Webinar: Islam and the American Church

The American Pastors Network presents a webinar titled, “Is Islam Luring the American Church into Denying Jesus?” Dr. Mark Christian, a converted Muslim Imam, and current Executive Director of the Global Faith Institute speaks about how the church has compromised truth by forming unbiblical alliances with Islam. He calls out Pastors with compelling historical information and a side-by-side analysis of the Quran and the Bible to further clarify this issue.

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Below are some of the comments we received concerning the webinar:

The presentation ‘Is Islam Luring the American Church Into Denying Jesus?’ by Dr. Mark Christian was both timely and well communicated. I was greatly impacted by the gravity of the fact of how influential Islam’s misnomer of “tolerance” is infiltrating America’s churches and pulpits. As a pastor, I am more keenly aware of the dangers that are both subtly and blatantly pervading society. While I am saddened at the number of denominations who are getting cozy with Islam, I am also encouraged by the many bold believers who are taking a stand for truth. Thank you APN for this helpful resource.”  Millennial Sr. Pastor

That was a Great Big Wow! of a webinar.

Mark Christian is on fire! And is just what the pulpit needs today in my view.

The camel’s nose is already under the tent.

We need to beat it back with the Word of God and prayer and ever more fervor, in my view!  Sr. Pastor

This webinar is such a blessing.  Great job!  (It’s clear that you and Jerry are pro’s at this!)

I have to step away unfortunately, but truly fantastic. Definitely can’t wait to watch the recording.

Blessings on you all at APN. Truly a remarkable presentation. Superb content and great audio quality.

Awesome sir!   More material here than I’ve ever heard before. Just never knew the depth of the evil nature of Islam and their fundamental hatred for Christians and Jews and of course Jesus as God.

That was a great webinar, men, with valuable information.

Praise the Lord for this presentation! I think this information connected the dots with the missing thread that helps to really make the understanding of the devilish nature of Islam more easily understood and why they are at war with the world.

Valuable and informative!

This was a critical cord woven through this presentation that I don’t believe has been presented anywhere else. My knowledge of Islam is far greater than most, but I heard things today that were critical. It helps to connect the dots in such a way that some of the unexplainable things about Islam became understood.

Wonderful job, Mark! A wealth of information. I pray that will be used by many and that God will bless it.


SUCH a VITAL message!!! Praise the LORD!!

I was so impressed with this webinar! One of the best I have attended and I have attended many over the last few years. You said that the audio would be made available… that would be helpful because as hard as I tried to take good notes, I was unable to keep up and I am sure I missed something. If the PowerPoint, or at least the data from the PowerPoint would also be great and any links to websites that were referenced during the presentation would be good.

Thank you so much for presenting this.  I have been teaching about this and studying it for a few years now but coming from a person that has such an intimate knowledge of their beliefs was outstanding!

American Pastors Network on UK Terror Attack: Appeasement in Face of Evil is Always Disastrous

ISIS has claimed responsibility for this week’s deadly attack in London, which the group said was carried out by a “soldier of the Islamic State,” the Associated Press reported yesterday morning.

American Pastors Network President Sam Rohrer released the following statement on the act of terrorism in London that killed at least four, including an American man from Utah, a British police officer and a teacher, after the attacker plowed through 40 pedestrians with a car on Westminster Bridge, then carried out a knife attack outside Parliament, according to The Guardian.

“The terrorist attack in the UK has the world on edge,” Rohrer said. “But will the British government finally wake up and call Islamic terrorism what it is? And will Americans awaken to the threat that exists here? Appeasement to evil is always a disaster. The UK and its leaders since 9/11 have been in an appeasement mode. They must learn from Winston Churchill, who said that individual Muslims ‘may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. … and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.’

“Until we identify Islam as evil and the source of jihadism, Americans and Brits alike will be subjugated and in grave danger,” he concluded.

Rohrer and other APN leaders discuss headlines like these daily on “Stand in the Gap Today,” the radio ministry of APN that airs on 425 stations nationwide. The “Stand in the Gap” lineup of programming allows the faithful to consider news and current events from a biblical and constitutional perspective.

Stand in the Gap Today 3/20/17

How can Pastors make a difference in their community when it comes to protecting families and churches from dangerous legislation? One Pastor joins the program today to tell us how from personal experience! Host: Dave Kistler

A Biblical Worldview-There Was a Creation

Another cornerstone of a Biblical worldview is the belief in Creation – that God created and sustains all life. Sadly, when you search for this belief in the lives of many professing Christians, it can be hard to find. Unwittingly, many have negatively impacted their faith in Almighty God by embracing the idea of evolution.

Galatians 5:9 says “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.” Do you believe in Creation, or have you allowed the “leaven” of this world to creep in, which can undermine your faith in God?

Please listen to and share this week’s Stand in the Gap Minute program as Sam discusses the importance of Creation in a Biblical Worldview.

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Janet Mefferd Today Show with APN Pres. Sam Rohrer

On March 16, 2017, APN President Sam Rohrer appeared as guest on the Janet Mefferd Today Show. Here’s a description of the program:

“Despite what the media has told you, there are plenty of evangelical pastors and leaders who support President Trump’s temporary travel ban from Muslim countries – and have written their own letter saying so. We’ll get their biblical perspective from Sam Rohrer with Faith Leaders for America. “

Stand in the Gap Today 3/16/17

When only 4% of Millennials hold a biblical worldview, our nation is careening towards becoming a completely secular society. #GeorgeBarna with the American Culture and Faith Institute explains the meaning of his recent research on today’s program. Host: Sam Rohrer

Stand in the Gap Today 3/15/17

Are those who speak out against Jihadi Islam worse than the Jihadists themselves? #JohnGuandolo with #UnderstandingtheThreat joins the program to talk about the newest strategy behind this new effort to reform Islam. Host: Sam Rohrer

Stand in the Gap Today 3/14/17

Due to the effects of the East Coast Blizzard, this program is a replay of an earlier program with hosts Gary Dull and Sam Rohrer on the topic of national repentance and prayer.