5/8/18 – Turning Injustice into Justice–Restoring the Purpose for Government. What Is the Church’s Role?

Turning Injustice into Justice–Restoring the Purpose for Government. What Is the Church’s Role? Topics discussed include: The role of government from God’s perspective. Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s 3 ways the church can respond to injustice. The response of the church in regard to atrocities. What can faith leaders in the church do to influence and engage our government leaders to stop injustices around the world?

Protecting the Constitution

Why is the Constitution is under such assault? What is a primary solution needed to protect and preserve it?
What is the enemy of the Constitution? What is a primary solution needed to protect it?

4/19/18 – The U.S. Supreme Court and a 200-year-old Prediction

The U.S. Supreme Court and a 200-year-old Prediction. We are joined by David New (Constitutional Attorney). Topics discussed include: The Court and the Constitution. The Anti-Federalists 200 Year Prediction. Protecting the Constitution.

Response to those who say using a gun is idolatrous

What is a response to those who say using a gun is idolatrous? Where are the answers to this topic found?

How fragile is our freedom?

How undermined are our freedoms? How hot is the water right now in this nation? How fragile is our freedom?

4/11/18 – Losing Our Freedom of Religion & Speech: Past Time to Sit Up and Speak Out

Losing Our Freedom of Religion & Speech: Past Time to Sit Up and Speak Out. We are joined by Brannon Howse (Pres. and founder of Worldview Weekend). Topics discussed include: The Constitutional Duty of the Press. Marxists and Islamists Shut Down Recent Events. The Fragility of the Freedom of Religion and Speech. Connecting the Dots: Islamism and The Stealth Wilmington Ports Deal of 2018.

A Four-Step Approach for Knowing Where to Stand on Cultural Issues

In today’s digital age, Christians must be much more aware of cultural and societal issues, and sometimes, find themselves engaged in debates concerning gun control, religious liberties, abortion, the economy, immigration and threats to America—even if they don’t want to be.

Now, the American Pastors Network (APN) and its radio ministry, “Stand in the Gap Today,” are offering a checklist of sorts so Christians can consider almost any of these issues by asking four questions.

“Nearly any issue of freedom can be considered from the basic principles upon which our representative republic sits,” said APN President and radio host Sam Rohrer. “If these considerations are not made, we will begin to lose our civil freedom, and it will not return. Decisions regarding freedom and liberty must be linked to eternal moral principles, linked to history and linked to reality.”

To help Christians consider these issues from the viewpoint of what the Bible says, what the Constitution permits, what freedom requires and what justice demands, APN has created an infographic titled “Knowing Where to Stand on Today’s Toughest Issues: A Dynamic 4-Step Approach to Evaluating Today’s Most Challenging Issues:”

  1. What does the Bible say? If God explicitly says it, we obey (Deuteronomy 30:15-19). If God is not explicit, we apply biblical principles.
  2. What does the Constitution permit? The Constitution complements the Bible, not vice versa. Established laws must conform to the Constitution that recognizes God created rights.
  3. What does freedom require? The end result of accepting biblical truth is freedom. Freedom is the result but also the goal.
  4. What does justice demand? The primary purpose of government is to enact justice—to punish the evil doer and reward those who do good. The administration of justice must conform to biblical principles and constitutional law.

“This framework and roadmap will permit any person, whether in office or a private citizen, to come to the right solution regarding a variety of challenging issues,” Rohrer added, “providing that they, in fact, want to come to a conclusion that protects our Constitution and our freedom—that is the hinge pin.”

Is the American republic facing extinction?

Is the American republic as we have known it facing extinction? If so, unless something intervenes quickly and deeply how long until we join the other great empires who are now in the dustbin of history?

Why is there little to no concern about the surveillance state?

In the New Testament book of 2 Thessalonians it talks about the man of lawlessness emerging from the sea of humanity through deception and the Apostle Paul’s warning, not to be deceived. In today’s world there is a seeming lack of any concern about the massive invasion of privacy and the governmental collection of data on all of us. Many comment (particularly the younger generation) “Oh well, it doesn’t make any difference anyway” or “they already have everything already so, go ahead and post all you want on FB and Twitter. Why is there not more concern about something that could be so potentially harmful?

Are other things keeping Americans from being outraged about the privacy they are losing?

What will it take to wake up people generally and Christians specifically to the issues concerning technology and privacy?

Does it matter if you aren’t doing something wrong?

3/28/18 – Consequences of the Surveillance State: What Can We Do?

Consequences of the Surveillance State: What Can We Do? We are joined by Mark Lerner (Co-Founder of the Stop Real ID Coalition and the Constitutional Alliance). Topics discussed include: The Necessary Components of a Global Control System. The Reality of the Surveillance State. Why is there no concern? The Christian Response to Surveillance State.