3/27/18 – A Biblical Response to Sensationalism, Bias, and Hype in the Media

A Biblical Response to Sensationalism, Bias, and Hype in the Media. We are joined by Dr. Dan Olinger (Professor, Bible Chair at BJU). Topics discussed include: Recognizing sensationalism in media makes money but is NOT Biblical. Fake news is wrong about Americans being so “Angry.” The role Christians can bring in finding solutions to problems in our country. Solutions – Understanding the Sovereignty of God and how it controls our reactions to the media.

How can we identify news that’s sensational?

How can we tell when a news source is distorting facts to sensationalize the issues or even to try to influence our nation to change our culture and belief systems? Who can we turn to for factual information and truth?

How do we put faith into action without crossing the line into fear or sensationalism?

It appears we face a lot of apathy among American Believers, and many Christians don’t seem to be upset about things that we should find upsetting. Romans 12:9 says to “abhor that which is evil” and Ephesians 5:10 says we are to “reprove” the works of darkness. How do we preach the message of putting our faith in action without crossing the line into scare tactics or sensationalism?

What must the church/pastors do to protect/preserve our 2nd Amendment liberty?

What must the church/pastors do to not only protect/preserve our 2nd Amendment liberty, but also our 1st Amendment freedom?

Can the appearance of a gun lead to violence?

We know that guns don’t kill, people do, any more than cars cause accidents, drivers do.  Yet, the AR-15 is the scape goat.  Most assume that AR, in AR-15 means “Assault Rifle.”  It does NOT.  It stands for “Armalite Rifle”–so named for the company that developed the gun.  Dave Kistler (“Stand in the Gap Today” co-host) even heard from a friend, who has become a strident anti-gun advocate, say that the mere appearance of the AR-15 (it’s fearsome look) causes its owners to respond in a way that can lead to violence.  Is this type of thinking insanity?

Thoughts on the “March for Our Lives”

Many individuals with deep pockets and resources contributed to the “March for Our Lives” event. What does the cast of characters say about who was behind this event and its goals going forward?
Is there any possibility that this was an organic, grass roots, student-led event, as it was promoted and perceived?
What will be the long-term effect of this event–on Congress? On the country? On the church?