The Six Days of Creation

In this challenging video, Ken Ham clears up some common misunderstandings about the debate over Genesis 1 and “six days” of Creation:

· Can the Hebrew word “day” in Genesis 1 mean anything other than an ordinary 24-hour day?
· Why do so many Christian leaders reject the clear teaching of Genesis 1 about ordinary days?
· The real danger of arguing that the “days” of Creation are long ages—it allows death and disease before sin!
· The church’s general compromise with evolution’s long ages is undermining the Biblical worldview!

The Apologetics Group
The Nicene Council

Running Time 50 Minutes

The Wonders of God's Creation

In this series, you will travel from deep within space to deep within the human body. Throughout your journey, you will learn more about the Master Creator as you learn more about His creation.

Plant Earth: Sanctuary of Life
In the vast expanse of the solar system, the earth stands alone. Nowhere else but on this small, bluish jewel has God brought together the precise and perfect qualities necessary to sustain life.

As you watch this memorable tour of our planet, you will discover hidden miracles absolutely vital to our survival. Clouds airlifting and distributing millions of tons of water each day throughout the earth.

Seeds, carrying these ingenious packages of life, a treasury of flowers and trees to their new home in the earth’s soil. You will enjoy the matchless splendor of water, land and sky, and marvel at this unique and remarkable planet every living thing calls home.

Animal Kingdom: Great Are Thy Works
It has been said that the wisest of human engineers could not improve the control system found in the tail of a common squirrel. Similar statements can be made while observing the inhabitants of any pond, field or wilderness.

God has left his indelible signature on every member of the animal kingdom with which we share this planet. As you view this video, you will be amazed at the mysterious migrations of the Pacific salmon and the monarch butterfly’s annual 2,000 mile journey from Canada to Mexico.

You will visit the inside of a honeycomb to learn the language of bees. Watch spiders spin webs stronger than steel. Throughout the animal kingdom, God’s provision and craftsmanship are widely displayed.

Human Life: Crown of Creation 
The well-known Greek writer Sophocles wrote, “Numberless are the world’s wonders, but none are more wonderful than man himself.”

Sophocles’ timeless words still ring true, for human life exists as the crowning achievement of God’s creation.

As you watch this video, carefully consider the unimaginable complexity and potential of the human brain, the architectural masterwork of the hand and skeletal system, and the incredible durability of the heart. In the human body, God’s creative power expresses its magnificent dimension.

But there is far more to the miracle of the human experience than the wonders of the body and mind. God has made each of us for the highest purpose of all, to know and enjoy His love and care forever.

Moody Publishers

3 Disc Set / 3 Parts

Running Time 180 Minutes



Journeys to the Edge of Creation

This DVD set includes fascinating discoveries about our solar system, the Milky Way, and beyond. Enjoy stunning images of the world beyond us without having to the comforts of your own environment.

In this series, you will  learn that no world is beyond God, and that His truth is still the truth that will ultimately answer the deepest mysteries of space.

Our Solar System
As mankind pushes further and further into space, we seem to be learning new things about our solar system. But you will be reminded of the questions that only God can answer as you are swept away by the beautiful power images of the world outside of our own.

The Milky Way & Beyond
As we look upward into the expanse of the night sky, we share thoughts of awe and admiration with Abraham, David and others in the pages of Scripture.

There is a Master Creator, and this universe is the work of His hands.

Moody Publishers

2 Disc set / 2 Parts

Running Time 80 Minutes

Thousands Not Billions

Radiometric dating is one of the linchpins of evolutionary education today.

Dr. Don DeYoung shatters this and other dating methods employed by evolutionists to cast doubt on the reliability of the Bible and its chronology of earth history.

Evolutionists seek to undermine faith in Genesis as the true documentary of the history of the universe.

When people are told that a dinosaur bone has been determined to be tens of millions of years old, that obviously doesn’t square with the biblical record of man being created on Day 6 with the land animals.

But DeYoung now demonstrates that Christians no longer have to puzzle over this glaring contradiction.

The Nicene Council

Running Time 48 Minutes

A Question of Origins

Did the solar system spring from the big bang? Can chemical compounds spontaneously produce life?

Does evolution explain the diversity of species on Earth? Exploring the latest developments in chemistry, cosmology, and biology, this visually rich, information-packed DVD presents conclusive evidence that the universe and life were created by the God of the Bible.

A powerful witnessing tool!

Eternal Productions
The Nicene Council

Running Time 61 Minutes

Darwin's Deadly Legacy

This informative DVD provides a chilling look at the social consequences of Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The documentary connects the dots between Darwin and the deeds of Adolf Hitler.

