Why We’re at a Breaking Point for Truth in America

To turn away from fake news and cheap shots, we must believe in God again and focus on that foundation

This article was originally published on the Lifezette website.

As our society becomes more secular and crass — and as headlines become more and more disturbing, such as the frightening shooting that targeted lawmakers and their aides on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia — one of the places it shows up most and surprises us is in the media.

The Media Research Council recently published a survey declaring the majority of network television and cable outlets present negative material about President Donald Trump as much as 90 percent of the time.

The reason some reporters “cook their stories” is because they disrespect the law and their bias inhibits them from telling the truth. It starts with the fact that they have no basis for objective, third-party unchanging standards for judging truth — such as the Bible — upon which our country was founded.

Media reporters without a basis for judging truth make up their own stories that may have nothing to do with the truth. In fact, they may be completely crafted for the sake of advocacy journalism that is anti-God, or may fulfill a desire to tell stories that fit their worldview and desire for humanistic change.

Occasionally, “artists” will present something to shock us and get publicity for their “cause.” It is necessary we realize such ideas as coming from a mind so depraved that some would diagnose it as crazy.

While the liberal comic destroyed her own career because of her hatred and had all of her booked performances and TV shows cancelled, she blamed President Trump and his family for her self-inflicted wounds.

That’s not the way life works.

Even though she apologized because the reaction to her stunt was quick and vociferous even from left-leaning Hollywood types, her actions were like driving a nail into a board. If you pull it out, you still have to deal with the ugly hole left in it.

The 1987 immersion of a crucifix in urine by Andres Serrano showed contempt for organized religion. The piece made headlines two years later when it was shown to the public during a National Endowment for the Arts tour. When then-Sens. Al D’Amato and Jesse Helms saw the depraved piece, they helped pass a law requiring the NEA to consider “general standards of decency” in awarding grants. The uproar turned the picture, entitled “Piss Christ,” into one of the key fighting fronts in the culture wars of the 1980s and 1990s.

Serrano’s fellow NEA recipient Robert Mapplethorpe divided a nation over the question of whether the government had the right to censor art.

Conservatives will strongly defend the First Amendment. There’s no doubt. But when the shock experienced by the public is so strong as to offend adults and not take into account the tender consciences of children, common sense suggests it should be eliminated from public view. It contributes nothing to the positive momentum of society.

Denying the existence of God, making fun of God-appointed authorities, offending the beliefs of millions of people and making any source other than the Bible the fountain of truth helps us understand that all are born into sin and sin is in us from the start.

What we’re simply seeing now in our society is the working out of depravity in the heart and mind as people decide to not recognize the jurisdiction and authority of God’s law and human law givers. It reveals itself as coming from the hearts, minds and hands of those who hate God enough to wish the death of any (or all) authority figures prescribed by our Constitution. It also reveals people who have become their own god and who, by their works, dismiss the possibility of eternal punishment in hell that awaits them, according to the Bible.

In an 1803 election sermon to the Connecticut legislature, the Rev. Mathias Burnet affirmed that without a sense of accountability to God and His eternal judgment, government would indeed become corrupt: “Feeble … would be the best form of government, and ineffectual the most wise and salutary laws … without a sense of religion and the terrors of the world to come … In a word, banish a sense of religion and the terrors of the world to come from society and you at once dissolve the sacred obligation of conscience and leave every man to that which is right in his eyes” (Deuteronomy 12:8; Judges 17:6; 21:25).

Each person believing and obeying God is a recipe for a successful society.

Each person becoming his or her own God is a recipe for destruction and death. We all must make this binary choice.

Sam Rohrer Weighs in on ‘Mass Assassination Attempt’

As the nation is still reeling from a frightening shooting in Alexandria, Va., where lawmakers and their aides were targeted on a baseball field, the American Pastors Network explored the news on the “Stand in the Gap Today” radio program, which is heard on 425 stations around the country.

