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Is Christian education good for everyone?

Is Christian education good for everyone? How does home schooling fit into the process of Christian education? What is meant by homeschooling partnering with the churches? What if there is no Christian school in the area? What if a family is unable to Home School for various reasons? Is sending a child to the public […]


10/25/17 – The Value of Christian Education in the Home, School, and Church

The Value of Christian Education in the Home, School, and Church. We are joined by Jeff Walton (Exec. Director American Association of Christian Schools). Topics discussed include: The Basis and Place of Christian Education. Is Christian Education a viable form of education in the world today? Why is it so important? Is Christian Education for […]


Get To Know the Common Core Marketing Overlords

By Michelle Malkin They’re everywhere. Turn on Fox News, local news, Animal Planet, HGTV, The Family Channel or talk radio. Pro-Common Core commercials have been airing ad nauseam in a desperate attempt to persuade American families to support the beleaguered federal education standards/testing/technology racket. Who’s funding these public relations pushes? D.C. lobbyists, entrenched politicians and Big Business interests. The […]


Failing Liberty 101

By Walter E. Williams A recent Superman comic book has the hero saying, “I am renouncing my U.S. citizenship” because “truth, justice, and the American way — it’s not enough anymore.” Though not addressing Superman’s statement, Stanford University professor and Hoover Institution senior fellow William Damon explains how such a vision could emerge today but […]