Agenda 21

Here is a detailed presentation on Agenda 21 and the sustainable development movement as defined by the United Nations.

It will ultimately compromise the property rights, the communities, and freedom of every American.

It threatens the sovereignty of the United States and every aspect of our lives, including the raising of our own children.

Our own government has been supporting this treasonous plan and will continue to do so unless we stop them.

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Ronald Reagan on Faith in Jesus Christ

Watch and be inspired by the words of former President Ronald Reagan. He personified what a great leader should be and how a great man of God must give direction and encouragement to those within his sphere of influence, whether it is from a podium or a pulpit.

The perpetual lie that there is a separation between church and state must be exposed and overcome. That single deception has done more to destroy our great nation that any foreign attack could ever accomplish.

While President, Ronald Reagan was never arrested for speaking these words. Neither has a preacher ever been arrested for speaking out about political and cultural issues.

America needs God’s preachers to stand and lead with the same fearless passion and conviction as demonstrated here by Ronald Reagan.

Running Time  5 Minutes

The Secrets Of Scientology

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The Nicene Council

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The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity

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Hosted by Harun Yahya

Darwin revealed his views in England, in 1859 through the publication of his book The Origin of Species. Darwin’s book was in reality a detailed version of the evolution myth, originally introduced by the ancient Sumerians. His theory maintained that all the different species came from a common ancestor that appeared in water by chance which every living species had sprung from over time again by chance.

Biochemistry revealed that life was too complex to have emerged by chance as Darwin claimed. It was realized that even the random formation of the simplest protein molecule was impossible, let alone a living cell itself. Anatomy, on the other hand, showed that living beings had distinct designs and were created separately.

In brief, Darwin’s theory lacked a scientific basis. However, the theory was quick to gain political support, since it did provide the so-called “scientific basis” for the dominant powers of the 19th century.

The Nicene Council

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The Bible Revolution

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United Kingdom documentary about the beginnings of the Bible in English.

Channel 4 (UK)
The Nicene Council

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The History of the Devil

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The Nicene Council

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Oliver Cromwell and the English Civil War

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Oliver Cromwell’s revolutionary insight that the common people were sovereign, not the aristocracy, lives on and is vital today. His insight was a beacon to mankind and a foundation for the US Declaration of Independence.

The Nicene Council

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Battlefield: Pearl Harbor

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The Nicene Council

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Nuremberg: Tyranny on Trial

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The Nicene Council

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