APN President Sam Rohrer and his co-hosts discussed the shooting, the shooter’s connection to the Bernie Sanders camp, as well as Sanders’ recent attack on the Christian beliefs of a presidential nominee.

One question on the show addressed the following pressing question: Why did the shooting happen?

“Tragedies like these”, Rohrer said, “often involve a rejection of God and moral law, as well as a rejection of a society that has pushed aside God and absolute truth.

The world can choose two options:

1) More freedom in Christ, in the acceptance of Jesus and an embracing of God’s moral law that respects life and honors the King, as well as self-governance according to the Ten Commandments

2) More draconian government that leads to totalitarianism, restricted freedom and further rejection of God and moral truth.

Under attack in America is Christianity, human rights and truth, evidenced by the fact that a citizen attacked authority and that some lawmakers and celebrities are attacking God and citizen.”

To listen to the Stand in the Gap Today program on this topic, please click HERE.

The Consummate Example of Hate!

You’d have to be living in a cave somewhere, not to know about the totally insane action of Kathy Griffin–holding up what appeared to be
the severed head of our President. Her actions, subsequent “apology” and the public’s response beg for a couple comments.

First, Kathy’s apology was anything BUT sincere. How do I know that? Well, for starters, if you’ve seen said “apology” you will note the
rolling of her eyes and insincere attitude.

But, above and beyond all of that is the fact that Kathy primarily “apologized” to the wrong person (s). Has she offended many Americans,
including me? Absolutely! Has she traumatized some young children, including Barron Trump? Certainly! Has she disgraced her profession and herself? Without doubt! But, the FIRST AND FOREMOST individual to whom she should have issued her “apology” is President Donald Trump.

In her approximately 30 second “apology” she said nothing to the 45th President, against whom she committed an illegality. In fact, if there
is such a thing as a hate crime (and there certainly is), then SHE COMMITTED ONE! But, to the very one against whom she perpetrated this
heinous act, she said nothing!

So, Kathy, how about issuing a genuine, directed, sincere apology to the one against whom you broke the law and because of whom you should be in jail!

Second, the silence of many on the left is just as stunning as Kathy’s egregious stupidity. The very ones who accuse preachers of being hateful
for speaking the truth about the most evil ideology of our time, refuse to say anything about Kathy’s venomously hate-filled stunt. Does anyone see the hypocrisy and insincerity here, for it is certainly on vivid display!

No, instead of calling for Kathy to apologize, the purveyors of political correctness continue their fake outrage, or perhaps sincere
outrage, directed at truth speakers–those who love innocent victims and their country enough to actually “tell it like it is!”

One last point. To the many who incessantly accuse God’s genuine preachers of “fear mongering” when they speak the truth, may I ask this
probing question? What about true “fear mongering”–things like Kathy has done that traumatizes young children, including the President’s son? Are you going to speak as definitively with respect to that? Are you going to use your limited vocabulary to call her out on her lunacy? Of
course not! Because, objective truth is not now, and probably never has been, your pursuit.

At least CNN has ended it’s relationship with the now disgraced comic. If the legal system were to choose to pursue a prosecution of Griffin,
she’d deserve every bit of it! This kind of illegality, open hostility, and abject stupidity simply cannot be excused any longer.

It’s time for someone to “tell it like it is!” And, if that means suffering accusations of being “un-Christian,” then so be it! In actuality, the most Christian thing one can do is speak truthfully. And, those who do are in GREAT company–with the One who is THE TRUTH!

-Dave Kistler, President

North Carolina Pastors Network


Bringing Millennial Pastors Back to Core Biblical Christianity: A VCY Crosstalk interview with Sam Rohrer

Program Notes taken from: www.vcyamerica.org

Date:        May 17, 2017
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:      Sam Rohrer

​Sam Rohrer is the president of the American Pastors Network and the Pennsylvania Pastors Network. This network has been identifying, equipping, educating and networking pastors and church members to stand in the gap for truth.

