Why is there so much hate and violence against law enforcement?

Why are we are seeing so much hate and violence against law enforcement at this time in our nation’s history?

The Steps to Restoring a Culture of Truth

What would you outline as steps for individuals and families to take in regard to truth to rebuild what’s important in the family and personal life? What are you preaching about truth to people that would restore a culture of truth? What are some steps that can be taken by those currently in office or voters who consider who to put into office that would lead to a restored culture of truth?

Embracing a definition of truth for the Church

Why is the embracing of a commonly accepted definition of truth necessary for a local church (or the True Church) to survive and accomplish God’s design and purpose for the church?


11/2/17 – Truth: Essential or Luxury?

Truth: Essential or Luxury? We are joined by David New (Constitutional Attorney). Topics discussed include: What is Truth? Is Truth essential? The Implications of Rejecting Truth. The Steps to Restoring a Culture of Truth.


What is truth?

What is truth? Why is the recognition of Absolute Truth vs Relativistic Truth important? What is its source? How does truth factor into law that is made? Or the truth as it would relate to court proceedings or testimony by a witness or law as it would be enforced to those in the Executive Branch? How does truth factor into those areas of civil government?

Biblical concept of giving honor

In recognition of Pastor Appreciation Month Sam Rohrer asks Gary Dull the following: How can people honor their pastor? What is the Biblical concept for ‘honoring’ those in authority? Why it’s important to God?

10/25/17 – The Value of Christian Education in the Home, School, and Church

The Value of Christian Education in the Home, School, and Church. We are joined by Jeff Walton (Exec. Director American Association of Christian Schools). Topics discussed include: The Basis and Place of Christian Education. Is Christian Education a viable form of education in the world today? Why is it so important? Is Christian Education for Everyone? The Role of the Pastor in Christian Education and Choosing a Christian School.

The Promised Land Visited: Why it is significant for Christians to visit the Holy Land?

Why should Christians desire to visit “The Holy Land”? What will “Stand in the Gap Today” listeners learn on their trip to Israel with Jimmy DeYoung in 2018?

Joshua & The Promised Land

In Numbers 27:15-23 Joshua was chosen by God to be a man with a mission.  His responsibility was to lead the Hebrews across the Jordan River into the Promised Land.  Why was Joshua selected for this great responsibility?

Abrahamic Covenant & Israel

What were the conditions of the Abrahamic Covenant and its significance to the Nation of Israel?