Has Political Correctness Silenced Us?

The Greek poet Euripides was known to say that “Silence is true wisdom’s best reply.”

But when it comes to discussing political views in this sometimes-tempestuous society, many are taking the stance that silence—especially in difficult conversations about politics, religion and other controversial topics—is preferred and safer.

As evidence, the American Pastors Network, the largest national network dedicated to equipping pastors to be a voice for truth in the public square, is pointing to a new Cato Institute study that found 71 percent of Americans say political correctness has silenced some of the discussions society must have, and 58 percent have political views they are afraid to share.

APN President Sam Rohrer says these findings are telling in regards to how Americans interact with each other, the cultural climate and the role of the church in these important conversations.

“The most pressing topics in our society are not being discussed because a culture has been created that silences our voices,” Rohrer said. “This can be due to a variety of reasons, including fear, isolation or ridicule. These are the topics, however, Americans should be discussing, and especially Christians as they hopefully bring the truth of God’s Word to our everyday conversations. Furthermore, how does this translate to the Church? We pray pastors are not silencing themselves as well, but we know that many choose not to address from the pulpit the crucial matters in our culture for whatever reason.

“One of the missional goals of the American Pastors Network is to encourage biblically faithful clergy to take seriously Jesus’ command to be the ‘salt and light’ to the culture, encourage informed Christian thinking about contemporary social issues, examine public policy issues without politicizing their pulpits and engage their congregations in taking part in the political process on a non-partisan basis,” Rohrer added. “We certainly can’t act as salt and light by hiding the light of God’s truth under a bushel, which is exactly what we resort to when we keep silent in an increasingly PC culture.”

The Cato 2017 Free Speech and Tolerance Survey, which polled 2,300 U.S. adults, also found that political party somewhat dictated how people felt about silencing their conversations. For example, a slim majority (53 percent) of Democrats do not feel the need to self-censor. Conversely, strong majorities of Republicans (73 percent) and independents (58 percent) say they keep some political beliefs to themselves.

Cato also reported, “A solid majority (59 percent) of Americans think people should be allowed to express unpopular opinions in public, even those deeply offensive to others. On the other hand, 40 percent think government should prevent hate speech.”

Despite this, the survey also found Americans willing to censor, regulate, or punish a wide variety of speech and expression they personally find offensive:

  • 51 percent of staunch liberals say it’s “morally acceptable” to punch Nazis.
  • 53 percent of Republicans favor stripping U.S. citizenship from people who burn the American flag.
  • 51 percent of Democrats support a law that requires Americans use transgender people’s preferred gender pronouns.
  • 65 percent of Republicans say NFL players should be fired if they refuse to stand for the anthem.
  • 58 percent of Democrats say employers should punish employees for offensive Facebook posts.
  • 47 percent of Republicans favor bans on building new mosques.
  • 59 percent of liberals say it’s hate speech to say transgender people have a mental disorder; only 17 percent of conservatives agree.
  • 39 percent of conservatives believe it’s hate speech to say the police are racist; only 17 percent of liberals agree.
  • 80 percent of liberals say it’s hateful or offensive to say illegal immigrants should be deported; only 36 percent of conservatives agree.
  • 87 percent of liberals say it’s hateful or offensive to say women shouldn’t fight in military combat roles, while 47 percent of conservatives agree.
  • 90 percent of liberals say it’s hateful or offensive to say homosexuality is a sin, while 47 percent of conservatives agree.

“These findings, especially the chasms between liberals and conservatives when it comes to moral and biblical issues such as a homosexuality, immigration, religion and gender, are especially important for church leaders,” Rohrer added. “While every pastor must first and foremost preach the whole counsel of God and reveal the Bible’s truth without waver, it is helpful to know where the people in the pews stand and the conversations they are having—or not having—regarding these important matters.”

10 Action Steps Every Church Should Consider Regarding Security

More than a week after the horrific, tragic and frightening shooting at a rural Texas church, many church leaders are thinking seriously about their own church security and what may need to be done to protect their congregations.

Leaders from the American Pastors Network, the largest national network dedicated to equipping pastors to be a voice for truth in the public square, have discussed the tragedy with pastors, held strategic conference calls on the topic and addressed the news on the APN radio ministry, “Stand in the Gap Today” (listen here and here), heard on 425 stations around the country.