Sam began by describing the state of the church today as weak with silent pulpits. It’s marked far more by apostasy and a leaving of the truth as opposed to a return to it. In other words, we are living in perilous days.

It’s his sense that from a trajectory perspective, we are not peaking. There are remnant pastors and churches but the remnant is a minority. The great percentage of those in the pews and the pulpits today are not primarily concerned about obedience to the Word of God, preaching the truth and living it. It’s more like ‘going along to get along’ and ‘tickling ears’.

When Sam talks about a biblical worldview he uses 4 terms. First of all it’s the understanding and belief that (1) there is God (not a god). (2) There was a creation. (3) There was a fall, precipitated by the devil where sin entered the world. (4) There is redemption secured by Jesus Christ. Sam believes these are the four basic tenets of a biblical worldview.

The shocking news from George Barna looks like this: Only 4% of Millennials hold to the worldview that Sam described above. Sam believes God would describe our nation as having departed from the truth. When God looks down at that nation, like he did at Israel; when he’d given them everything and they walked away from God saying they didn’t need God anymore, that’s a nation in crisis. That’s where we are.

We’re also reminded of this in the history of our own nation. The founders said that our nation, based upon self-government, would not survive if people did not submit themselves to the 10 Commandments of God. So when we throw out God’s law, prayer and our dependence upon God, our founders knew we could not continue. They knew that no one circumvents God’s judgment and standard.

The proof comes by noticing how God dealt with Israel. When God blesses us and we live in security and we start to think we’ve done that by ourselves, at that point God will reject us like he rejected the inhabitants of the land he drove out before the Israelites.

Sam noted that when God turns a nation over, there’s a steady decline into the depths of depravity and sin. This is often lead and marked by sexual immorality. This is where we are in America. We had knowledge of God, we’ve rejected it and God is saying that if we think we have a better way, we have to figure out how to make a go of it.

So why aren’t shepherds speaking out and saying, ‘Thus saith the Lord!’? Sam believes it’s because of controversy and the concern that if they speak the truth, some will be offended. In that case they withhold the truth, the only thing that has the ability to change and heal lives.

In the midst of all this, Sam described how God still preserves his remnant. He sees God quickening that remnant. It’s in the form of a common attitude between the older faithful and the younger faithful. They have a commitment to honoring God first, a great seriousness about fulfilling their duty as an ordained authority and they are wanting to assist each other. The older pastors aren’t physically connecting with younger pastors because they don’t operate in those circles but in their heads they have a concern. In their heart they see the need in that younger generation.

On the other side of the ledger are the younger pastors that Sam feels don’t see themselves as needing the advice of older pastors. Yet a number of millennial pastors long and hunger for mentoring involvement by an older pastor who they can call to determine what to do in certain circumstances. This is biblical and God’s model.

To solve this issue, the American Pastors Network has begun an initiative called, ‘Bridging the Gap’. It’s covers two primary areas: Generational and Racial. Get the details when you review this Crosstalk broadcast.

Survey of 1,000+ PA Radio Listeners Ranks ‘Stand in the Gap Today’ No. 1 Favorite Program


The results are in, and radio listeners are reporting that “Stand in the Gap Today” from the American Pastors Network (APN) is one of their favorites.

“Stand in the Gap Today” airs on nearly 425 radio stations nationwide, and recently, several stations in Pennsylvania, where APN is headquartered, asked listeners several questions during annual share-a-thons.

The PA stations perhaps serve as a nationwide sample, and the findings were extremely positive for the “Stand in the Gap” lineup of radio programming.

First, WJSM 1110 AM in Martinsburg and WJSM 92.7 FM in Altoona, which have carried “Stand in the Gap Today” across southwest Pennsylvania for two years, asked respondents about their favorite programs during a three-day share-a-thon. Of more than 600 respondents, 87 percent stated that “Stand in the Gap Today” is their No. 1 favorite program on the station. This station airs the show Monday through Friday in the evening. The program is recorded live at noon each day.

