Freedom Focus Program 2/18/15 with Chief Justice Roy Moore

This Freedom Focus Broadcast on 2/18/15 was an interview between Dr. Gary Dull, Dave Kistler, and Sam Rohrer joined by special guest Chief Justice Roy Moore of Alabama.

The Bible and Homosexuality

“Dr. Gagnon is to the heresy of homosexualism what Athanasius was to Arianism.  The latter error denied the very nature of God, the former the nature of man.

Gagnon’s command of scripture and history coupled with his loving pastoral tone makes him our greatest champion in the arena of theology in what I have come to believe is the tipping point in the battle for our culture.”  Eric Holmberg, The Apologetics Group/R3volution Media

Three illustrated lectures on one DVD

-From Abomination to “Gay”: Answering “queer” theology (Old Testament)
-The Silence of the Lamb?: But Jesus never said anything about homosexuality (New Testament)
-Agreeing With God: A truly Biblical approach to “Out and Proud” sexuality

The Apologetics Group


Gay Rights, Special Rights


Homosexuality is only 1% of this nations population, yet our freedom, basic morality, constitutional values, basic welfare and even our CHILDREN are under constant attack by this indulgence oriented group… Homosexuality is targeting our youth by preying on their vulnerability.

Homosexuals are redefining the family to include all forms of sexual preference and perversion… Homosexuals have demanded that the 1964 Civil Rights Act be amended to make “sexual preference” a constitutionally protected right!

Your church, business and school will be forced to employ homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, or those who practice pedophilia.

It is time for God’s people to stand up! Tomorrow will be too late! Only you can change your country!

Jeremiah Films

Running Time 35 Minutes

It's Not Gay

It’s Not Gay presents a story that few have heard, allowing former homosexuals the opportunity to tell their own story in their own words. Along with medical and mental health experts, these individuals express a clear warning that the sanitized version of homosexuality being presented to students is not the whole truth.

Uncompromising, yet compassionate, It’s Not Gay is a fair and balanced approach to this challenging subject.

American Family Association

Running Time 30 Minutes

ENDA: The End of Religious Freedom in America

ENDA: The End of Religious Freedom in America? is a new documentary exposing the threats of this disturbing law pushed by the homosexual lobby.

Family Research Council

Running Time 80 Minutes

Erosion of Christian America

Just weeks after US President Obama delivered his 2010 “State of the Union” address to Congress, Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham delivered this presentation, from the Creation Museum’s special effects theater. Originally scheduled as a webcast, the event soon grew to include television and radio across the country and was reported by secular news agencies.

In this fast-paced presentation which features over 200 graphics, slides and videos—including video footage of President Obama’s now infamous statements that “America is no longer just a Christian nation”—Ham shows how far the US has wandered from its Bible-based foundation.

“Many Christians have been duped into accepting a false idea: that there is a ‘neutral’ position they can take in regard to social issues,” Ham said. “Some Christians even accept the myth that the US Constitution declares that there should be a separation of church and state. God’s Word, however, makes it clear that there is no neutral position, God’s people need to unashamedly and uncompromisingly stand on the Bible and its absolute standards. We need to proclaim a Christian worldview and the Gospel, all the while giving answers for the hope we have.”

Ham uses the unique theme “Reminders Removed” and actual news footage plus other video segments to pointedly illustrate the importance of historical events and biblical ideas for passing along a solid Christian heritage.

This DVD touches on social issues such as abortion, gay marriage, the decay of public education, origins, and the role of religion in society. Ham encourages Christians to know what the Bible says on these matters, and helps them understand how to defend the biblical viewpoint in an increasingly hostile environment.

Answers in Genesis

Running Time 54 Minutes