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Stand in the Gap Today 2/21/17

Whose job is it to educate your children? Dr. Steve Pettit, President of Bob Jones University and former evangelist, joins the program to talk about the purpose and goal of education, and what the Bible has to say about it.             Host: Sam Rohrer

Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Truth, Justice and the American Way.  Ideals that no longer apply? This program delves into this topic and features an interview with Fox News Commentator #ToddStarnes about his new book ” ‘Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again”.  Also, Attorney, David New talks gives the constitutional view of justice while SIGT hosts lay out the […]

Christian Humanitarian Organization Gets it Dead Wrong!!!

World Vision, the humanitarian relief organization, has crafted and sent to President Trump and Vice President Pence a stinging criticism of the President’s immigration policies. (To read the letter from World Vision, please click HERE.) Calling for Christian compassion and the unmitigated acceptance of refugees, World Vision has missed a KEY biblical point, thus placing themselves […]