9/19/17 – Becoming a Roaring Lamb

Becoming a Roaring Lamb. We are joined by Amber Nelon Thompson (Christian singer, actress) and Nathan Kistler (Hope to the Hill). Topics discussed include: Being a roaring lamb in: arts & entertainment, politics, and public education.

9/15/17 – From Charlottesville to Harvey and Irma: Will the Church Awake?

From Charlottesville to Harvey and Irma: Will the Church Awake? We are joined by Shane Pruitt (Director of Evangelism for Southern Baptists of Texas Convention) & Alex McFarland (speaker, author, and advocate for Christian apologetics). Topics discussed include: The Church’s Role in Harvey Clean Up: Report from TX. The Church’s response to Charlottesville: Unified or Invisible?

9/12/17 – Remembering what?

Remembering what? We are joined by Dave Carter (Pastor and Chaplain). Topics discussed include: Remembrance services for 9-11. How significant is it for a nation’s leaders to acknowledge and pray to God? What responsibility does the Christian have to forgive offenses? Is it possible to forget them? Are we as a nation implored to NOT remember events like 9-11-01, etc.? Is refusing to forget an element that will one day lead to revival?

Christian thinking seeing “natural disasters” and “rumor of wars”

What should we be thinking as Christians when we see these “acts of God” and “wars and rumors of wars”? How can these events give us hope as Christians while the rest of the world tries to explain these events away and use these events to push their own agenda?

The faith community’s role in change

What does the faith community need to do in keeping change going forward?

Natural Disasters in America

What is going on with all the natural disasters in America? Is it time for the pulpits in America to say, “Wake Up”? What about those that won’t address those issues?




Who is the Antichrist going to be?

Who is the Antichrist going to be? How is he going to operate in the end times?

Prophecy & Lawlessness

Is there a prophetic component to the lawlessness we’re seeing today?

Gov. Abbott declares ‘day of prayer’ in TX

Comments on Gov. Abbott praying with Franklin Graham, VP Mike Pence, and 2nd Lady Karen Pence; and declaring a ‘day of prayer’ in Texas. What kind of ministry might be accomplished in the wake of this kind of disaster if churches will seek to help people both physically and giving hope through sharing the Gospel?

9/1/17 – The Great Need for Churches to Evangelize

The Great Need for Churches to Evangelize. Topics discussed include: Gov. Abbott declares day of prayer in TX. Most churches in the U.S. not effectively evangelizing their communities. Reasons for the lack of evangelizing in our churches. Action steps that each of us can use to be more effective at evangelizing.