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The Price of Silence

Under cover of darkness and nothing more than the result of succumbing to political correctness, the President of famed Duke University in Durham removed a statue of General Robert E. Lee from the front of its chapel. In all honesty, and much to the chagrin of my many friends in the state of NC, I have been […]

American Pastors Network: Election in Kenya Impacted by Local Pastors, Biblical Voting

APN Volunteers and Partner Pastors Instrumental in Mobilizing Christians to Vote for New President Uhuru Kenyatta; Although Hand of God on Election, Christians and Pastors in Kenya Need Prayer Last week’s election in Kenya proved to be a statement on the power that Christian voters can have on the outcome of the direction of their nation. Uhuru […]

Pennsylvania is Near the Top of the List for Sanctuary Cities & Counties

The state of Pennsylvania has one of the highest number of sanctuary cities and counties in the country—fourth on the list, in fact—behind only Oregon, California and Washington, according to a list from the Center for Immigration Studies. APN President, Sam Rohrer, frequently discusses issues of immigration and refugees on the popular daily radio program, “Stand in the […]

How Can Christians Be Salt and Light When They Don’t Believe The Basics of the Bible?

What does it mean to be “born again”? Do Christians truly understand this concept? According to research from the American Culture & Faith Institute (ACFI), many Americans call themselves “born again,” but fewer than 30 percent provided answers that would support that claim. And if so many think they are born again, why aren’t these Christians impacting […]

Tennessee Pastors Network Calls Out National Association of Free Will Baptists on Dirty Investments

The state of Tennessee this year declared pornography a health crisis, and now, the president of theTennessee Pastors Network (TNPN, www.tnpastors.net), Dale Walker, wants the National Association of Free Will Baptists (NAFWB) to do the same. With the National Association of Free Will Baptists’ 81st National Convention happening through July 19 in Louisville, Ky., Walker is […]

Ministry Priorities!

An interesting conversation this evening prompted me to recollect on the early days of my ministry. In the very beginning, I served at youth director for a large and growing ministry in Florida. Like every youth minister, I had to settle on a set of principles/priorities that would drive and dictate the ministry I desired to have with […]

20th Century’s Most Explosive Trial still Reverberating: TN Pastors Network Speaks Out on Clarence Darrow Statue

Written by: Larry Tomczak Note: This article was originally posted on the World Net Daily website HERE. Ninety-two years ago an historic trial erupted on the national scene. The repercussions of the case reverberate throughout America to this very day, affecting every generation. The “Scopes Monkey Trial,” was one of the most sensational cases in America’s […]