“Unfortunately, church security is now a pressing matter in our nation,” said APN President Sam Rohrer. “No longer can we fully count on the peaceful and serene sanctuary of the church. It’s clear that those with evil intentions, whether against the church itself or those inside, have sought to steal and kill and destroy, as we witnessed at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Because of the magnitude of the destruction of lives there through violence, church leaders are now considering demolishing the church building, after the hopes and dreams of 26 lives were demolished on November 5. We live in a culture where our churches must seriously think about how to keep people safe. Just as a shepherd carries a staff to guard his sheep, so must every pastor employ ways to protect his flock.”

After conversations over the past week, Rohrer and other APN leaders developed recommendations for churches to consider when it comes to the important matter of church security.

  1. Understand the biblical and moral responsibility of church safety. It is the duty of pastors and church leadership to do all they can to protect the lives of those in the congregation. Scripture sets forth clear responsibilities for those in positions of authority. They are to lead (II Tim 4:2, Hebrews 13:17); teach (James 3:1, Jeremiah 3:15, Eph. 4:11-12); protect (Ezekiel 34:1-10, I Peter 2:5, Acts 20:28) and serve (I Peter 5:1-4). The Bible also gives examples  of watchmen and gatekeepers who were to guard the temple and the city in Old Testament times (I Chron. 23:5, I Chron. 26:1-19, Neh. 7:1-3, II Sam. 18:26); and shepherds who were to guard the sheep in the New Testament (a type of Christ and the true Church of believers) (John 10:1-3). The church should be a place of both spiritual and physical safety. The Pastor, especially, is to guard the church from false doctrine, and those who would take advantage of the “sheep” both morally and physically, as the churches in Revelation were commended for their watchfulness and condemned for their failure in this area (Rev. 2:2, Rev 2:20). To listen to a Stand in the Gap Radio program with more on  this topic, please click HERE.
  2. Develop and train a security team.Dedicate certain individuals, whether staff or volunteers, to undertake the important issue of security. Train these personnel how to identify potential threats and how to de-escalate potential threat situations. During services or functions, outfit the team in plain clothes.
  3. Perform a risk assessment.Where is the church vulnerable in its facility and grounds? Consider a community threat assessment as well.
  4. Implement security protocols.Consider these suggestions: 1) Lock doors after services begin; 2) Post security team members at entrances; 3) Conduct a regular, annual re-assessment of the security plan.
  5. Install security cameras.Consider video surveillance to document and record potential threats or incidents.
  6. Establish a medical response team.Mobilize medical personnel already within the congregation who can take action if injuries ever occur.
  7. Evaluate the legal parameters for security measures.Research insurance requirements and conduct a liability assessment. Identify state civil laws regarding security measures, which can vary from state to state.
  8. Create an evacuation plan.Be sure the security team knows how to best evacuate churchgoers of all ages and mobility ranges, and consider creating another key team to assist. Practice the plan through drills.
  9. Involve local law enforcement in the security plan.Tell local police departments and other emergency responders about the security plan, perhaps through an evening meeting. They may be able to offer additional suggestions or protocols.
  • Communicate the new or existing security measures with the congregation.Members will appreciate knowing the church has a plan to keep them safe.

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American Pastors Network Responds to Texas Church Mass Shooting That Left 26 Dead and 20 Wounded

Encourages Day of Prayer for First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs While Warning Congregations Regarding Safety Measures

Sam Rohrer, President of the American Pastors Network , has issued this statement for publication over the weekend regarding the shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.  

“The American Pastors Network has been standing in the gap for truth around America. We grieve today with our friends in Texas who have suffered unspeakable tragedy at the hands of an armed killer. We encourage pastors in Texas and beyond to join us in a day of prayer for the people of Sutherland Springs.”  

While the investigation continues, this tragedy has forced America’s pastors to reevaluate preparation with their local congregations. In addition to praying for those impacted by this tragedy, Rohrer encourages ministers to consider how to best protect their member.

The reaction of these two local residents is a reminder to all people who love truth, love people and hate evil. There are two principles here that are instructive. First, all that evil needs to triumph is for good people to do nothing. When good people act appropriately, evil is stopped. Second, we must always be prepared and committed to respond to evil at a moment’s notice. To delay could mean loss of life, loss of freedom, or the success of evil.”

