The morals and values that divide America

What are the specific morals and values that divide America?

Barna Defines Conservative and Liberal

George Barna (Executive Director of American Culture and Faith Institute) is asked to define distinctives between how he categorizes the great divide in his surveys with the words ‘Conservative and Liberal’.

Defining Morals and Values

Not everybody has the same definition for morals and values. George Barna (Executive Director of American Culture and Faith Institute) is asked to define what he means by the terms morals and values.

APN Conference Call 6/30/15 with Jeff Mateer

Attorney Jeff Mateer, with Liberty Institute, was the guest speaker on this conference call for pastors addressing the recent SCOTUS decision on marriage.  He gives a break down of the ruling, what it means, and how it will affect pastors and churches in the future.

PA Pastors Network Conference Call with Jeff Mateer 6-2-15

Attorney Jeff Mateer with Liberty Institute, is the guest on this PA Pastors Network conference call discussing the upcoming Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage.  He answers the following questions:

  • What are the possible and probable rulings coming from the Court?
  • What are the implications for pastors and churches from a ruling imposing a redefinition of marriage?
  • What can pastors and churches be doing today to prepare for an adverse ruling?

Freedom Focus Program 2/18/15 with Chief Justice Roy Moore

This Freedom Focus Broadcast on 2/18/15 was an interview between Dr. Gary Dull, Dave Kistler, and Sam Rohrer joined by special guest Chief Justice Roy Moore of Alabama.

Freedom Focus Broadcast 2/13: “ISIS & Leadership,… or Lack Thereof”

Freedom Focus Broadcast 2/12: “The ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ Battle Continues in Alabama”

Listen to APN President, Sam Rohrer, on Freedom Focus (WJSM)  with Dr. Gary Dull (PA Pastors Network Executive Director), Dave Kistler (NC Pastors Network President) and David New discuss the battle taking place in Alabama over the issue of  ‘Same-Sex’ Marriage aired on Feb. 12, 2015.

Reagan in His Own Voice

These recordings on CD of Ronald Reagan’s daily radio addresses were broadcast from 1974 through 1979.

He speaks on issues of national and international concern, and he shares anecdotes of his extraordinary life.

Liberty Council

6000 Years of Earth History in an Hour (CD)

Hold onto your seats. This recording reviews the entire history of the world — millennia by millennia.

The listener will discover that history is about God’s love for His elect, and that it is a record, not merely of nation states, but of family generations.

Vision Forum