said that it did…

Allow me to take the cautious side of this. Up to this point, we may not be sure if there was a quid pro quo. We may not be sure of that. We haven’t seen all of the emails. I don’t think we want to go out before the people and say that we are absolutely defending the Trumps in this situation. We appreciate what Donald Trump is doing, but at least as it relates to these emails, as far as I know, David, all of the information is not yet out there. Even if it is, and I doubt that there’s a quid pro quo, but even if there would be such a thing, Donald Trump was not the first person in the history of the United States of America who was involved in a situation like this. To be honest with you, I just think it’s total fabrication and something that I would wish we’d stop hearing in our news cycle today.”

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7-11-17: “Acknowledge Him, and He shall Direct your Paths”

QUESTION #4: So far in President Trump’s presidency, he has shown a willingness to acknowledge the role that he believes God should play in our country. He’s stated very clearly, that he believes Pastors ought to be able to stand in the pulpit and preach what they believe the Bible tells them to preach and they shouldn’t have any restriction placed on them. What is the difference between the two approaches of our current and past president and how critical is acknowledging God to the success and integrity of our nation?


Gary Dull:

“Certainly, there is a distinction between Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Of course, we need to keep in mind that Donald Trump has a past that is far from being impeccable. He has a past life, and a lot that he did in his past life we really would not agree with it. It was anti-Christ, it was anti-Biblical and so forth. Many of us truly believe that God has placed Donald Trump in the White House to bring back or at least to lay the foundation to bring back Biblical truth into our culture. He said that he was going to do that during his campaign. He talked about doing what he can to do away with the Johnson Amendment and so forth and so on.

We mentioned last week on the radio program how many times he talks about God. He said preachers need to learn to preach what is on their heart and they must make sure they’re not afraid to do that. He goes on and talks about God more than any president that I can recall. I was in a discussion with somebody recently who said, “Well, Ronald Reagan talked a lot about faith,” and he did. We know that, but I believe that Donald Trump talks more about God than even Ronald Reagan did.

To come to the end of your question here, in the Old Testament, Dave, we find that one of the problems upon Israel and Judah is that they had forgotten God. They took God out of their vocabulary. They took God out of their life. As a result, judgment came upon them, the Assyrian captivity and the Babylonian captivity. My speculation, my thought is this, that in Donald Trump, though he’s not a perfect person, he mentions God a lot, and bringing God into the culture, bringing God into the conversation is bringing God back into the memory of millions of people across this nation.

When God is brought back into the memory of people, the spirit of God can take that and use it to bring people to the desire to search the Scriptures and find out who God is, what God expects, and how God operates. I think that because of the fact that Donald Trump speaks so much about God is one of the reasons why the Left, the Liberals, and the Devil himself is doing everything that they can do to destroy this man. He’s not perfect, but I think he does have a genuine recognition of God, and as he continues to speak about God, it’s going to have a trickle-down effect in society across this nation and people will start to study more about God and perhaps even come into the saving knowledge of him through Jesus Christ.”

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Tennessee Pastors Network Calls Out National Association of Free Will Baptists on Dirty Investments

The state of Tennessee this year declared pornography a health crisis, and now, the president of theTennessee Pastors Network (TNPN, www.tnpastors.net), Dale Walker, wants the National Association of Free Will Baptists (NAFWB) to do the same.

With the National Association of Free Will Baptists’ 81st National Convention happening through July 19 in Louisville, Ky., Walker is asking three key questions in a letter to leadership:

  1. Will the National Association of Free Will Baptists deem and declare pornography as a spiritual crisis?
  2. Will the National Association of Free Will Baptists remove any company that profits from pornography in any manner from the Free Will Baptist Pension Plan and Free Will Baptist Foundation holdings?
  3. Will the Free Baptist Pension Plan and Free Will Baptist Foundation make public all holdings in mutual funds and investments on a regular basis to the general public for viewing?

Walker wrote in his letter to the NAFWB, “Pornography is devastating to families and our culture and extremely harmful to souls.  I remind you that on page 100 of your Digest of Reports 2013, it states that the Free Will Baptist Plan will be invested in Christian-based socially screened funds that do not invest in companies that are publicly recognized as providing products and services in liquor, tobacco, gambling, pornography, abortion or Disney [emphasis added]. Based on the holdings provided to me by one of your participants, I do not believe that Free Will Baptist is following this commitment or your church covenant, and certainly not the Bible.  