Gary G. Dull, Executive Director of the PA Pastors Network, has also issued the following statement:

“On Sunday November 5, 2017, after many of us attended the church of our choice, we heard that Devin Patrick Kelly, a ‘dishonorably discharged’ member of the United States Air Force, walked into the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas and shot nearly 50 people, 26 of whom were killed, including Pastor Frank Pomeroy’s 14-year-old daughter. What a tragedy! It is interesting this took place on the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church for which many of us who attended church yesterday spent time in prayer.

“No one knows why Kelly went on this shooting spree, but we do understand that his in-laws attended the First Baptist Church that he massacred. Having been killed after fleeing the premise, there will be no opportunity to interrogate Kelly to discover his motive for the shooting, although I am sure an investigation will be conducted into the history of his life and actions.

“When things like this take place we all ask, ‘Why?’ Many will immediately say it is a gun issue. Yes, Devin Patrick Kelly used a gun, but the gun is not the main issue. There were many people killed even before guns were invented, so banning guns is not the answer.

“Some will ask, ‘Where was God as those people gathered to worship Him in Sutherland Springs?’ God was where He always is, governing every aspect of the universe to honor and glorify His name. Ultimately the result of this tragedy will be a stronger church, a united community and God will be glorified.

“The answer to why such tragedies occur is found in the total depravity of mankind. In other words, mankind is sinful at its core. Jeremiah 17:9 says, ‘The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can know it?’ Only after one allows his or her heart to be changed through faith in Jesus Christ as personal Savior will events like this be reduced.

“As a pastor, my heart goes out to pastor Frank Pomeroy who has a very heavy burden in trying to support, strengthen and rebuild his broken congregation. We must all pray for him, as well as for the rest of his congregation, the church leadership, family members of the victims, the entire Sutherland Springs community and churches across America. In time, God will heal the broken hearts of those involved as Psalm 34:18 teaches: ‘The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart.’

“These days churches are considered ‘soft targets’ for those who have a desire to inflict terror where a group of people are gathered. Therefore, the leadership of every church, no matter what the size of the congregation may be, must be vigilant and prepared in advance in the case that a shooter should show up at a church gathering. This preparation must involve having a trained security team present at all events and a plan to protect the congregation should a shooter appear.

“In the meantime, we must pray for the devastated and brokenhearted First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, remembering God Himself is the healer of the brokenhearted.

“In addition, we all must remember God is our greatest protector. Psalm 121 reminds us He never sleeps and never slumbers, but watches over us with His care all of the time. We can be assured as we go throughout our day, God is there and His care and provision is with us for He has promised to ‘never leave or forsake us.’

“I offer the following suggestions in light of the shooting in Texas:

  • Christians across America must pray earnestly for the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas and their leadership as they work to recover from this tragedy and endeavor to strengthen the congregation.
  • Every church must make efforts to have qualified security teams prepared to protect the congregation that gathers to worship, no matter the size of the congregation.
  • We all must recognize we are in a spiritual battle and are not just facing flesh and blood but the evil forces of Satan that desire to bring fear and destruction into the hearts of all people.
  • We must remember that God is in control and will always work to perform His perfect will and purpose in our lives as we trust Him to provide for us.
  • We should acknowledge that Christians will suffer persecution which will become even more intense as we draw closer to the return of Christ according to 2 Timothy 3:12.
  • We must all be vigilant and alert as to what is going on around us and be prepared for anything that may come our way according to 1 Peter 5:8.

“Pray for pastor Frank Pomeroy and the congregation of the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas.”

To listen to a Stand in the Gap Radio program on “The Biblical Perspective on Self Defense and Church Security” including practical tips to incorporate a church security program, please click HERE.

To read a complete article featured on Lifezette by APN President, Sam Rohrer, please click HERE.

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American Pastors Network Planning Pilgrimage to Biblical History Center of Israel in March; Christians Called to Stand with God’s Chosen Ones

As headlines continue to come out of Israel during one of the world’s most turbulent times, the American Pastors Network  regularly creates a dialogue about the matters that should be important to all Christians, especially through its daily radio ministry, “Stand in the Gap Today.”

