Mine Your Own Business: The Dark Side of Environmentalism

Mine Your Own Business exposes the dark side of environmentalism. The documentary hacks away at the cozy image of environmentalists’ as well meaning, harmless activists.

Mine Your Own Business is the first documentary which asks the hard questions of foreigners who lead campaigns to “save” remote areas from development.

Their answers are often disturbing, with racist overtones, but we, in the west, blindly support such campaigns that want to keep people in poverty.

Now for the first time Mine Your Own Business asks local people about their lives and what they want for the future.

Their answers are very often different from what the foreign environmentalists say and what is reported in the mainstream international media.

Mine Your Own Business is a journey through the dark side of environmentalism. It demolishes the consensus that environmentalists are well meaning agenda free activists and shows them to be anti-development ideologues who think the poor are happy being poor and don’t want the development that we, in the west, take for granted.

Mine Your Own Business goes beyond the voice of the foreign environmentalists that we so often hear in the media and meets those who will be most affected by these projects and the well-run campaigns against them.

Mine Your Own Business follows George, a 23-year-old unemployed miner from northern Romania whose life has been put on hold after an anti-mining campaign orchestrated by foreign environmentalists.

George explains his hopes and dreams for the future – which are different from those prescribed for him by foreign environmentalists.

He then travels to other impoverished communities in Madagascar and Chile who are also desperately waiting for large mining projects. George finds people similar to himself with similar hopes and dreams of a decent job and house and a decent education and better life for their children.

Mine Your Own Business will be hugely controversial as it makes us all think about the unintended consequences of blindly supporting environmentalist/anti-development campaigns across the globe.

It is a challenge to the consensus that allows westerners to deny progress to those who need it most.


Global Warming: The Science and the Solutions

This  report tests global warming claims against the views of respected climatologists and others.

It asks whether the warming of the planet is caused by human activity, or is just a naturally occurring phenomenon with modest consequences (some good), to which modern economies can easily adapt.

This intriguing presentation looks at the disputed science and the big-government solutions sought by some; the latter being a cure that may be worse than the dubious disease.

Truth In Action Ministries

Running Time 60 Minutes

Saturday Cinema – The Little Theater with the Big Picture

Saturday Cinema is a non-profit, independent, educational movie theater in central Pennsylvania showing cutting-edge documentary films to the community for the purpose of promoting a “Biblical World View” and lauding our Judeo-Christian heritage and it’s legacy of freedom and capitalism.

Each week’s showing includes a double feature highlighting a particular theme.

Film categories include: Christ, The Bible, Apologetics, Doctrine, History&Culture, Liberty/Tyranny, The Culture War, Education, The Environment, Economics, Islam, and Creation/Evolution.

Reservations may be made for private showings and special events by church, tea party, or pro-life groups etc.

Films are selected which challenge the common presuppositions of the viewer while exposing the prevailing narratives of academia, the culture, and the media, thus earning the title “The Home of Politically Incorrect Pictures”.

We do not necessarily endorse every aspect of every film, but we believe every film contains important and relevant components to a biblical understanding of our fallen world.

Saturday Cinema provides an opportunity for the audience to understand and apply biblical principles to all areas of life, and a vision to reclaim our heritage, reform the culture, and restore the American republic.

A book and video lending library serves to reinforce themes and address questions raised within the various film presentations. Over 300 titles on DVD are available at no rental fee to members of the “Video Lending Library”.

Many of the DVD’s featured on the PPN website are included and are accessed by pastors, homeschoolers, as well as individuals.

A special thank you to our film producers and studios who have graciously granted permission for public performances so Saturday Cinema movie-goers may attend the theater for free. Saturday Cinema is maintained through the free-will donations of attendees as well as purchases of snacks and drinks from the refreshment counter.

Saturday Cinema offers continuous showings from 8:00 AM ’till 4:00 PM every Saturday. The mini-theater has an art decor flavor, seats 25 and is uniquely located inside the West Annex of Saturday’s Market near Middletown, Pa.

Open every Saturday, the year-round Flea/Farmers’ market is air-conditioned and offers over 300 vendor shopping experiences.

