Stand in the Gap Today 11/30/15

President Obama said that “No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.” Is this true? Is the attempt to blame “right wing extremists” by the media regarding the shooting at a PP clinic “typical left wing tactics” as Carly Fiorina suggests? And what will happen now that the NSA no longer has the sweeping authority to collect phone-record data-despite an increase in terrorist cells?

Understanding Unbelievers with Dr. Mark Farnham

Dr. Mark Farnham shares insights on how to witness to unbelievers from Romans 1.  To listen to this entire series, please click HERE. To find out more about Dr. Farnham’s apologetics ministry, please visit his website:

Stand in the Gap Today 11/27/15

Will you be shopping on Black Friday? What is the history behind it and what does it say about the American people? Can the Syrian refugees be compared to the Pilgrims coming to the new World as President Obama suggests?

Stand in the Gap Today 11/25/15

Ted Cruz surges in the polls as foreign policy tops the list of importance for voters, while President Obama continues to push for Syrian refugees in the US. What are others saying about the “vetting” process and how is the narrative in the Middle East changing as Russia and Turkey square off?

Stand in the Gap Today 11/24/15

What does the Constitution really say about discrimination against immigrants based on their religion? Will Turkey’s action against the Russian jet propel NATO involvement in the Middle East? Is President Obama showing his duplicity by his policy of discrimination Christian immigrants?

Stand in the Gap Today 11/23/15

Why is the White House pressuring the Central Command security analysts to drop the negative reports on ISIS? Will foreign policy be the most important item by the time the November 2016 elections are held?  Do you think that caring for legitimate refugees and defending our country are mutually exclusive concepts? Can we do both? These topics and more on today’s program.

Stand in the Gap Today 11/20/15

The discussion continues on ISIS, the Syrian Refugees, Millenials joining terrorist groups, and more!