What difference does it make in a life to understand events like Creation and the Great Flood?

To know of Creation, to see a literal ark and to be convinced that these events are in fact reality is a good thing. But if a person stops there, the most important message is missed. At the end of the day, what reality must every person confront in their personal lives as a result of understanding Creation or even the Great Flood? What difference does it make?

Response of the unbelieving scientific community to the ark

As a result of putting up the ark, what kind of response has been received from the unbelieving scientific community, especially those who believe in evolution?

12/13/17 – Answers in Genesis: It all Starts with God and His Word

Answers in Genesis: It all Starts with God and His Word. We are joined by Ken Ham (President and Founder of Answers in Genesis). Topics discussed include: Why Creation is where it starts. The Creation Museum. Experience the Ark. The Authority of Scripture.

Recommended Biblical Worldview & Hermeneutics Resources

What kind of resources could be recommended for Biblical Worldview & Good Hermeneutics?

Short comings of post modernism and unbiblical hermeneutics

What is hermeneutics? How subtle is a Godless (modernistic) worldview to twisting how one views the Bible? Do professing Christians in government lack proper Biblical Worldview?

Recognizing postmodernism in friends and loved ones

How can people recognize the influence of postmodernism in a friend or loved one?

What is postmodernism?

What is postmodernism?

How does prophecy fit into apologetics?

What is apologetics? How does prophecy fit into apologetics?

Defining Morals and Values

Not everybody has the same definition for morals and values. George Barna (Executive Director of American Culture and Faith Institute) is asked to define what he means by the terms morals and values.

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