APN President Sam Rohrer, along with “Stand in the Gap Today” co-hosts Gary Dull of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network (PPN,www.papastors.net) and Dave Kistler of the North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN, www.ncpastors.net), works to engages listeners by considering today’s news from a constitutional and biblical perspective—including headlines from the Holy Land.

“News from Israel should be extremely critical to Christians,” Rohrer said. “And the importance of Israel to today’s Christian leaders cannot be overstated. The simple reason we must support the State of Israel is because God does. The Jews are His chosen people, and He gave His promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that He would not only bless them but also bless every nation that blesses them and curse every nation that curses them. Throughout history, God has miraculously protected the Jewish people although the nations around them have sought to annihilate them. 

“Additionally, we cannot ignore the biblical significance of standing with God’s chosen people in Israel,” Rohrer continued. “What America does in relationship to the support of Israel is the difference between experiencing God’s blessing or God’s judgment on our nation. Additionally, Israel has long been America’s strongest ally in the Middle East, continues to be the only truly democratic nation in that region and is the only nation in the Middle East that allows true religious freedom.”

Because of the important ties between the U.S. and Israel, as well as the impact on today’s churches, the American Pastors Network will co-host an upcoming trip to Israel, partnering with Prophecy Today, led by Jimmy DeYoung, for a tour beginning March 7, 2018. During the trip, travelers can experience Israel like never before, and see the sights and sounds of the Holy Land while considering Israel’s past, examining current events in light of biblical prophecy and understanding God’s plan for the future.

APN noted that especially pastors who take a pilgrimage to Israel find the experience to be personally rewarding, and those rewards flow into their ministry, as they return to their congregations with new passion, a deeper spiritual relationship with Christ and a Bible that went from black and white to color.

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5 Reasons and 5 Ways to Honor Pastors During Pastors Appreciation Month

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, and while churchgoers might think the “good sermon, pastor” sentiments they give on their way out the door is enough, today’s church leaders serve as a light to millions of people in a dark world.

Perhaps at no other time in history have America’s pastors been more needed in this culturally significant time, says the American Pastors Network.

For that reason, APN is suggesting five reasons and five ways to appreciate and honor pastors this month.

“We know from research that pastors can feel isolated and sometimes unappreciated,” said APN board member Gary Dull, who also serves as executive director of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network (PPN, www.papastors.net) and leads a church in Altoona, Pa. “Those feelings can sometime lead to early burnout, and today’s churches need committed pastors who are sold out to preaching the whole counsel of God now more than ever. Even a small word of encouragement or gesture of appreciation can make all the difference in a pastor’s life. And what better time than Pastor Appreciation Month!”

5 Reasons to Appreciate Pastors

  1. Pastors are “on call” 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They often must break away from their own families to help someone in the church through a difficult situation.
  2. Pastors are selfless and make daily sacrifices for their congregations.
  3. Pastors make the Word of God and His Truth plain and simple so we may apply it to our everyday lives.
  4. Pastors are people, too! Churches tend to put their leaders on a pedestal, but they also have joys and struggles, hobbies and favorite things.
  5. Pastors have followed God’s call to give up their own life and their own desires to serve others.

5 Ways to Appreciate Pastors

  1. Tag your pastor in a social media post with the hashtag #pastorappreciation and tell your friends, family and fellow church members what you appreciate about your pastor.
  2. Send a personal thank you note or card and let your pastor know how your life has been bettered.
  3. Make and deliver dinner to your pastor’s family, invite them to your home or take them out for a meal, not only to express appreciation, but to also get to know them better.
  4. Find out your pastor’s hobbies and interests, and consider giving a gift card or certificate for an experience to enjoy “off duty.”
  5. Give your pastor a gift from the APN online store, which includes resources that will rejuvenate and refresh your pastor. Now through the end of October, use the code MYPASTOR for a 25 percent discount on the purchase of the U-Turn DVD set, which are recordings from an APN church leader conference and transformative information.

New Study Finds That Americans’ Opinions on Abortion Can Be Confusing and Polarizing

American Pastors Network: How Should the Church Respond?

As the U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would outlaw abortions past 20 weeks of pregnancy, the American Culture & Faith Institute is releasing a new survey on Americans’ views on abortion, which, say the researchers, can be confusing and polarizing.

