The Church’s Role in Harvey Clean Up: Report from TX

Shane Pruitt (Director of Evangelism for Southern Baptists of Texas Convention) reports from TX concerning post Hurricane Harvey efforts. Shane is asked: How soon were you able to respond after the hurricane hit? What is the extent of the damage done in the Greater Houston area? How much have they recovered in the past couple weeks? How is the SBC involved? Is God providing mercy with churches going into these communities meeting physical needs and being given opportunities to share the Gospel? Could a possible spiritual revival happen in TX as a result of Hurricane Harvey relief efforts?

Christian concern for others turning into opportunities to witness

How do Christians show concern for others and turn that into opportunities to witness? How can Christians show others the story of redemption?


Christian thinking seeing “natural disasters” and “rumor of wars”

What should we be thinking as Christians when we see these “acts of God” and “wars and rumors of wars”? How can these events give us hope as Christians while the rest of the world tries to explain these events away and use these events to push their own agenda?

9-11 Memorial Services appropriate for Churches?

Is it appropriate for Christians to remember 9-11 by holding special services or memorials at their churches? Is such an action hypocritical since the Bible teaches Christians to love our enemies and forgive others?

Groups not wanting people to remember terrorists were Muslims

Why would some groups not want us to remember (and even in many schools hide the fact) that the 9-11 terrorists were Muslims (in fact in some cases they blame the U.S. for what happened)?

Has the younger generation forgotten 9-11?

Have we forgotten 9-11, especially the younger generation? Are there important details that need to be taught to our children?

Significance in the timing of natural disasters to the eclipse

Is there any significance in the timing of all these natural disasters as it relates to the eclipse?

Iran & North Korea working together to attack America?

Are Iran and North Korea working together to bring an attack against America?

America & Europe losing “The War on Terror”

Why is America and Europe losing the “War on Terror”?

“The War on Terror” – Who’s winning? The U.S. or the Islamic terrorists?

Since 9/11 of 2001 when the Islamic terrorists attacked our nation and Pres. Bush launched his “war on terror”, IQ al Rassooli (Iraqi now living in exile; author) is asked. To this very day, who has gained more ground and achieved more of their goals in this war? The U.S. or the Islamic terrorists?