Rising Drug Prices

The increases in drug or pharmaceutical costs are going through the roof just like the cost of health care insurance. The question is why and who’s to blame? Twila Brase (Pres. and co-founder of Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom) recently stated, “The FDA calls this a ‘rigged payment system.’ In response, one health plan will pass some of the rebate back to patients to lower drug costs. Congress should repeal the law that allows these kickbacks.

How does this ‘rigged’ system work? Does it have to do with the prices of drugs increasing? Are the pharmaceutical companies giving an incentive for their customers to buy their particular drugs? Is that wrong or a ‘kickback’?

The states role in healthcare

Unless there is some major change to the remains of Obama Care the system is going to continue to break down. Will the states step up to help their citizens and diminish the role of the federal government concerning healthcare?

Facts behind the double digit increase of healthcare

Many people thought that with the repeal of the Obama Care mandate that it effectively cut the heart out of Obama Care and that this would lead back toward a more free and competitive health care system. Yet it appears that this not happening – at least not yet. What are the facts about some of the double digit increases in health care insurance costs we’re hearing about? Who’s involved? Are the cost increases at all justifiable?

5/8/18 – Turning Injustice into Justice–Restoring the Purpose for Government. What Is the Church’s Role?

Turning Injustice into Justice–Restoring the Purpose for Government. What Is the Church’s Role? Topics discussed include: The role of government from God’s perspective. Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s 3 ways the church can respond to injustice. The response of the church in regard to atrocities. What can faith leaders in the church do to influence and engage our government leaders to stop injustices around the world?

America’s responsibility concerning horrible atrocities outside the U.S.

What about the role of America (a Judeo-Christian nation) with respect to horrific atrocities like we are now seeing with regular and repeated frequency?  Do we have any responsibility as a nation?

Bonhoeffer’s Three Ways for the Church to Act Towards State Injustice

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was appalled at the pathetic response of the German state church to the injustices visited upon Jews by the Nazi regime. Bonhoeffer famously enumerated three possible ways in which the church can act towards the state injustice:

1. Question the state regarding its actions and their legitimacy
2. Aid the victims of state action, whether they are Christians or not
3. Take action directly against the state to stop it from perpetrating evil.

Are any/all of these responses Biblical and/or appropriate? If so/if not, are there other appropriate responses for the Church/Christians to “turn injustice into justice?”

How far do we go when a gross injustice (like the murdering of the unborn) is taking place?

Gary Dull discusses Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s 3 ways the church can respond to injustice and applies it to Christians and the Church today.