According to ACFI and lead researcher George Barna, who is a frequent guest on the American Pastors Network radio ministry “Stand in the Gap Today,” 47 percent of adults claim to be pro-choice, substantially more than the 38 percent who claim to be pro-life. Another 8 percent said they held neither position, and the remaining 8 percent were not sure.

“However,” Barna reported, “when the intensity of one’s position is taken into account, the difference between the two sides is reduced. Overall, 31 percent said they were strongly pro-choice compared to 24 percent who said they were strongly pro-life.”

APN board member and “Stand in the Gap Today” co-host Gary Dull said news about the study and the pain-capable act are especially timely in October—Abortion Recovery Awareness Month and Respect Life Month.

“In the church, we can’t assume that every person sitting in the pews is passionately and strongly pro-life,” Dull said. “They may be confused about their views on abortion, or they may waver with the culture or even with personal experience. That’s why is still crucial that pastors and the church stand up for life and not take for granted that all churchgoers realize that God created every life in His image from the moment of conception. He values these unborn children of God and has placed them in our protection.”

The ACFI study also found that 56 percent of Americans want abortion to be legal, but that view is dependent upon the circumstances:

  • Less than one-quarter (23 percent) want abortion to be legal under any and all circumstances.
  • One-third (33 percent) want abortion to be legal under most but not all circumstances.
  • Another one-quarter (24 percent) want the practice to be illegal under most circumstances.
  • Only one out of 10 adults (10 percent) wants to outlaw abortion in all situations.
  • 11 percent were not sure.

A double-digit percentage of those surveyed are also confused about the morality of abortion, with 36 percent stating that abortion is immoral, while close to one-fourth (23 percent) say abortion is a moral act, while a similar proportion (24 percent) says that abortion is not a moral issue. The remaining 16 percent do not know.

Still more perplexing are Americans’ contradictory views on the legalization of abortion. One-third say abortion is murder and yet they believe it should be legal. Three out of 10 adults (29 percent) argue that life starts at conception and yet they support the legalization of abortion.

Dull added that pastors and churches should especially pay attention to the views on the value of life, as Americans provided numerous answers on what makes a human life valuable:

  • 38 percent say that people are made in the image of God or that life is a gift from God.
  • 17 percent said that life is of value by the mere fact that we exist, while the same proportion attributed the value of life to our potential to become something greater or more productive.
  • 14 percent said the value of life comes from what we are able to accomplish.
  • 4 percent think life matters and is valued because humans can identify a purpose for living.
  • 2 percent said life does not have value.
  • 8 percent said they are not sure how to identify whether and why life has value.

Read the full American Culture & Faith Institute study here.

Pastor Offers Biblical Perspective on Las Vegas Shooting

As the investigation continues into the mass shooting in Las Vegas last night, and as Americans continue to wait for word on family members visiting the popular location, leaders from the American Pastors Network  are considering the tragedy from a biblical perspective.

The mass shooting that took place last night at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas is, above everything else, a clear indication of the spiritual depravity of mankind,” said APN leader and Pastor, Gary Dull, who also serves as executive director of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network (PPN,www.papastors.net). “How a 64-year-old man who, according to his brother, never really had an interest in guns was able to randomly shoot at the distance of over 300 yards and kill at least 58 people and injure more than 500 others is truly in accordance with what Jesus Christ teaches about the mission of Satan in John 10:10—to ‘steal, kill and destroy.’

“Yes, this event that is stated to be the deadliest shooting in American history is truly devilish and from the pit of hell,” Dull continued. “There are still many unanswered questions about the background of the shooter, but the fact remains that this was a terrible massacre as innocent people were shot at random by a depraved individual. Many officials have yet been willing to call this an act of terror, but in reality it was a terrorist action. We know that Satan is the chief terrorist of the ages and will do all that he can to bring fear into the hearts and minds of us all. Are we to give into that fear? Not at all. The Bible tells us in 2 Timothy 1:7 that ‘God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.’ Therefore, we should determine to not live in fear but live by faith.”

