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Americans and Pastors Have Differing Views on Direction of Religious Liberty

NEWS RELEASE: Over the weekend, Vice President Mike Pence told Liberty University graduates who were celebrating Commencement that they should prepare to be “shunned” for being a Christian, especially as it becomes “acceptable and even fashionable to ridicule and discriminate against people of faith” in the United States. Americans seem to be on track with the […]

National Day of Prayer: We Must Know What God Requires of Us

Note: This article was originally published on the Lifezette News site HERE. Thursday is the National Day of Prayer, and it’s clear our nation needs prayer. You’ve heard the phrase, “Prayer changes things,” but do we believe it? The Apostle Paul told us to “pray without ceasing,” and James said “the effectual prayer of a […]

Church Membership Down ‘Sharply’ Over Past Two Decades

Half of Americans are church members, which may seem encouraging at the outset, but this figure is down from 70% in 1999. What are the reasons, and will the trend continue, asks the American Pastors Network.  The findings are the result of a new Gallup poll, which attributes the decline to an overall decrease in church attendance as well […]

American Pastors Network: How and Why Socialism Is on the Rise in America

Socialist ideas were once subtly introduced into American policy, somewhat disguised and under the radar. But now, says the American Pastors Network, socialism is touted overtly, with no attempt to cover up the fact that the concepts are outright socialist. APN president and nationally syndicated radio and television host Sam Rohrer has explored the topic of […]

Easter is About the Power of God, His Hatred of Sin and His Great Love for an Undeserving Mankind

What’s Easter all about? What does Easter say about God? About Jesus? To mankind? And what difference should Easter make in our lives today? These are questions being explored this week by American Pastors Network President and national radio and television host Sam Rohrer on his daily syndicated, 60-second radio feature, “Stand in the Gap Minute.” “Easter […]

Pennsylvania Pastors Network Leader Responds to Attacks on PA Rep. Stephanie Borowicz for Prayer

The opening prayer from Pennsylvania Rep. Stephanie Borowicz (R-Centre/Clinton) continues to make headlines, as the Christian has been attacked for her prayer that mentioned Jesus. Pennsylvania Pastors Network (PPN, www.papastors.net) Executive Director Gary Dull said that, as one who has had several opportunities to open both the PA House and Senate in prayer, he is […]

Parents Beware—Registered Sex Offenders Are Performing for Small Children at Drag Queen Story Hours in Public Libraries

Drag Queen Story Hours held at public libraries have made headlines across the nation. Community members are understandably upset about men dressed in garish drag queen costumes, some of them donning satanic symbols and reading to young children at publicly funded libraries and other public facilities. The American Pastors Network  is pointing out that others, meanwhile, […]

The Four Pillars of a Biblical Worldview

How we consider life and everything on Earth is shaped by our worldview, whether that worldview comes from Christianity, Islam, Secularism, Marxism, New Spirituality, Postmodernism or a host of other views. The choice of that worldview dictates the overarching response to how we interact with others, serve, parent, vote and much more, says the American Pastors […]

What Do Pastors Think about Illegal Immigration?

Debates about borders and immigration continue to be top of mind for lawmakers, among families and even in churches. The American Pastors Network (APN) is highlighting a new survey from LifeWay Research that found that the majority of pastors want illegal immigration to end. APN President Sam Rohrer says immigration is an issue that has been difficult for pastors […]