Stand in the Gap Today 5/31/16

Why does God establish boundaries, both nationally, morally, and otherwise? On today’s program, we’ll find out why boundaries are necessary, and why and how Satan is seeking to destroy them in our nation.

PART 2-“Chrislam: The Building Blocks of a One World Religion” with Tom Wallace

Tom Wallace is the President and founder of Fortress of Faith Ministries-an evangelism outreach to Muslims.

Stand in the Gap Today 5/27/16

Nearly every other day there is some news about China, Russia, or Iran threatening hostile conflict with the US and the West. Guest JR McGee, geopolitical and military expert gives an important update on the latest threats with a focus on Israel and its new leadership.

FREE RESOURCES to Help You Understand the Transgender Identity Debate

We are in perilous days. It does no good for us to know the truth of the Bible and not preach it and practice it.

This is the reminder that the American Pastors Network wants to emphatically send to pastors and engaged believers, especially as they work to navigate an ever-changing culture, one where once-unheard-of laws and policies about who is allowed behind bathroom and locker room doors are commonplace.

Therefore, in an effort to educate and equip the faith community with the knowledge and tools necessary—especially in regards to complex gender issues—APN has launched an online toolkit that will provide visitors to the website with a white paper, sample letters, and other pieces of information that will arm them with biblical truth.

EXCLUSIVE (FREE) WHITE PAPER DOWNLOAD: Transgender Identity. Not Accepting God’s Design.

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Sermons by Pastors on the Transgender Issue

Stand in the Gap today 5/26/16

Today’s program will continue the analysis of America’s greatest problems, threats, and more specifically, our ideological enemies as we consider how to “Make Sense out of Nonsense”.

Stand in the Gap Today 5/25/16

The Theme of this program is entitled, “Making Sense out of Nonsense”, bring clarity out of confusion.  It is the first part of a 3 part Radio program focus. This content arises from a sermon recently preached by Sam Rohrer. It lays out the Concept of “Problem Solving vs Symptom Shaping”.  It identifies the, “3 Greatest Problems Facing America” and the “3 Greatest Ideological Enemies of America”. In the last Segment, the subject of a one-world religion, who is pushing it and its implications is identified and discussed.

Stand in the Gap Today 5/24/16

Is President Obama’s preoccupation with transgenders a deceptive diversion from other problematic issues, or is this where he has wanted to go all along, and now has nothing to lose?

Stand in the Gap Today 5/23/16

Should churches be allowed to post signs about the false claims of Muslims regarding Allah and Muhammad? Should public school text books be banned because they don’t support climate change ideology? Today’s hosts discuss these topics and more!

PART 1-Chrislam: The Building Blocks of the One World Religion with Tom Wallace

Tom Wallace is the President and Founder of Fortress of Faith Ministries-an evangelism outreach to Muslims.