Dull added that as the world watches the facts develop from this tragedy in the days to come, pastors across America will consider how to bring the event into a biblical perspective for their congregations. Dull says that consideration will include several concepts:

  1. It is the total depravity of mankind born into sin that leads to this type of action of killing and injuring so many.
  2. Christian citizens should not live in fear but fully trust in the Lord to face such events with courage and strength.
  3. Churches and pastors must be about the ministry of evangelizing the lost, as this tragedy would not have occurred if the shooter had known Christ as his personal Savior.
  4. Events like this are a part of the “perilous times” that 2 Timothy 3:1 states will come and will continue to increase in the “last days” before the return of Jesus Christ.
  5. All must be ready to meet the Lord by knowing Him as a personal Savior and serving Him according to His will.
  6. Believers must encourage one another with biblical truth in light of such events, so as to be able to properly represent Christ to the world that struggles to find answers in times like these.
  7. Americans must pray for one another, for the citizens of our nation, for the families of those who were killed or wounded in the attack, for our political leaders and law enforcement officials as they deal with the situation, and for the Church of Jesus Christ to stand tall as the “pillar and the ground of the truth” in times such as these.
  8. Christians should ask God if there are further spiritual lessons to learn in light of this terrible event and order our lives accordingly.

Time to Choose

By Sam Rohrer

“I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live” (Deut. 30:19).

As America’s sesquicentennial year approaches, and as we have recently remembered the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, we reflect on some of the history of our nation and actions undertaken so we might live free.

Without dispute, the war that’s underway around the world against freedom, Israel, the United States and the entire Western world—and witnessed in increasing acts of wanton terrorism worldwide—is Islam. Most disturbing, but something of which most non-Muslims seem oblivious, is that Islam is the primary source of terrorism and war worldwide and the reason we’re sacrificing the lives of precious freedom-loving American men and women every day.

The terrorism of ISIS as we’ve seen it acted out on our televisions in multiple countries is not some hijacked form of Islam. It is clear and pure Islam. Throughout the world, these horrendous acts of terror are nearly universally perpetrated by so-called “good Muslims,” not lone wolves or a small group of “outliers” who have hijacked a “peaceful religion.” Islam by definition, by the way, means submission—either willing or forced.

The fallacious and dangerous ‘peaceful’ view of Islam espoused by former President George W. Bush launched an Islamic propaganda strategy that is enabling the assault on freedom we see today. The murder of innocent people as they are rounded up and ruthlessly raped and killed in some countries and the acts that kill hundreds in events such as the Florida nightclub attack are lauded by Muslim leadership and considered perfectly normal to the Muslim belief system. In fact, it’s a political philosophy of expansion of Islam and condoned as a means of establishing a worldwide ruling caliphate.

Some professing Christians and many pulpits have chosen to believe the Bush view and become silent enablers of this “grand deception.” As a result of the Bush view and rising calls for peace through political correctness, Western governments and militaries have become impotent in the face of militant jihadist Islam. This assures the growth of worldwide jihad.

We are now at a critical and crucial point of understanding the true threat of Islam. It is the lie that, if not soon understood, will cause the collapse of America and the Western world.

Unlike Islamic sympathizers or biblically ignorant non-Muslims, jihadist terrorists are not exceptions to the rule, they are the rule. They are the “point of the Islamic jihadi spear.” The mainstream media would have us believe all Muslims are benign in their beliefs. They are selling us the lie that good Muslims are peace-loving and simply want to live their lives, practice their faith, attend their mosques and raise their families.

This is despite the fact that “good Muslims,” including their children, attend mosques where sharia law is drilled into their minds and hearts as dictated by Muhammad and the Quran. It is totally unlike any other religion that people can halfway practice in peace like Catholicism or Evangelicalism. The truth is hard to believe, but it should make every non-Muslim revolt in horror. When a ‘good Muslim’ attends a mosque, they learn jihad because this is what is taught:

