10/13/17 – Uniting the Disunited United States

Uniting a Disunited United States. Topics discussed include: Who is responsible for the division in America? What will be the result if such strong division continues in the United States of America? What necessary steps made be taken to bring unity back into the United States?

10/12/17 – The President & Impeachment

The President & Impeachment. We are joined by Dan Kistler (Gov’t, history, and economics teacher; Islamic scholar). Topics discussed include: The Articles of Impeachment put forth by Rep. Green. The Constitutional requirement for someone to be impeached. American Presidents who have been or faced impeachment. The wisdom of the founders in crafting impeachment in the Constitution.

10/11/17 – Current Events

Current Events from a Biblical and Constitutional Perspective. We are joined by Shane Beus (owner, B5 Motors). Topics discussed include: :  A gift given to an American hero. Weinstein & Associates: Selective outrage and phony anger over sexual misconduct? Pres. Trump to decertify Iran deal. Burglar breaks into Paddock’s former home.

Selective Outrage and Phony Anger over Sexual Misconduct

The kind of selective outrage and phony anger over sexual misconduct is again on display concerning Harvey Weinstein. What does this say about the Clintons, Obamas, and others? What does it say about the process whereby politicians are elected?

Freedom of Expression Double Standard?

It’s perfectly fine to believe in freedom of expression (i.e. one’s freedom to “take a knee” at a football game), but not fine to believe in the same free speech when it comes to words (i.e. use of pronouns). Where does this end?