The effectiveness of ‘gun free zones’

One of the greatest problems of those in office is that they feel they must ‘do something’ which means pass another law to respond to an incident. In relation to school violence, “gun free zone” laws were put into place years ago. Have these laws worked?

Enemies of the 2nd Amendment process to inflict another ‘cut’

In what’s happening in DC when it comes to attacking the 2nd Amendment, it has come from Democrat, Republican (generally in name only) and other Establishment types. How are the enemies of the 2nd Amendment and freedom generally using the Appropriations process to inflict another ‘cut’ into the 2nd Amendment?

2/14/18 – International Geopolitics: Great Challenges – Missed Opportunity

International Geopolitics: Great Challenges – Missed Opportunity. We are joined by IQ al Rassooli (Iraqi now living in exile; author). Topics discussed include: VP Pence’s missed opportunity at the Winter Olympics. Challenges: Israel’s Challenges in Syria. France’s Macron to ‘Reform Islam’?

2/13/18 – Christian Persecution – Part II: The Greatest Cause – The Most Timely Solution

Christian Persecution – Part II: The Greatest Cause – The Most Timely Solution. We are joined by Dr. Mark Christian (Former Muslim Imam, Exec. Director of “The Global Faith Institute”). Frank Gaffney (Founder/CEO of Center for Security Policy). Topics discussed include: Christian Persecution: The Worst of Persecutors. The Persecuted Christian: A Personal Experience. The Persecuted Christian: A Developing Solution. Saving the Persecuted Christian: It Requires all Hands on Deck.

2/12/18 – Heroes Now and Heroes Then

Heroes Now and Heroes Then. We are joined by Colin Hanna (Asst. Producer, Enduring Impact Productions) and Dr. Craig Parkinson (Principal, Phoenixville Area HS). Topics discussed include: Heroes Defined. Heroes Now: Personal and Impactful. Heroes Then: Frederick Douglass, The Man – An American Slave & Statesman. Heroes Then: Frederick Douglass, The Message.

2/9/18 – Israel: Imminent Threats – Elusive Peace

Israel: Imminent Threats – Elusive Peace. We are joined by EJ Kimball (Director of Israel Victory Project – Middle East Forum). Topics discussed include: Trump Foreign Policy: Very Talleyrand. Israel: The Imminent Conflicts. Israel’s Enemy: In Syria – in Latin America. The Elusive Peace ‘Deal’.