  • Imams who lead these mosques are “certified in sharia” by one of two Muslim Brotherhood-directed institutions either in Egypt or Saudi Arabia.
  • It is the teaching of sharia that requires jihad as mandated by Muhammad and the Quran. It is this teaching that makes Islam incompatible with Judeo-Christian or Western thought.
  • It is why this ideology is antithetical to our U.S. Constitution and can never be compatible with or protected under the First Amendment.
  • It is this teaching of sharia in mosques that recruits and trains “good Muslims” to follow the dictates of Muhammad and the Quran, which commands them to kill or subdue all infidels (all non-Muslims).
  • It is this reality that makes mosques not centers of legitimate worship but recruiting and training centers for terrorists, and why mosques are not “churches” in the sense as envisioned by most Americans and by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Islam’s teaching authorizes the use of lying and deception—taqiya—to whatever degree possible to undermine and destroy all ideologies or political systems opposed to the Islamic political system and way of life.
  • It is taqiya that commands every Muslim to lie and deceive to further the cause of Muslim world domination.
  • The local mosque is where “good Muslims” are taught to follow and pursue sharia, which demands the death and destruction of all unbelievers and the United States of America (the Great Satan) and Israel (the Little Satan). It is also where the destruction and the collapse of the entire Western world is demanded.
  • Another advanced strategy of deception taught to be used in this war is the silencing of the pulpits of America and Islamic infiltration into the government to aid in the unwitting facilitation of the destruction of America.

This is not a hijacked view of Islam (read the Quran chapters 1-9) but the historic, pure view of Islam and Muhammad. The lie that Islam is peaceful, that ISIS-type terrorists are untypical of Islam, and Muslims generally are “good Muslims” who want just what Jews, Christians and those who believe in a Judeo-Christian view of life have is the lie that must be addressed.

The truth is that Islam teaches, yes commands, Muslims, to be involved in jihad—actions like those of the 9/11 hijackers, the Paris, London and Orlando bombers and the perpetrators of death and destruction around the world.

“Good Muslims” are commanded to be either active jihad, like ISIS, al Qaida, al Shabob or any of the groups that spring into existence seemingly out of nowhere, or to be “stealth jihad.” The choice to become an active jihadist like ISIS is to become part of the “tip of the jihadi spear.”

The more common choice is to become part of “stealth jihad/civilization jihad”—a part of the larger and less visible “shaft of the jihadi spear.” Those who choose the path of “stealth jihad”—the “peaceful appearing” Muslim chooses to quietly send money to support the training and recruitment of active jihadists in the over 3,000 jihadi training centers across America called mosques.

These Muslims finance, otherwise facilitate or enable the ‘tip of the spear’ jihadists. They quietly work to advance a most sophisticated propaganda machine dedicated to advancing the strategy perpetrated by such Islamic organizations as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood of North America—the world’s leading jihadist terrorist organization. This leaves a third group of Muslims who, while still possessing a choice, do so with potentially fatal results.

This third group of Muslims, of which there are hundreds of thousands, are Muslim by birth or Muslims by the fact that they grew up in a Muslim culture or a sharia-led society. These are Muslims, not by choice, but by coercion or forced involuntary servitude. These Muslims are not “good Muslims” but they must still make a choice. When confronted with the truth, all Muslims must choose to be part of the tip or the spear or to leave Islam altogether.

In reality, tens of thousands of Muslims worldwide are coming to faith in Christ and experiencing true freedom. For many, this choice results in death because Muhammad and the Quran mandate the death of all Muslims who choose anything other than the way of Muhammad.

For American Muslims who are still protected by the civil laws of the United states, there is still an opportunity to choose. They must choose life and freedom in Jesus Christ or choose death and slavery in Islam. In America, they can still choose life without the promise of death under sharia. But they must choose.

As an American Christian, I desire all people to come to Christ, experience the assurance of eternal life with God and to enjoy an earthly life blessed by God. That means Muslims, Christians-in-name-only, atheists or any other person who has not yet agreed with God, repented of their sin and accepted Jesus Christ as Savior still has hope. Those who know the truth of God’s Word and stop believing the lies must choose life in Christ or this nation will fall. The shining city on a hill will grow dark and the world will fall into the hands of a totalitarian regime that will make all previous wars and atrocities appear like child’s play.

From this day forward, may American Christians, pastors standing in the pulpits of America, members of the government and all “gatekeepers” of truth in our country redouble their effort to help those who hear them to choose wisely.

When America’s sesquicentennial year comes, will there be Christian faith left on the earth? Truly, the future of our homes, families and country are at stake.

This article was originally published on Charisma News HERE.

The Time to Repent Is Now: God is Sending a Message Over These 40 Days; Is the Church Paying Attention?