Directions from Harrisburg or Lancaster are easy – just take the Toll House Road exit off Rt 283 and follow the signs to Saturday’s Market. It is located on Rt 230 between Middletown and Elizabethtown at 3751 East Harrisburg Pike Middletown, Pa. 17057

For  film schedules, showtimes, reviews and a complete list of titles available through the “Video Lending Library”, visit Saturday Cinema on Facebook or email scvll@windstream.net

Lloyd Bedford – Proprietor


This is a very upbeat way to introduce the issues of our food system to your congregation.

It touches on several key issues that our country needs to fix.

Food is life, and we have a broken food system.

Running Time 72 Minutes

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Watch entire DVD here.
Purchase it for your own collection.

If you have seen “An Inconvenient Truth”, then you must see this to gain some perspective and balance. This documentary was produced by the BBC in response to the worldwide hysteria over global warming concerns.

Martin Durkin

Running Time 158 Minutes

Global Warming or Global Governance

Watch entire DVD here.
Purchase it for your own collection.

Running Time 81 Minutes.

Is there an agenda that motivates supporters of catastrophic man-made global warming? Are the leaders and advocates really a benevolent confederation of concerned scientists and citizens who simply desire to protect the environment and care for the poor? Or are they being used by others who have a political goal in mind? What is their objective? They want the United States to give up her sovereignty and her rights and surrender them to the socialistic mandates of the United Nations.

In this eye opening documentary, Global Warming or Global Governance, you will not only hear from leading scientists and climatologists who refute the current crop of alarmists’ cries; but also congressmen, economists, newscasters and sociologists who believe that something more sinister is involved.

A global problem, so the Kyoto protocol proclaims, requires a global solution. This new non-elected governing body would place global institutions, which are not accountable to the American people, in control of even the smallest aspect of the U.S. and world economies, even controlling how much fuel is sent to a region and doling out citations for violators. Every American, every citizen of the world, needs to hear the other side of the global warming story!

The Nicene Council

The Nicene Council

Our mission is to restore a right view of God’s sovereignty to the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are convinced that true reformation and spiritual awakening will not come until the Church acknowledges that God is the author and finisher not only of our faith, but of history.

Our vision is to assist the Church in understanding and accepting the absolute sovereignty of God over all of life. We intend to do this by teaching Christians to apply a holistic, biblical worldview to every facet of their lives, families, callings, society, and culture.

Our presence on the Internet is designed to establish us as the Internet leader for creating and disseminating educational resources that explain and promote a comprehensive biblical worldview in order to motivate Christians to engage and to reclaim human culture for Jesus Christ.


Resisting the Green Dragon

Resisting the Green Dragon takes its cue from James 4:7, “Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” Learn how the Bible powerfully confronts environmental fears and how – in God’s wise design – people and nature can thrive together.

Includes a bonus documentary and digital discussion guide containing questions and suggested practical applications for churches, Sunday schools, families, classrooms, home schools, and small groups.

The False World View of the Green Movement   Dr. E. Calvin Beisner
Rescuing People from the Cult of the Green Dragon   Dr. Peter Jones
Logos vs. Mysticism: Environmentalism’s Flight from Reason   Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi
From Captain Planet to Avatar: The Seduction of Our Youth   Dr. Michael Farris
A Brief History of Environmental Exaggerations, Myths and Downright Lies   Dr. Steven Hayward
Putting Out the Dragon’s Fire on Global Warming   Dr. David Legates
How “Going Green” Impoverishes You, Your Church, and Your Society  Hon. Becky Norton Dunlop
Ravaging the World’s Poor   Dr. James Tonkowich
The Green Face of the Pro-Death Agenda: Population Control, Abortion and Euthanasia  Dr. Charmaine Yoest
Threats to Liberty and the Move Toward a Global Government   Dr. E. Calvin Beisner
A Biblical Guide to Genuine Creation Stewardship   Dr. James Tonkowich
Go Therefore and Make Disciples: Advancing the Gospel in a World Permeated by Environmentalism   Dr. Peter Jones
** BONUS 30-minute Documentary
** Electronic Discussion Guide

Cornwall Alliance

12 half-hour sessions