Staying on Target: Guns, God's Word and the Constitution

In this DVD presentation by Pastor David Whitney, he examines the theological foundations for the fight to keep and bear arms and provides a constitutional understanding of the right to self defense.

The Second Amendment restrains the powers of civil governments by placing specific requirements upon it.

Provisions in Maryland’s Constitution on the State Militia provide ironclad evidence of not only the citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, but his duty to do so.


Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions

By Gregory Koukl

Tired of finding yourself flat-footed and intimidated in conversations?

Want to increase your confidence and skill in discussions with family, friends, and coworkers?

Gregory Koukl offers practical strategies to help you stay in the driver’s seat as you maneuver comfortably and graciously in any conversation about your Christian convictions.

Faith for All of Life

Faith for All of Life is the bi-monthly magazine of the Chalcedon Foundation committed to “Proclaiming the Authority of God’s Word Over Every Area of Life and Thought.”

Formerly titled the Chalcedon Report, this insightful magazine has consistently put forth the message of the Kingdom of God since 1965.

An online subscription to Faith for All of Life is free. Simply create an account and you can access both the latest issue as well as the archives.

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Established in 1965, Chalcedon (kal-SEE-dun) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) and Christian educational organization devoted to research, publishing, and promoting Christian reconstruction in all areas of life.

Chalcedon is geared to all who understand that Jesus Christ speaks to the mind as well as to the heart.

We believe that the whole Word of God must be applied to all of life. It is not only our duty as individuals, families and churches to be Christian, but it is also the duty of the state, the school, the arts and sciences, law, economics, and every other sphere to be under Christ the King. Nothing is exempt from His dominion. We must live by His Word, not our own.

Chalcedon is premised on the belief that ideas have consequences. It takes seriously the words of Professor F. A. Hayek:

“It may well be that scholars tend to overestimate the influence which we can exercise on contemporary affairs. But I doubt whether it is possible to overestimate the influence which ideas have in the long run.”

Chalcedon’s resources are being used to remind Christians of this basic truth: What men believe makes a difference.

“Therefore men should not believe lies, for it is the truth that sets them free” (John 8:32).

Chalcedon’s activities include foundational and leadership roles in Christian reconstruction. Our emphasis on the Cultural or Dominion Mandate (Genesis 1:28) and the necessity of a return to Biblical Law has been a crucial factor in the challenge to Humanism by Christians in this country and elsewhere. Chalcedon’s involvement in and commitment to Christian education began with its inception when founder Rousas John Rushdoony pinpointed the Christian and home schools as the most important institutions in reversing the influence of secular Humanism.

Our scholars speak regularly at conferences in America and overseas for various churches, schools, and private organizations. Chalcedon also hosts its own regional conferences across America.

In an era of uncertainty and fear of doom, Chalcedon presents a message of victory and envisions our age as a great opportunity for the consistent Biblical believer. A world that is increasingly pessimistic and disillusioned with the failure of secular Humanism is now feeling the impact of Christians who are exercising dominion and reclaiming lost spheres of authority for Christ the King.

The Toughest Test in College

Are students prepared for the toughest test in college?

Many Christians are failing to keep their faith after a few years on campus.

Dr. Stephen Meyer plays a “philosophical survival game,” pitting four worldviews against one another in the quest to decide which one gives the best answers.


The Toughest Test in College introduces a way to pass this test of faith.

The Truth Project
Focus on the Family

The Question of God

How do we find meaning and purpose in our lives? Is there a God?

How do we reconcile conflicting claims of love and sexuality?

How do we cope with the problem of suffering and the inevitability of death?

This series addresses these issues, which preoccupy all thinking people today.

The series will frame these issues in the eventful lives of two men who held diametrically opposed world views: Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis.

Tatge-Lasseur Productions

Running Time 225 Minutes

Defending Your Faith: An Overview of Classical Apologetics

Dr. Sproul surveys the history of apologetics and demonstrates that reason and science are your allies in defending the existence of God and the historical truth claims of Jesus Christ.

He affirms four logical premises that are necessary for all reasonable discourse, and teaches you how to defend your faith in a faithless world. Furthermore, he points out that there are many levels on which to defend your faith, and shows how apologetics brings comfort and confidence to Christians of all ages.

Ligonier Ministries

Thirty-Two 23-Minute Messages. Over 12 Hours of Teaching.

Go Stand Speak

What is the common denominator in every revival, reformation or move of God? What method has God used throughout redemptive history to awaken His Church, soften stony hearts, and prophetically confront evil in a nation and call his elect into His fold? The Public Proclamation of the Gospel!

The public proclamation of the gospel may take different forms. From handing out tracts, publishing books, to posting YouTube videos. However, one form of the public proclamation of the gospel appears to have been forgotten by the modern church – a church that has all to often become comfortable inside the safety of its own four walls – that of open air preaching.

Since the Fall of man, “open air” preachers have been sent by God to deliver His message of repentance, faith, forgiveness and hope. From Genesis to Revelation we see them “crying aloud in the streets” proclaiming Christ alone is Lord.

This video explores this growing and often misunderstood phenomenon. Is it a true move of God…is it something else…or both? Could the LORD be raising up a new army of public preachers to herald His gospel outside of the four walls of the church?

Is there something going on in our culture that has sparked this call to public proclamation? And how is the LORD, His kingdom and His Word best served by people who are led to “go, stand and speak?”

Join host Eric Holmberg and a panel of respected pastors, historians, theologians and preachers as Go Stand Speak introduces you to the forgotten power of open air preaching.

Among those featured are Ray Comfort, Dr. George Grant, Dr. Peter Hammond, Shawn Holes, David Lutzweiler, Rev. Al Martin, Michael Marcavage, Tony Miano, Pat Necerato, Rev. John Reuther, Jeff Rose, Rob Shearer, Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, Paul Washer, Kevin Williams…and more.

Chapters Include:

Part 1: Introduction to the Gospel
Part 2: Thus Sayeth the Lord
Part 3: The Power of the Preached Word
Part 4: The Man, the Message and the Method
Part 5: Answering Objections

Go Stand Speak Ministries
The Apologestics Group

Running Time 120 Minutes

A Christian View of Men and Things

In this book, Dr. Clark outlines his unique Christian Philosophy – a philosophy developed by applying the truth of sola Scriptura to all disciplines.

Unlike other philosophers, Dr. Clark regarded seriously Paul’s assertion in 1 Corinthians that the wisdom of this world is foolishness, and that if we desire genuine wisdom, we must find it in Scripture.

He makes no attempt to synthesize, accommodate, or integrate the Christian faith with non-Christian ideas. This book is an invaluable addition to every Christian’s library.

By Dr. Gordon H. Clark

Where is History Going?

A cogent, concise, and highly useful Christian analysis and response to secular philosophies of history.

By John Warwick Montgomery