Wanted: Preachers with Passion & Power

This powerful and riveting audio sermon encourages and exalts all preachers, leaders and shepherds of God’s Kingdom to follow the example of Jesus Christ, as well as other great men throughout history who were filled with the same Holly Spirit power and authority, to rise and stand and boldly speak out against the wiles of the enemy at work across our nation and around the world.

Fantastic sermon material that applies perfectly for such a time as this.

By Dr. Alan Cairns

Running Time 90 Minutes


Homeschool: Renewing American Society

This audio message effectively details the benefits of returning to the biblical and constitutional tradition and heritage of homeschooling our children.

Homeschooling is an essential component of renewing and maintaining our American republic, functioning under biblical and constitutional principles as a bastion of free, self governing citizens under God.

By Dr. W. David Gamble

Running Time 24 Minutes


RC Sproul on Abortion

Listen to entire audio message here.

Ligoneer Ministries
The Nicene Council

Running Time 14 Minutes