Last Ounce of Courage

Bob Revere (Marshall Teague), a small-town war hero, is heartbroken when his own son Tom loses his life defending America.

Tom left behind a son of his own named Christian, and 14 years later, the young boy and his mother move back to the small town to be with their family for the holidays.

Christian disconnects with his grandfather Bob, as they both are going through the pain of losing a dad and losing a son. When Christian is threatened with school suspension for bringing his bible to school, Bob notices that his country is headed in a dangerous direction and that freedom itself is on the line.

Encouraged by his grandson Christian, who asks “what did his father die for?”, Bob finally takes a stand for his beliefs and finds himself jailed for putting up the town’s Christmas tree and refusing to take it down.

In this beautiful story of love and forgiveness, they discover a way to unite and to make a difference in their community by claiming their freedom and standing up for their rights.

Running Time 99 Minutes

A More Perfect Union

England wages a new war of unfair trade and tariffs. Bickering and jealousy fracture the once united states.

But a handful of brilliant men, James Madison, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin, lead a political battle to create a new form of government, one that will establish the standard of self-government to the world.

A More Perfect Union: America Becomes A Nation is the first comprehensive recreation of those stirring, heated debates during the sweltering summer of 1787.

Filmed on location at Independence Hall, Williamsburg, Virginia, and other historical sites, it dramatically chronicles how America became a nation and established those underlying principles that guard our freedoms today.

Running Time 100 Minutes

Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

C. S. Lewis’ classic novel, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe makes an ambitious and long-awaited leap to the screen in this modern adaptation. It’s a CGI-created world laden with all the special effects and visual wizardry modern film making technology can conjure, which is fine so long as the film stays true to the story that Lewis wrote.

And while this film is not a literal translation–it really wants to be so much more than just a kids’ movie–for the most part it is faithful enough to the story, and whatever faults it has are happily faults of overreaching, and not of holding back. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe tells the story of the four Pevensie children, Lucy, Peter, Edmund, and Susan, and their adventures in the mystical world of Narnia.

Sent to the British countryside for their own safety during the blitz of World War II, they discover an entryway into a mystical world through an old wardrobe. Narnia is inhabited by mythical, anthropomorphic creatures suffering under the hundred-year rule of the cruel White Witch (Tilda Swinton, in a standout role).

The arrival of the children gives the creatures of Narnia hope for liberation, and all are dragged into the inevitable conflict between evil (the Witch) and good (Aslan the Lion, the Messiah figure, regally voiced by Liam Neeson).

Walt Disney

Running Time 135 Minutes

God's Outlaw: The Story of William Tyndale

A simple God-seeking man, William Tyndale became one of the most wanted men in England and all of Europe.

Pursued by King Henry VIII, Lord Chancellor Sir Thomas More, and the Pope’s personal legate Cardinal Wolsey, he darted across Europe to avoid capture — always pushing to complete the task that set before him.

That task was translating the Bible into English and publishing it for his fellow countrymen — Englishmen who lived in a country where the Bible and even prayers in English were outlawed by a harsh and rigid religious establishment.

Today he is renowned as “the father of the English Bible,” and is recognized as one of the major leaders of the English Reformation. But the tale of how he lived and died as “God’s Outlaw” is a compelling “rest-of-the-story,” and is especially a moving encouragement as we remember the Heroes of the Reformation.

Vision Video

Running Time 93 Minutes

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Martin Luther

This is the classic black and white movie on Luther’s life, shown in nearly every Lutheran church basement!

It takes the viewer from Luther’s entry into the monastery to around 1530, when the Augsburg Confession was presented to the Emperor.

For many years, this was the best film on Luther. This movie shows his triumphs and successes, and the support he had from others.

Unfortunately, the film was not digitally remastered– but the picture quality is still not that bad.

An interesting documentary is included on how the movie was made and the reaction when it was shown.

It also includes a slideshow of Luther sites.

Unicorn Video

Running Time 95 Minutes


This classic film portrays 3½ years of Jesus’ ministry as told in the Gospel of Luke from the Good News and King James translations of the Bible.

Producer John Heyman created a film so true-to-life, you will feel like you are in first-century Palestine. Everything from clothing, to customs, to food of the country during that time period was studied to ensure authenticity.

With a cast of more than 5,000 Israelis and Arabs, “JESUS” was filmed on location in Israel.

Jesus Video Project

Running Time 120 Minutes

Pilgrim's Progress

Pilgrim’s Progress: Journey to Heaven is a modern adaptation of John Bunyan’s beloved classic. It is the #1 Christian fantasy of all time!

The novel has been heralded as a literary masterpiece around the world, as it has been published in over 100 languages and is the most read book other than the Bible.

Amazing visual effects, beautiful locations and a wonderful cast bring to life the story that has inspired each generation for hundreds of years.
Follow Christian and his companions on a great Journey from the City of Destruction to the gates of Heaven as they face obstacles large and small, man-made and demon-spawned.
Beyond the gripping drama, Bunyan’s powerful allegory teaches us all the hazards and hopes of the Christian life, and it features the triumphant glory that awaits all who faithfully follow the King of kings!

DRC Films

Running Time 103 Minutes

Shadowlands: C. S. Lewis

He cried out, “Where is God when I really need him?”

This film is about the agonizing spiritual crisis of C. S. Lewis when his wife died from cancer.

The love, grief, pain, and sorrow were so shattering to Lewis that his basic Christian beliefs, magnificently communicated in his many books, were now called into serious doubt.

Relive the journey of C. S. Lewis during the days prior to and after the cancer-related death of his wife Joy in this film that captures both heart and mind.

You will be able to see his commitment to Christ despite severe trials. He picked up the pieces and moved out of the depressing “shadowlands”, realizing that “real life has not even begun yet” . Starring Joss Ackland and Claire Bloom.

BBC and Gateway Films
Christian History Institute

Running Time 73 Minutes

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John Wycliffe: The Morningstar

John Wycliffe is a dramatic biography of the life of the 14th century scholar and cleric who translated the Bible into English for the first time.

Wycliffe found himself in the middle of religious, political and social conflicts.  An Oxford scholar, one of Europe’s most renowned philosophers, John Wycliffe was a defender of English nationalism against the power of the pope and a champion of the poor against the injustices of the rich.

John Wycliffe taught that God’s forgiveness cannot be bought with indulgences.  John Wycliffe preached that the only true authority is the Word of God, and the Word could only be understood by all if the people could read it in their native tongue.

John Wycliffe captures the trials and heroic struggles of this significant man of faith – the “Morning Star” of the Reformation.

Gateway Films
Christian History Institute

Running Time 75 Minutes

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The Passion of the Christ

A profound story of courage and sacrifice depicting the final twelve hours in the life of Jesus Christ.

Featuring stunning cinematography and an inspired performance by Jim Caviezel, The Passion of the Christ is a triumphant and uncompromising film making achievement that touches the lives of everyone who sees it.

(Warning: May not be suitable for some children due to it’s violent nature.)

Icon Productions

Running Time 127 Minutes