Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Frank Capra’s timeless 1939 political fable. Political power-brokers decide that Jefferson Smith (James Stewart), an obscure scoutmaster in a small town, would be the perfect dupe to fill a vacant U.S. Senate chair, assuming he would be easily controlled by the senior state senator (Claude Rains).

Stewart’s wide-eyed wonderment at the glories of Washington feels like an act to his cynical secretary (Jean Arthur), who doesn’t believe for a minute this overgrown boy scout could be for real. But he is.

Congress didn’t appreciate the portrayal of their august body as being cynical, corrupt and absorbed by their own self-interest, but audiences sure did.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Running Time 129 Minutes

The State of Parental Rights in America

Parental rights are under assault like never before in the history of this country.

In light of the assault of parental rights by the state of Texas in taking 465 children in El Dorado, Texas in the Summer of 2008 (The largest seizure of children in American history) or the serious possibility of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child being ratified by the current administration.

What does the Bible say about the jurisdiction of the parent vis-a-vis the state?

In this lecture, attorney Don Hart addresses the biblical and Constitutional issues every parent needs to understand in light of the perilous state of parental rights in our time.

Vision Forum Films

Running Time 80 Minutes

The War Within: How A Godless Culture Threatens America

America’s unique founding reflects a deep commitment to religious freedom where mutual respect was practiced and even secular leaders recognized the sacredness of life.

In today’s culture which is often characterized by lack of shame and loss of meaning, what is the basis for morality?

Is secularization just the logical evolution of tolerance?

Join Ravi Zacharias at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis as he addresses whether America can withstand the war within its own culture.

This two-disc set includes Ravi’s presentation, followed by questions from the audience.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Running Time 60 Minutes

Jesus Among Other Gods: The Absolute Claims of the Christian Message

In a world with so many religions – why Jesus?

In his most important work to date, Ravi Zacharias shows how the blueprint for life and death itself is found in a true understanding of Jesus.

With a simple, yet penetrating style, Ravi uses rich illustrations to celebrate the power of Jesus Christ to transform lives.

With four 15-24 minute powerful segments and dramatic footage shot in 14 different countries, Jesus Among Other Gods contrasts the truth of Jesus with founders of Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, strengthening believers and compelling them to share their faith with our postmodern world.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Riddles in Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington D.C.

This documentary explores the highly controversial subject of the design of America’s capital. Was the city built to reflect the majesty of America’s newfound freedom? Or the hidden agenda of secret societies?

With every major cornerstone laid by Freemasons, was the city built in a Masonic pattern? Embark upon this incredible journey as Riddles in Stone interviews experts on both sides of the heated debate.

Watch as Freemason apologists defend some of the most direct and hard-hitting questions concerning the influence of Masonry in America, and its symbolism in Washington, D.C.

Alongside them are leading researchers who maintain that occult architecture permeates the city, and conceals a secret agenda.

Was D.C. laid out according to the pattern of the stars? Is there really a pentagram in the street layout north of the White House? Does a Masonic square and compass extend from the Capitol building to the Washington monument?

And why is the city filled with zodiac symbols, mysterious faces, and various god and goddess images?

If America was founded as a Christian nation only, where are the images of Jesus Christ?

Or does Washington D.C. symbolize another Christ, the Masonic Christ?

Antiquities Research Films

Running Time 170 Minutes

Is Dispensationalism Guilty of Replacement Theology?

Dispensationalists often denounce historic Christianity’s teaching that the Church is the continuation of Israel. They write it off as anti-Semitic “replacement theology.”

Dispensationalism contends that the Church and Israel are distinct bodies that God will keep separate even into eternity. They hold that the Church is the Church and Israel is Israel and never the twain shall meet.

To confuse the two, they argue, is to replace a local, ethnically-distinct people (Israel) with a universal, ethnically-diverse people (the Church). They reject any merging of Israel and the Church as replacement theology calling it anti-biblical and immoral.

In doing this they themselves impose a separation. They effectively separate their own peculiar and innovate theology from the orthodox theology of the historic Christian Church.

From the teaching of the Apostles, through that of the Ante-Nicene, Nicene, Post-Nicene, and up through the Reformers and beyond, the historic Church has strongly held to the view that the Church is the continuation of Israel.

It was only in the early part of the nineteenth century with the arising of dispensationalism that this view was rejected.

In this presentation we will focus our attention on dispensationalism’s loud complaint. We will engage the question of Israel’s role in Scripture and her relationship to the Church of Jesus Christ in God’s plan.

And we will particularly focus on the dispensationalism’s charge that historic Christian Church has engaged in heresy in this regard.

Ironically, we will show that the label “replacement theology” better describes dispensationalism!

We will show that they have replaced the biblical and historical doctrine of the Church and Israel with a peculiar man-made one.

Join Jerry Johnson, Ken Gentry and David Lutzweiler in this nearly two hour round table discussion

Nicene Council

Running Time 120 Minutes

Counterfeit Counseling: A Comparison of Counseling Philosophies

Does your church give counsel to people based on a hybrid of secular psychology and the Bible?

The field of counseling has been dominated for the past one hundred years by psychology and a therapy industry, but long before Sigmund Freud’s ideas spread across America, the Puritan Christians were using their Bibles effectively to do what they called ‘soul care’ – addressing the struggles of people facing depression, grief, marital issues, anger, addictions, and more.

The word ‘psychology’ comes from the words ‘Psuche’ and ‘Logos’ which means ‘a word about the soul.’

Who would have a more accurate and timeless word about the soul than our Creator God in the Bible?

Unfortunately, many Christians who hold strongly to the authority of God’s Word still falter when it comes to counseling, even “biblical counseling.”

In this message, pastor Brad Bigney highlights the foundation from which modern counseling is derived, and reveals how the basic principles are often contrary to God’s Word.

It’s time for God’s people to turn back to God’s Word when it comes to counseling those who are suffering and confused by life in this fallen, broken world.

Answers in Genesis

Running Time 60 Minutes

Stop Trusting Man's Word

So many in the church today are falling victim to the Genesis 3 attack, “Did God really say…?”

They question His Word and instead place their trust in the fallible words and “knowledge” of man.

In this DVD, Ken Ham challenges Christians to hold a high view of Scripture—all of Scripture.

He examines Genesis 1:2–5 and other Bible passages to gain a firm grasp on the Bible’s authority and authenticity.

The undermining of God’s Word will have lasting effects on future generations; we must repent of our desire to gain the praise of man rather than the “well done” of a holy God.

Answers in Genesis

Running Time 76 Minutes


Many ministers today will tell you that you are sinning by not obeying in giving tithes to the church.

But no one can tithe as instructed in the scriptures. It’s literally impossible.

This DVD will go over the four basic types of tithes as mentioned in the scriptures.

However, it must be understood that all tithes were intended for either the Priests, Levites or simply brought to the temple for other purposes.

Since there is no Priests, Levites or temple in existence today, biblically speaking, you can’t tithe.

Watch this teaching to learn more!

119 Ministries


The prophets warned us about wolves.

Paul warned us about wolves.

Our savior instructed us to watch out for them and that they can be known by their fruit.

Do you know how to recognize them in these times we live?

This full length teaching dives into the study of identifying wolves.

Join us as we begin to scripturally define and reveal the fruit of wolves.

119 Ministries