“As Christians who are to care about the souls of others,” Walker continued, “we should desire to distance ourselves from pornography in our lives and investments. I commend our state leaders for recognizing this pornography crisis, and I pray that Free Will Baptist will deem pornography a spiritual crisis and take a zero-tolerance stance and remove all companies that profit from pornography in any manner in investment holdings immediately. Christians should weep over this pornography crisis—not profit from it!”

As an example, Walker points out that the Free Will Baptist Pension Plan shamefully owns stock in Comcast, which sells movies with degrading titles.

“Free Will Baptist has failed society and its pastors by placing them in holdings that are hurting souls, hurting women and families, and hurting the world,” Walker added. “Jesus shed his blood for these dear souls and died on the cross for them that they might have eternal life and be delivered from a life of sin. Free Will Baptist are owners in these companies! This is not biblical stewardship or biblically responsible investing. To revitalize your churches, Free Will Baptist should consider truly following your church covenant and follow the promise that your funds will be invested in Christian-based, socially screened investments.”

Walker encouraged those concerned with Free Will Baptist investments to visit the website www.dirtyinvesting.com for more information.

Also calling out the National Association of Free Will Baptists for its investment practices are the National Decency Coalition, Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking and Men Against Porn.

Travel Ban Renews Biblical and Constitutional Conversations About Immigration

On July 10th, APN President, Sam Rohrer, interviewed with Mark Elfstrand on his radio program “Let’s Talk with Mark Elfstrand” (WYLL).  The topic of conversation was whether or not President Trump’s travel ban is biblical. Please listen below to find out more:

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Ministry Priorities!

An interesting conversation this evening prompted me to recollect on the early days of my ministry. In the very beginning, I served at youth director for a large and growing ministry in Florida. Like every youth minister, I had to settle on a set of principles/priorities that would drive and dictate the ministry I desired to have with some incredible young people. What I’ve discovered it that that set of principles is applicable to ALL ministry, not merely a ministry to youth.

The first and most important principle for effective ministry is one’s PHILOSOPHY. A ministry philosophy is that which will determine all else that follows. That philosophy should be biblical, practical, measurable, and implementable. It should produce young people, or adults, that are mature in their faith, passionate in their pursuit of God, focused in their evangelistic efforts, and a duplication of themselves in others.

Second in importance is PEOPLE. Whether you call them your staff, ministry team, employees, something else, people are a ministry’s greatest resource. People are the ones who innovate. People are the ones who implement. People are the ones who impact others. People are the ones who dream God sized dreams. Apart from great people, NO ministry will ultimately succeed. A ministry’s people should be well cared for–whether in compensation or consideration. They should NEVER be pushed beyond their ability to legitimately perform their task. Nor, should they be placed in a position for which they are not gifted or equipped. They should be self-starters and self-motivated. I’ve often said, “Make me pull you back, rather than push you forward.” I’d far rather have an aggressive team member that needs to be a bit reined in, rather than one that must be constantly prompted and pushed to produce. It’s the vast difference between a STEWARD’S mindset and that of a SERVANT. A servant mindset needs constant instruction and supervision. A steward mindset needs neither. (NOTE: I am speaking of one’s mindset, not one’s heart. A steward head with a servant’s heart is the perfect combination.)

Thirdly in importance is PROGRAM. Again, whether a youth ministry or an entire church ministry, pursuit of the latest, greatest program is often the focus of the ministry leader. Good programs are needed and necessary. But, a good program is always subservient to philosophy and people. Without a defined, biblical philosophy and outstanding people, the latest program is useless.

Finally, and least important, a ministry should focus on FACILITIES. Great buildings can enhance effective ministry. But, they are NEVER a replacement for a clarion philosophy and qualified people. Myriad are the times, over the last 33 years, that I’ve seen a minimal facility, but great leadership based on a thoroughly biblical philosophy. At the end of that equation is a great church. Conversely, I’ve also seen
ministries with phenomenal facilities, but no clearly communicated missional philosophy and/or ill-equipped people. At the end of that equation is a poor church. The bottom line is this. God blesses people who live lives in accordance with His truth. Obedience to a biblical philosophy can never be/must never be subservient to, or replaced by, a new building or the latest dynamic program. Buildings and programs are great, but only in their appropriate place.

May God grant His church a crystal clear understanding of what He wants done, and how He desires it to be accomplished. We call that PHILOSOPHY. May God grant His church the most dedicated and talented PEOPLE–individuals who are unequivocally committed to the glory of God and declaration of His gospel in the most powerful and professional way possible. May God grant His church the ability to choose biblical PROGRAMS that actually accomplish His mission. And, may God cause His church to be incredibly wise in the building and use of FACILITIES–buildings that are wisely built, efficiently used, and ALWAYS dictated by a “ministry mentality” not a “museum mentality.”