It is hosted by Dr. D. James Kennedy and features 14 scholars, scientists, and authors, including Lee Strobel, Jonathan Wells, and Michael Behe.

Truth in Action Ministries

Running Time 60 Minutes

Icons of Evolution

Are students learning the whole truth about Darwin’s theory of evolution? According to a growing number of scientists, the surprising answer is no.

They claim that many of the most famous “Icons of Evolution”–including Darwin’s “Tree of Life,” finches from the Galapagos Islands, and embryos that look remarkably similar–are based on outdated research and sloppy logic.

They say students are being hurt by the failure to present both sides of an emerging scientific debate over Darwin’s theory. Come explore this fascinating new conflict over evolution in the classroom–a conflict based on science, not religion.

Learn about the controversy that engulfs one town when a teacher actually tries to tell students that some scientists disagree with Darwin.

From the Galapagos Islands to China, Icons of Evolution will take you on a fast-paced, fascinating journey into one of the most controversial issues in today’s public arena.

Cold Water Media

Running Time 51 Minutes

The Evidence: God, the Universe and Everything

Where did the universe come from? How did it start? Why are we here? Is there a God behind it all?

Recent discoveries in physics and other fields suggest a radically new picture of the universe and humanity’s place in it. Rather than being a sea of chaos, it appears instead to be intricately fine-tuned, a mechanism whose very physical laws seems to have been designed from the very first nanosecond toward a single end: the creation of life, specifically human life.

What makes this presentation even more amazing is that some of the highly respected scientists and cosmologists interviewed who admit that the evidence points to a Creator are not Christians or even conventional theists.

Host Dwight Nelson does a great job of making the science accessible to a lay audience. Among the scientists interviewed are:

Peter Russell, author of From Science to God
Brian Greene, author of The Elegant Universe and host of the award-winning PBS special of the same name.
Elisabet Sahtouris, author of Earthdance
Alan H. Guth, author of The Inflationary Universe
Mickey Kutzner, Professor of Physics, Andrews University
Fred Alan Wolf, author of Bridging Science and Spirit
Robert Kaita, Principal Physicist at Princeton University’s Plasma Physics Lab

The Nicene Council

Running Time 30 Minutes

The Mysterious Islands

At the far end of the world, there exists a strange and unusual chain of islands, resting above vast tectonic plates.

This is the world of the Galapagos Archipelago, home to salt-spitting marine iguanas, flightless cormorants, and giant tortoises that can live to be more than 150 years of age. It is also the birthplace of Darwinism, for here in 1835, a young Charles Darwin began to formulate a theory which would turn the world upside down.

More than a century and a half later, these mysterious islands remain at the center of a controversy that has shaped the way modern men perceive science, religion, and life itself. The unique ingredients found on the Galapagos have led many of Darwin’s followers to describe it as Darwin’s Eden — a “laboratory of evolution.”

Now, for the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth and the 150th of his seminal work, On the Origin of Species, Doug Phillips leads a team of Christian scientists and investigators to this “ground zero” in the war of the worldviews.

Seen through the eyes of 16-year-old Joshua Phillips, who joins his father and noted researchers like Dr. John Morris of the Institute for Creation Research, The Mysterious Islands is the story of one boy’s search for answers to the great controversy of the modern world.

It is a refreshing father-and-son adventure that combines breathtaking footage with high adventure. The quest: to determine whether the Galapagos Islands are a laboratory of evolution, or a testimony to creation.

This beautiful, ninety-minute documentary takes viewers deep beneath the ocean waves, among hundreds of white-tip sharks, into volcanic craters with giant lizards, and to the unusual habitat of the Blue-footed booby.

Featuring the only team of Creationists and Christian scientists to shoot a documentary on the Galapagos in 2009 — Darwin’s anniversary year — the film brings a fresh perspective on the Theory of Evolution and presents stunning cinematography of one of the most desolate and fascinating locations in the world.

Vision Forum

2 Disc Set

Running Time 90 Minutes

Darwin vs Calvin: The Battle of the Millennium

Their writings have launched nations and transformed cultures. They are arguably the two most influential minds of the last millennium, and now they have returned from their lengthy retirements for a one-time engagement.

Weighing in at five-hundred years old, the undisputed heavyweight Defender of the Faith, John Calvin, faces off in a lively debate against his two-hundred-year-old opponent and the reigning champion of modern and post-modern thought – Mr. Origin of Species himself – Charles Darwin.

This engaging ”Boxing Match of the Millennium” demonstrates the clear antithesis between the competing worldviews of Christianity and Darwinism – a battle of the birthday boys never to be repeated again!

Vision Forum

Running Time 59 Minutes