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A Call to Prayer…Repentance…Revival

VCY America Interviews Sam Rohrer Date: May 5, 2022Host: Jim Schneider​Guest: Sam Rohrer Show Notes: As Jim noted as he opened the show, we are living in perilous times.  These are times that the Apostle Paul warned young pastor Timothy about.  He talked about how men will be lovers of themselves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, […]

Revival: When it Happens, You’ll Know It.

This transcript is taken from a Stand in the Gap Today radio program, originally aired on 3/22/22. To listen to the program, please click HERE. Dave Kistler:                      Well, ladies and gentlemen, in the pages, the sacred pages of New Testament scripture, we have recorded what some have called the single greatest revival in the history […]

Sam Rohrer Interviews on America Outloud

Topic: Ukraine Conflict May Have Deeper Meaning On Sunday, March 13, 2022, Hon. Sam Rohrer interviewed with ‘Viewpoint this Sunday’ on the America Outloud Network. Dr. Lee Vliet hosted the program and another guest, Attorney Todd Callender, also participated in the discussion. The topic was, “Ukraine Conflict May Have Deeper Meaning for America”. More information: […]

The COVID Vaccine- Resources to Read, Listen to, and Print

PDF of ***Updated (Jan. 2022) Covid 19 Treatment and Protocols, Including Vaccine Injury Protocols and Suggested Lab Testing by Dr. Gordon Donaldson as heard on Stand in the Gap Today 11/13/21. Read and Print the PDF HERE. COVID Vaccinations Part 1: The Medical Truth about CV Vaccines: Helpful Healer or Camouflaged Killer? An interview with […]

Wake Up, Pastor! Wake Up, America! -a letter from APN President, Hon. Sam Rohrer

Dear Pastor, Parent, Employer, Educator, Elected Official, Citizen…… There’s no other way to say it than, ‘human life is under assault’! Ignore the starkness of that statement if you want but the Facts and the Truth do not change. The impacts of the COVID 19 panic policies embedded within strategic deception is not saving human […]

Title: The COVID Vaccination: Unapproved, Experimental, and Potentially Fatal-Part II

STAND IN THE GAP TODAY Title: The COVID Vaccination: Unapproved, Experimental, and Potentially Fatal-Part II Host: Hon. Sam Rohrer Guest: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Date: Jan. 21, 2021 Transcript: SEGMENT ONE Sam Rohrer:                      Well, hello and welcome to Stand in The Gap Today, where we deal with headline news of importance to Christians and of all […]

iVoterGuide Shares 6 Tips on How to Contact Congress

As the 117th Congress gets into full swing, iVoterGuide wants to make sure you’re well equipped to effectively contact your Members of Congress (MOCs) to stand up for the values and principles you hold dear. Your senators will be voting whether to confirm Biden’s cabinet nominees.  Some may hold values so abhorrent to you that you […]

The COVID-19 Vaccine: A Matter of Life

One of the top questions every American is asking about the COVID-19 pandemic is, “Should I take the vaccine?” This decision is vital, largely because it concerns the matter of life. A look at the CVD Vaccine website lists certain categories of Americans who should not take the vaccine. One of the listed groups include […]