When asked why the show was a favorite, one listener answered, “Because I can trust what they say. It is where we get our highlight news of the day. It is where I go to help me know how to think biblically about the issues of the day.”

 Additional programs on WJSM include “Focus on the Family” with Jim Daly, Juli Slattery and John Fuller; “Turning Point” with Dr. David Jeremiah; “Discover The Word;” “Back to the Bible Radio” with Warren Wiersbe; “Prophecy For Today” and “Thru The Bible Radio.” WJSM also carries APN’s other two programs: “Stand in the Gap Minute” and “Stand in the Gap Weekend.”

Then, a network of three stations in central Pennsylvania—WFBA 90.5 FM in Kulpmont, WFBM 90.5 FM in Beaver Springs and WFBV 90.1 FM in Selinsgrove—also asked listeners the same question during a recent three-day share-a-thon. Between 85 and 90 percent of approximately 500 respondents stated that “Stand in the Gap Today” was their No. 1 favorite program.

On these stations, “Stand in the Gap Today” airs live Monday through Friday at noon, and these stations have also carried the show for two years and offer listeners APN’s other two programs as well.

Arbitron ratings from a few years ago indicated that these stations rated No. 1 in the market for the longest listening segments. The program lineups on this network include mostly Christian music with some Christian programming, such as “Unshackled,” “Bible Pathway,” “Creation Moments” and “Eagle Forum Radio.”

“This is remarkable news for the American Pastors Network and our ‘Stand in the Gap’ radio ministry,” said APN President and “Stand in the Gap Today” host Sam Rohrer. “We hear from station managers that listeners love our programs and glean biblical and constitutional knowledge from them. But to have actual survey findings reinforce those opinions through research is immensely uplifting. We praise God for the opportunity to reach thousands of His people through ‘Stand in the Gap’ radio.”



Johnson Amendment Inclusion in Executive Order Will Open Door for Pastors to Address Most Urgent Cultural Issues

Today’s inclusion of the Johnson Amendment in the executive order signed by President Donald Trump to protect religious freedom will greatly impact pastors, says the American Pastors Network.

“For years, pastors have been forced into thinking they must remain silent on the most important issues of our time,” said APN President Sam Rohrer. “Today’s action by President Donald Trump returns decades of freedom to churches. Pastors are charged by God to always speak biblical truth from the pulpit. From abortion and marriage to tyranny in office, the Bible is very clear on social, cultural and political issues. Efforts by government to intimidate pastors on preaching biblical truth not only violate God’s direct command but are also unconstitutional. Today, the process has begun to end those violations.”

For more than 60 years, the Johnson Amendment, proposed by then-Senator Lyndon B. Johnson and passed by Congress in 1954, has prohibited tax-exempt organizations—including churches and other nonprofits—from lobbying elected officials, campaigning on behalf of a political party and supporting or opposing candidates for office. The Johnson Amendment has instilled fear in pastors, wary of losing their church’s tax-exempt status if they speak truth into cultural, societal or political issues.

American Pastors Network Connects Older, Younger Pastors to Tackle Millennial Faith Crisis

Originally published on Christian Post HERE.

A network of American pastors is aiming to connect the older generation of ministers with younger ones to address the vast numbers of millennials and youth who are not only leaving the faith but don’t have a biblical worldview.

In light of a recent American Culture and Faith Institute study, led by veteran researcher George Barna, which revealed that only 10 percent of Americans — and only 4 percent of millennials — hold a biblical worldview, Sam Rohrer, president of the American Pastors Network believes a crisis for the Church and society is upon us.

And unfortunately, when it comes to engaging the issues of the day, most pastors have been “astoundingly silent,” Rohrer, who is also the host of the radio broadcast “Stand in the Gap Today,” told The Christian Post.

