Rapid Fire Islamic Primer

List of questions:

What is the most dangerous and effective lie perpetrated by Islamic jihadists to Christians in the US and Europe?

There are Islamic billboards around the US paid for by front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood that say, “Jesus was a Muslim”. What strategic message is being sent by the Muslim Brotherhood in a message like this?

In Christendom, Jesus is believed to be the Son of God, all God yet all man. In Islam, Jesus is highly respected also, but there are major differences. What are the major differences between Jesus in Islam and Jesus in the Bible?

In Islam, what will Jesus do when he returns?

In simple terms, what is the difference between militant jihad and civilization jihad?

What is the major point of controversy between a Sunni Muslim – Saudi Arabia, and a Shiite Muslim – Iran?

While there are differences between Shiite Islam and Sunni Islam, can either one ever be a friend to US or the West?

In your opinion, because Saudi Arabia is condemning the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, does that mean that Saudi Arabia disagrees with the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood or just their tactics?

If the US and Europe were to awaken to the reality of the Islamic goal to destroy our respective nations, what should they take to counter this threat?

From a security and information perspective, if there were three most important facts for American patriots and Christians to know about Muslims in America and their Islamic goals for conquest, what would they be?

Is there any real difference between sharia and sharia law? If so, what is it?

If you can identify it, what is the most dangerous aspect of sharia to anyone who is a Christian, Jew, or loves freedom?

Can Islam ever be separated from sharia or Muslim ever modify Sharia – including the King of Saudi Arabia?