The time period of 40 days has great significance in the Bible, figuring into the lives of Jesus, Jonah and Hosea, among others.

The world is in the middle of an important 40-day period of its own, says American Pastors Network President Sam Rohrer, who hopes America, the church, pastors and believers are listening to the message God is sending.

“This week, through October 1, is the National Week of Repentance, and these 40 days between the eclipse watched by much of North America and September 30 have great significance,” Rohrer said. “These 40 days are a time for prayer, especially in the wake of many natural disasters and unrest. Periods like these were also common in the Bible, where God gave his people warnings and implored them to repent.

“So we must ask, ‘What should be happening in our country?’” Rohrer continued. “‘How should the American people be responding?’ We can tie these important questions to everything we see happening in our world—from hurricanes to earthquakes. God is indeed trying to get our attention. And everything fits within the context of taking heed of this warning, repenting and getting right with God. The American Pastors Network’s urgent message is: ‘Wake up, Church!’ Do we understand? Are we hearing and is it leading to repentance?”

Rohrer added that pastors especially should be encouraging their people to listen to God’s message, ask “What are you saying, God?” and get on their knees to repent.

“The verse 2 Chronicles 7:14—‘If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land’ (NIV)—was used widely during the presidential election of 2016,” Rohrer said. “But now, many have forgotten. The post-election message was that our nation had a short period of time—a small window of opportunity—to steer the ship right. What will the church do in that window? Go back to sleep or further engage? These past few weeks have been a very tangible wake-up call. We must look up and understand, and know that what happens in this country hinges on the people of God. Are they hearing, are they watching and are they responding?”

Rohrer and his fellow hosts of APN’s radio ministry, “Stand in the Gap Today,” which airs on 425 stations nationwide, have been addressing these timely headlines and their tie to biblical times.

“In Isaiah Chapter 5, the prophet Isaiah proclaimed judgment on the Jerusalem of his day,” Rohrer said on a recent “Stand in the Gap” program. “Could his words be the final words of judgment on America of our day? His message was one of final judgment. No more warnings. No more time. God said, I’ll destroy your nation because you’ve rejected my commands and despised My holy name. Therefore, My fearsome anger will come against you and no nation will stand against Me. In that day, Israel deserved God’s judgment. We in America should look in the mirror and consider our sins in light of Israel then: materialism; apathy; ignorance; moral relativism; addictions of all types; bribery and corruption; rampant dishonesty. Is not God clearly warning our nation?”

Glorifying God in the Tragedy and the Triumph

 A rare eclipse across the U.S., two major hurricanes in Texas and Florida, a pair of deadly earthquakes in Mexico, a terrorist attack in London, wildfires in the West, and violence and unrest in St. Louis.

What kind of message is being sent to the world—and how are Christians responding?

The daily radio ministry of American Pastors Network, “Stand in the Gap Today,” which airs on 425 stations nationwide, recently addressed these world events and asked if God is trying to get the world’s attention.

“America and the world have seen much tragedy and turmoil over the past several weeks,” said APN President Sam Rohrer, “and while it would be easy to become downtrodden and defeated, we know that, ultimately God is in control and He will work through His people for good. Jesus never promised that the life of the believer would be easy or without strife. In fact, exactly the opposite is true. When we have faith in Christ, sometimes we are tested—by our circumstances, by our fellow man and even by natural disasters. But our challenge as Christians is to glorify God in the triumph and the tragedy, and to be His hands and feet as we work for good in this world.”

Listen to the program “God Will Be Glorified” here.

Along with other Christian leaders, Rohrer also offered a prayer for those weathering the storms through Charisma News.

“As a Christian,” Rohrer said, “I am ultimately praying that ‘God’s will be done’ through these storms. As Jesus Himself prayed while in the garden just prior to His crucifixion, ‘Lord let this pass, but if not, may Your will be done.’ In the face of all circumstances of life, be they blessings or judgment, the believer’s prayers must follow this same model. The reason is that because God is Sovereign, and because He controls the weather—either by causing or permitting events to occur—we must look to determining His reason. In the case of our nation where we have rejected the God of heaven, proclaimed His truth to be void and proclaimed evil to be good in so many ways, it should not be hard for us to look to the God of heaven and ask of Him how we as a nation should respond.”