Top of Form

Because pastors have failed to speak here, an “abysmally low” number of young people know how to bring their Christian convictions to bear on public life, and the cultural manifestations of this lack of knowledge threatens the future of American democracy, he added.

Absent the passing down of truth to the next generation, “this nation cannot preserve the freedoms that we have enjoyed under our constitution and a republic,” Rohrer said.

The older generation of pastors and Christian leaders who have been contending for the Gospel and God’s righteousness in the public square is looking down at the next generation and are asking, “Who is following, who is coming up?”

And the answer, according to Rohrer, is “not very many, not as many as need to be.”

But all too often, older pastors are not running in circles where they are interfacing with the younger generation, Rohrer noted.

To that end, the American Pastors Network is establishing a platform that deliberately connects younger pastors who have responded positively to the content in Rohrer’s radio programs in mentoring relationships with seasoned, biblically faithful elder ministers who have been hard at it for many decades.

“If we believe, which we do, that the Scripture holds the answers to all issues of life, then in fact, the confusion of the day does not need to remain confusion of the day but it can be brought to clarity and purpose when biblical principles are applied to the issues,” he said.

Rohrer, a former member of the Pennsylvania state house of Representatives, is passionate about bringing his convictions to bear on all spheres of life, particularly in the realm of government.

“The Christian life, biblical truth is real. It changes lives, it affects everything, everything that we do no matter our station in life,” he said. “So if that’s the case then we believe that God’s model is that the pulpit is the place from which that needs to come.”

So far, the response he has received has been overwhelmingly positive.

“There is a desire from many who are younger to learn from those who are older,” Rohrer said, adding that, likewise, the older generation is concerned about the rising generation of leadership.

“But there’s no bridge,” he said.

CP asked Rohrer what theological criteria exists for participation in this endeavor given the theological differences within evangelical denominations.

The APN is based on three key truths, Rohrer told CP: “belief in the authority of scripture, belief in salvation by faith in Christ alone, and thirdly, have the courage to preach it.”

“The agreement to those things, is the unity of the historic Christian faith. It is the unity that brings together old and young, black and white. It’s the great leveler,” he stressed. “It was our intent to say, ‘let’s establish the purposes of providing a framework for biblically faithful pastors to stand together.'”

At present, 10 states have chapters of pastors networks, and plans are in the works to launch six more.

APN’s website notes that their purpose is build “a dynamic network of Biblically faithful pastors and citizen leaders who are committed to the Truth, who believe in the Authority of Scripture, who boldly preach the whole counsel of God with a disciplined application of a Biblical World-view to public policy, and who are building a permanent infrastructure of Biblically faithful pastors and lay leaders.”

2018 Israel Tour | Save the Date!

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Don’t miss this chance to spend time with Stand in the Gap Radio hosts , and Dr. Jimmy DeYoung with Prophecy Today!

Standing in the Gap for Truth,

Hon. Sam Rohrer
American Pastors Network

Jimmy DeYoung Jr.
Prophecy Today

Conservative Solutions to Liberal Problems-Sam Rohrer Interviews with Colin Hanna

APN President, Sam Rohrer, was recently interviewed by Colin Hanna on his radio program called, Let Freedom Ring. During the program, Sam talked about his testimony, his college years and time in public office, as well as his his current vision for the American Pastors Network.

To listen to both Parts 1 & 2 of the interview, please click HERE.


How Can Pastors Reach Millennials?

Like many Christians, leaders from the American Pastors Network are surprised and concerned about recent research showing that the vast majority of millennials do not have a biblical worldview.

In fact, just 4 percent of millennials look at life through a biblical lens, according to the newAmerican Culture & Faith Institute (ACFI) Worldview Measurement Project, which considered how the core beliefs and behaviors of millennials compare to other adults.