God’s church is not a museum, but is rather a spiritual hospital for the nurturing, equipping, strengthening, and sending forth of a people prepared for His glory and gospel.

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International/HOPE To The Hill
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)
Co-host, Stand In The Gap Radio

20th Century’s Most Explosive Trial still Reverberating: TN Pastors Network Speaks Out on Clarence Darrow Statue

Written by: Larry Tomczak

Note: This article was originally posted on the World Net Daily website HERE.

Ninety-two years ago an historic trial erupted on the national scene. The repercussions of the case reverberate throughout America to this very day, affecting every generation.

The “Scopes Monkey Trial,” was one of the most sensational cases in America’s history. It was called “The Trial for America’s Soul” and is commemorated yearly with a re-enactment at the National Historic Landmark courthouse in Dayton, Tennessee.

Nearly a century ago, a substitute teacher was accused of violating Tennessee law by instructing students on evolution in a public school. A presidential candidate, William Jennings Bryan, led the prosecution while attorney Clarence Darrow defended John Scopes.

During the eight-day trial, Bryan tried to “protect the Word of God against the greatest atheist or agnostic in the United States!” Darrow lampooned his opponent’s “fool’s religion.”

Without high-tech advances, here’s the scenario:

  • Unprecedented press coverage with 200 reporters, including two from England, plus front-page New York Times coverage
  • 200 telegraphers plus cameramen sending out film via planes
  • The trial was broadcast on live radio
  • Trained chimpanzees performed on the courthouse lawn!
  • Time and Life magazines disparaged “fundamentalists” while syndicated columnist H.L. Mencken, gave trial reports mocking townsfolk as “morons” and “yokels.”

The circus-like atmosphere of the trial ended with Mr. Scopes found guilty and fined about $1,400 (today’s money). Bryan died in his sleep five days afterward. The verdict was later overturned on a technicality and later a biased and dishonest play and film, “Inherit the Wind,” caused millions to ridicule religious opposition to evolution.

The fundamental issue is the same today: Regarding the origin of our universe and mankind, will we honor a secular/evolutionary worldview or a spiritual/creationist worldview? And can instructors present both views, or must those adhering to the trustworthiness of Scripture be forced to remain silent in the face of one-sided propaganda?

Center stage once again

The Wall Street Journal featured a story on May 8 concerning a sculptor working with the American Humanist Association to place a 7-foot-tall statue of Clarence Darrow outside the Courthouse next to that of William Bryan’s. AHA’s mission is to “bring about a progressive society where being good without a god is an accepted and respected way to live life.”

July 1, on these grounds, we participated in a patriotic rally. It wasn’t primarily about freedom of speech or religion. Rather it focused on the ongoing attempt by secularists in America to blur or remove symbols reminding us of our Judeo/Christian heritage.

I was the main speaker alongside of Dale Walker, president of the Tennessee Pastors Network, Sen. Mae Beavers, Tennessee gubernatorial candidate, and numerous Christian leaders. Our presence gave expression to our passion to preserve America’s heritage and proclaim that our Founding Fathers were not atheists and evolutionists.

A recent Gallup Poll on this issue reveals: 42 percent believe God created humans in their present form and evolution is wrong; 31 percent state God directed the process of evolution; and, only 19 percent feel God was not involved, so they accept evolution.

The dogmatic theory taught in schools and perpetuated by Hollywood that human beings accidentally evolved over billions of years by “natural selection” is mind-boggling. It’s akin to postulating that the images on Mount Rushmore formed spontaneously. Without any Creator to whom we’re accountable, Darwinian evolution teaches we’ve descended from ape-like creatures through mutation and time.

In his 160-year-old “Origin of the Species,” Darwin stated, “Let us assume …” or “We may well suppose …” over 800 times! We’re supposed to acquiesce so our youth base their lives on assumptions rather than the authoritative Word of God, which emphatically says, “Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth” (Ecclesiastes 12:1).

Intellectual elites see biblical teaching on creation as an offense to intelligence. They declare it unscientific and dismiss the biblical account of man’s origin. Atheist Richard Dawkins said, “If you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid or insane.”

Jesus declared, “Have you not read that He who made [CREATED] them at the beginning made them male and female” (Matthew19:4) – so does Dawkins’ description apply to Him? Are Psalm 19 and Romans 1:19-33, which affirm God as Creator, simply fairy tales?

Because of the stigma and national embarrassment of the Scopes trial (along with the defeat of unbiblical Prohibition), multitudes of Christians were disheartened. From the 1920s to ’70s many retreated from engagement in the public square. Failing to recognize what Augustine called our dual responsibilities in the “City of God and the City of Man,” many said, “Just preach the gospel,” “Stay out of politics,” “Let things collapse so Jesus will come back!”

