Stand in the Gap Today 3/31/16

Was Georgia Governor Nathan Deal’s capitulation on the “Pastor’s Protection Act” more for theological or political reasons?  Also, the murder of four translators (Wycliffe Bible Translators) who were working to bring the Bible to obscure languages in the Middle East earlier this month won’t stop the charity from its work. “Despite the tragedy, the testimony of Christ shines through loud and clear.” said Wycliffe Officials.


Stand in the Gap Today 3/30/16

The courageous NC State Legislature and Governor are now being threatened by certain corporations for just fulfilling their duties to their citizens. Why does the “bathroom bill” provoke such ferocity with the liberals?

Stand in the Gap Today 3/29/16

What world leader is saying that our greatest partners in opposing ISIS are American Muslims? Who is the “Establishment” and, is it possible that you could be part of that group and not know it? Should Pastors refuse to talk about Hell because it’s not a “positive” message?

Stand in the Gap Today 3/28/16

Another suicide bombing by a “moderate” Islamic group occurred in Pakistan on Sunday. Mostly women and children were killed while Christians especially were targeted. What does this say about Islam and how long will it be until we realize that we have an Islam problem, not a “radical Islam” problem?

Up from the Grave He Arose! with Pastor Mark Smith

Pastor Mark Smith is the Senior Pastor of the Bible Baptist Church in Champain, IL.

Stand in the Gap Today 3/25/16

How do we make sense of the things that don’t make sense? The disciples must have asked that question on the day that Jesus died, so many years ago. But as Christians, we know there is truth to be found in all of life’s circumstances because we know the Source of all truth. Join us for “phone-in-Friday” as Guest Jeff Nicklaus offers principles and “sense” for today!

Stand in the Gap Today 3/24/16

Ted Cruz has proposed the actual surveillance of Muslim communities. Is this a good or bad idea? Is it constitutional? What does it mean to be “tone deaf” in our actions during times of crisis? Also, announcing an exciting event coming up on April 9th!

Stand in the Gap Today 3/23/16

Has America and Europe waited too long – and been too politically correct with respect to Islamic actions? Has the Middle East become the world’s terrorist training camp? In light of the continued threats from Iran, what is the state of affairs now in Israel as we consider the Jewish celebration of Purim this week? Dr. Jimmy DeYoung joins the program as guest.

Stand in the Gap Today 3/22/16

Why do recent studies show that Americans are skeptical of God, but still believe in the reality of heaven? How can this be? Also, JR McGee joins the program to offer insights and analysis of recent moves by Russia and North Korea, and the tragic ISIS attack in Brussels earlier today.