This alarming discovery, coupled with the fact that the number of Americans with a biblical worldview in general is severely waning, makes pastors’ jobs even more difficult, says APN. It’s for this reason that the ministry is working toward ways to connect biblically faithful older pastors with biblically faithful millennial pastors.

“Most older faithful pastors have a concern for younger pastors but don’t always have ways to connect with them,” said APN President Sam Rohrer. “And younger pastors tend to be divided into two categories: those who don’t necessarily see the value with connecting with other generations, or those young biblically faithful pastors who do long for the opportunity and are honored to be in the presence of those who have sustained, perhaps, a 40-year ministry and have remained true. Many from all age groups who truly want to connect just don’t know how—and that’s where the American Pastors Network comes in.”

Rohrer said he has been in contact with millennial senior pastors, asking them about their needs and how APN and its “Stand in the Gap” radio ministry are helpful to their churches and congregations in looking at the culture from a biblical and constitutional perspective. In the coming months, Rohrer said, APN will consider that feedback to initiate programming so older and younger pastors can walk alongside each other.

“If we can’t connect the biblically faithful pastors in the pulpit,” Rohrer added, “how we can expect them to connect with their own people on the importance of having a biblical worldview and on the most pressing societal issues of the day?”

Social science researcher George Barna, who leads ACFI, is a frequent guest on “Stand in the Gap Today.” On a recent program, Rohrer and Barna talked about the ramifications of a declining number of millennials holding a biblical worldview.

“Most pastors realize our nation is in trouble,” Rohrer said on the program. “Without a doubt, it’s divided. The enemy is within the gate, trying to collapse our current administration and destroy our constitution, but when we learn that less than 4 percent of millennials hold a biblical worldview so necessary to supporting a constitutional republic here in the United States, the concern, in many regards, is even greater. This issue of millennials and millennial values is paramount in the country, and data from the American Culture & Faith Institute helps us focus on exactly where the problems are and where the opportunities are as well.”

Rohrer also noted that the ACFI research found that, besides millennials, the biblical worldview of Americans in general is deteriorating at an alarming rate. And Barna backed up this finding.

“Twenty-four out of 25 millennials don’t have a biblical worldview,” Barna said on the show. “But be that as it may, the point is that across the country, only 10 percent of American adults have a biblical worldview. What difference does that make? In order to get to that number, we asked 40 different questions about people’s beliefs or behaviors and looked at (the answers) in a number of different ways, including generationally.”

Barna and Rohrer observed that the world is becoming increasingly more secular, especially because a worldview is engrained during childhood and adolescence, and fewer younger Americans have the same worldview as their older counterparts, which means millennials—along with Generation Xers, of which 7 percent holds a biblical worldview—are not instilling these values and beliefs in their own children.

Discoveries from the ACFI study also included the following:

  • 72 percent of adults over the age of 30 call themselves Christians, but just 59 percent of millennials do.
  • Of those who say they’re atheist, agnostic or have no religious affiliations or beliefs, 18 percent are 30 or older, and more than 28 percent are millennials
  • One-third of older adults are born again Christians, stating that they will experience eternity in heaven with God after their death because they have confessed their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, but far fewer millennials (20 percent) share that expectation.
  • A minority of adults 30 or older (43 percent) supports same-sex marriage, while nearly two-thirds of those under 30 (65 percent) support it.
  • Conservatives outnumber liberals by a 2:1 margin among adults 30 or older (28 percent vs. 12 percent), yet, the opposite is true among millennials—12 percent are conservative while 26 percent are liberal.
  • Millennials are the generation most likely to prefer socialism over capitalism (44 percent compared to 35 percent among older adults).
  • While just 6 percent of adults 30 or older claim to be in the LGBT community, two-and-a-half times as many millennials (15 percent) adopt that label.

Knowing these facts, Rohrer added, one of APN’s goals is to equip pastors with the tools necessary to preach about issues related to a biblical worldview. A separate study from ACFI found that just 10 percent of pastors are preaching about the most pressing cultural issues of the day.