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What Is God’s Plan for Israel on 70th Anniversary?

American Pastors Network Explores News Surrounding Israel, Iran and More on ‘Stand in the Gap Today’ Radio Program It’s been a busy few days for headlines surrounding Israel—from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exposing Iran’s lies to the U.S. withdrawal of the Iran nuclear deal to the impending 70th anniversary of Israel becoming a nation on […]

Watch Stand in the Gap TV Shows on Youtube!

APN’s highly effective, successful and popular radio program, “Stand in the Gap,” and the engaging and useful content featured each day, is now on the television airwaves. The new “Stand in the Gap” television show debuted Sunday, April 22, at 3 p.m.on the WBPH Cable Network, which reaches a potential of 7 million viewers in the Philadelphia region, as […]

Christian Persecution: A Reality Too Close to Ignore

PHILADELPHIA—The subject of Christian persecution has taken on a renewed focus for the American Pastors Network  in 2018, as APN leaders regularly address this global problem through its radio ministry “Stand in the Gap Today.” APN President and “Stand in the Gap Today” host Sam Rohrer has written a new commentary for The Christian Post […]

Christian Persecution: A Reality Too Close to Ignore

Note: This article originally appeared on the Christian Post website HERE. by Sam Rohrer, APN President Violent persecution of Christians around the world has risen to all-time highs. Murders, beheadings, rapes, imprisonments and evil of all types are increasingly befalling Christians. This ugly reality demands a response. While Christian persecution is nothing new, today it […]

American Pastors Network Leader Sam Rohrer: As China Pushes Toward Despotic One-Man Rule, World Should Be Shocked Into Reality That Freedom Is Not Default Position in Atheistic and God-Rejecting Nations

The American democratic process, while perhaps imperfect, ultimately gives the people the power to elect their leaders for limited terms, which allows for growth, fresh turnover and the ongoing exchange of ideas. But in China, the process looks much different, and the American Pastors Network (APN) recently discussed China, the security threat and its position to control […]

APN Partners with Biblically Responsible Investing to Focus on Christian Stewardship

The American Pastors Network radio program, Stand in the Gap Today, will feature guest William J. Parker, founder of Biblically Responsible Investing most Friday’s to discuss Christian stewardship. The name of this program is Money Mission Friday and can be heard from 12-1pm EST.  To listen LIVE click here. We view the concept of Biblically Responsible […]

American Pastors Network’s Four-Step Approach for Knowing Where to Stand on Cultural Issues

Between 24/7 headlines and social media, news travels faster than ever before. Christians are much more aware of cultural and societal issues—even compared to a decade ago—because of the way information flows freely and rapidly. Today, believers find themselves engaged in debates concerning gun control, religious liberties, abortion, the economy, immigration and threats to America, […]