The Sovereignty of God, My Counsel Shall Stand and I Will Accomplish All My Purpose

Watch entire sermon here.

Presented by John Piper.

The Nicene Council.

Running Time 48 Minutes.

The Secrets Of Scientology

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The Nicene Council

Running Time 15 Minutes.

Thinking Deeply in the Ocean of Revelation, The Bible and the Life of the Mind

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Presented by RC Sproul.

The Nicene Council

Running Time 51 minutes

Gnosticism: The World View Behind The DaVinci Code

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Hosted by Dr. Michael S. Heiser.

Spiritual Not Religious
The Nicene Council

Running Time 41 Minutes

The God Delusion Debate

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Famous debate between John Lennox vs Richard Dawkins.

The Fixed Point Foundation
The Nicene Council

Running Time 102 Minutes

Grace Alone

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Are you truly amazed by Gods grace? Or have you grown accustomed to it? Yes, we sing of Gods Amazing Grace, but do you truly understand what you as a Christian have experienced in receiving the grace of God? Or do you take divine grace for granted?

Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson laments that we have lost the joy and energy that is experienced when grace seems truly amazing.

The Nicene Council

Running Time 30 Minutes

Don't Adapt the Culture

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Dr. Voddie Baucham speaks on Paul’s interaction with the Athenian culture in Acts 17 and whether or not he was trying to adapt to it or proclaim to it.

Truth That Endures
The Nicene Council

Running Time 43 Minutes

Christ Crucified

Watch entire sermon by R. C. Sproul here.

The Nicene Council

Running Time 45 Minutes


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