2/21/18 – Warnings and Honoring’s: Israel Does them both in Historic Fashion

Warnings and Honoring’s: Israel Does them both in Historic Fashion. We are joined by Jimmy DeYoung (Host of Prophecy Today). Topics discussed include: Remembering the Life of Billy Graham. Israel warns Iran. The US Ambassador warns – The Bible Confirms. The Temple, A Silver Shekel, A Modern Day Cyrus?

2/20/18 – One Nation Under Drugs

One Nation Under Drugs. We are joined by Pastor Joel Jakubowski (PA Adult & Teen Challenge). Topics discussed include: The results of “drugging” our children. America’s Drug Crisis. The Government cannot fix our drug problems. Solution: Our opportunity to reach souls and help them recover.

Why is Jer. 49:35-39 often overlooked as a significant prophetical passage?

In Jer. 49: 35 -39, often overlooked as a significant prophetical passage, but it might just be one of the most significant. it speaks of a region of the Middle East referred to as Elam. What is the significance of this passage of scripture?

What is the day of infamy?

February 19 is President’s Day. Yet this day marks an anniversary date of perhaps the most infamous day in history as it relates to the US, Israel, and Israel’s enemies. That date is April 19 and it extends through April 21. Very infamous people were born on this day, infamous events, occurred on this date. This window of time April 19 – 21, which Feb. 19 is just 2 months prior. Why does Bill Koenig call this time a “Day of Infamy”? Who were a few people born on this day that would qualify this as a day of Infamy?

2/19/19 – It Starts 2 Months from Today: Historical Days of Infamy – April 19-21

It Starts 2 Months from Today: Historical Days of Infamy – April 19-21. We are joined by Bill Koenig (White House Correspondent, Founder World Watch Daily). Topics discussed include: President’s Day: A Reflection on Faith – Ronald Reagan. Days of Infamy Past: Players – Events – Dates. Days of Infamy – Now: The Players – The Implications. Days of Prophetical Fulfillment: Jeremiah 49:35-39.

How might negative publicity of homeschooling affect parents rights concerning school choice?

If something negative might happen with homeschooling, how might it negatively affect all parent’s rights concerning school choice freedoms?

CA General Assemblies possible expansion of power

Mike Smith (President and Co-Founder of HSLDA) explains an incident being used in CA by the General Assembly as an opportunity to possibly expand the power of government and the arguments being drawn from that incident.