Jesus directs us to preach the Gospel, but it’s the Gospel of His kingdom advancing His reign over every sphere of life. We have the Great Commission but also the Cultural Commission whereby, as “salt” and “light,” we “expose unfruitful works of darkness” (Ephesians 5:11).

We’re called to be Christian advocates for righteousness. The Abolition Movement that eradicated slavery and the Civil Rights Movement that combated injustice through nonviolence are just two examples of Christian activism that changed America.

Christians are not to be silent bystanders in the face of this tsunami of secular humanism. We’re called to be peaceful, prayerful and passionate ambassadors for our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Our society has experienced unbelievable devastation, having drifted from our biblical foundation of God as Creator and Scripture as our authoritative guide. I call your attention to the Bullseye Challenge that exposes this tragic development, while helping us in just 30 days educate our families and churches in an unshakable biblical worldview!

We must be equipped and engaged in this ongoing battle dealing with Origins 101. One man, Charles Darwin, propagated a theory that adversely impacted the world. Will you join with Christians like those who gathered in Dayton, Tennessee, to promote truth and persuade others, like our Founding Fathers did, to honor our Creator as our Declaration of Independence affirms?


Will Pastors Act on Pulpit Freedom Based on New Legislation?

Republican lawmakers who have vowed to fulfill President Donald Trump’s campaign promise to repeal the Johnson Amendment haven’t done so yet, but legislators are now trying to add a provision that would deny money to the Internal Revenue Service to enforce the 63-year-old law, according to the Associated Press.

The House Appropriations subcommittee passed the bill late last month.

The American Pastors Network has commented frequently on the Johnson Amendment and will be closely watching the progression of the new bill.

“Pastors’ voices had been largely silent on the most important cultural, societal and political issues of our time,” said APN President Sam Rohrer, “because of a fear of repercussions stemming from the Johnson Amendment. This bill to protect the tax exempt status of churches may help return decades of freedom to churches and enable pastors to freely speak truth about social issues from the pulpit, but pastors must make the commitment to take on the most pressing societal matters. A government law will not remedy all the issues in today’s church, nor will another law completely solve why pastors have not been preaching the whole counsel of God.

“The path to pulpit freedom may have begun to be paved, but it’s up to pastors and churches to preach boldly,” Rohrer continued. “For some, the Johnson Amendment has been a convenient excuse to shy away from tough issues. The challenge before the pulpit has always been fear, and that’s the challenge of any leader. The Johnson Amendment has been the fear factor for some, but if it is indeed limited in its scope, the real test will be if pastors will take up the biblical charge to speak on the issues important to those in the pews.”

The Associated Press also reported that Republicans say the law is enforced unevenly, leaving religious leaders uncertain about what they are allowed to say and do. Opposition to repealing the Johnson Amendment exists as well. This spring, 4,500 nonprofit groups signed onto a letter to congressional leaders asking them to preserve the law.

Former President Lyndon B. Johnson introduced the law in 1954 when he was a Democratic senator from Texas as an avenue to prohibit tax-exempt charitable organizations, such as churches, from participating in political campaigns or in supporting or opposing candidates. If the IRS determines that a group has violated the law, it can revoke its tax-exempt status, the AP also reported.


6-29-17: The Media’s Self-Inflicted Wounds

QUESTION #1: For a leading news editor to make a claim that it’s dangerous to be a journalist, to blame it on the President, and to set the stage that if anything happens, it’s really the President’s fault is really a something significant. What are your thoughts on this matter?


Dave Kistler:

“…Right out of the box, I want to say this, it’s incredibly dangerous right now to be a United States Congressman. It’s incredibly dangerous and has been for the last several years. It’s always been this way but it’s been ramped up over the last two, three, four, five years to be a law enforcement officer. I would submit to you that our prior President created the climate with law enforcement and the media was complicit.

Now, we have a gentleman who goes out, and I use the word gentleman incredibly loosely, and takes over 60 shots at congressmen playing on a ball field, Republican congressmen, no doubt motivated by much of what he has seen in the news describing these congressmen and politicians, the President, in a very demeaning and negative way. Now it’s never right for anybody to be made a target but I would submit if the journalists and the media are feeling the heat, maybe they now are experiencing a little bit of what they have created for law enforcement and for politicians. I think it’s an overstatement on the part of these two (news reporters) but I think if there is any truth to it, maybe they’re feeling a little bit of what they perhaps should feel.”