10/9/17 – The Demeaning of America

The Demeaning of America. Topics discussed include: Columbus Day Protests. VP Pence leaves an NFL football game. Jerry Jones and the National Anthem. American Flag Etiquette. How do we restore patriotism in America?

Restoring National Pride and Patriotism in America

How do we restore National Pride and Patriotism in America?

10/6/17 – You’ve been lied to about a lot of things, especially the U.S. Constitution!

You’ve been lied to about a lot of things, especially the U.S. Constitution! We are joined by David New (Constitutional Attorney). Topics discussed include: The latest on Las Vegas. How have Americans been lied to about the U.S. Constitution? “The Bill of Rights” don’t apply to the states? Why needs to be done to reverse the misunderstanding of the interpretation of the “Bill of Rights”?

1st 10 Amendments of the “Bill of Rights” application to the states

Why don’t the 1st 10 ten amendments of the “Bill of Rights” apply to the states?

What are the primary purposes for Civil Law?

What are the primary purposes for Civil Law? The purpose of the law is to do what with us to Christ?

7/17/17 – Facebook vs. First Amendment Freedom

Facebook vs. First Amendment Freedom. We are joined by Tom Wallace (Fortress of Faith). Topics discussed include: Why was the ministry Fortress of Faith recently banned from Facebook? Is America heading down a similar road concerning hate speech that is happening in Canada? Why can Facebook users criticize, demonize, attempt to criminalize (using the most hateful comments and debauched language) Christians, but they are never punished?

7/7/17 – Why Has Patriotism Become Passe? Where Has Gratitude Gone?

Why Has Patriotism Become Passe? Where Has Gratitude Gone? Topics discussed: Is there a difference between Patriotism and Nationalism? Is Donald Trump another Hitler? Can A Person Be Christian And Patriotic? Should an American Be Both? What must be done again for America to appreciate and endorse a Patriotic spirit?

7/5/17 – Pres. Trump’s D.C. speech. America’s 241st Birthday. National Revival

Pres. Trump’s speech in D.C. America’s 241 Birthday Celebration. National Revival: What will it take? Topics discussed: What attitude should Christians have toward President Trump? What role did Christianity play in the development of the Declaration of Independence? Should Christians focus on our nation’s capital (Washington D.C.) with the intent of seeing Biblical principles brought back into our nation?

The nature and role of God: As referenced in the Declaration of Independence

The second paragraph of the Declaration recognizes another aspect of the role and nature of God. It says: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are, Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”  What were the Founding Fathers discussing by this statement?

10 Essential Principles of God’s Plan for a Blessed Nation

Our founders embraced a set of Essential Biblical principles when laying down the foundation for our nation. The pulpits preached them and they were incorporated into our Declaration of Independence and into our Constitution. These were first laid down by William Penn in PA.

Our founders believed that our citizens had to know and be taught what the Bible said about 10 essential principles or we could never have nor keep a free nation built on self government.

10 Essential Principles of God’s Plan for a Blessed Nation

1. Understand the Nature and Role of God
1. God is Sovereign. Rev 21:6
2. God is Creator and Sustainer of life. Col.1:16,17
3. God is Supreme Authority. I Tim. 6:15
4. God delegated man as His Creation overseer -Gen 1:26

2. Understand the Nature of Man
1. Man is born a sinner. Rom 5:12
2. Man is depraved and doesn’t naturally do right. Mark 7:21-23

3. Understand the Purpose for Government
1. Government is to enact justice. Romans 13:1-6
2. Government is to punish evil and praise good. I Pet. 2:13,14

4. Understand the Purpose for Law
1. The Law is to establish the framework for right
actions and to enact justice. I Tim. 1:9
2. The Law was made for Lawbreaker.

5. Understand the natural tendency of government
1. Gov’t tends to consolidate control. Gen. 11:1-9
2. Government tends to take the place of ‘God’.

6. Understand the components of Biblical Justice–Isa. 59:14
1. Truth is the absolute standard.
2. Mercy‘s goal is restoration.
3. Equity is judgment imparted without partiality.

7. Understand the need for Maintaining a Republic
1. Maintaining a republic requires responsible citizens
2. Maintaining a republic requires responsible
government leaders

8. Understand the need to build in safeguards
1. Man is naturally selfish
2. God initiated separation of powers. Isa 33:22

9. Understand the need to Biblically educate
1. Parents must train their children in God’s ways. Prov.22:6
2. Parents must teach the history of God’s blessings.

10. Understand the need for prayer for God’s help in building
the nation. (Ps. 127:1; I Kings 8:54-60, II Chron. 7:14)