The Latest Means of Surveillance: How Close to Home?

Does the US government maintain massive data bases that house massive personally identifiable data on law abiding citizens? Do we know where they’re located? What departments manage them?
Is there any personal privacy for American citizens today? What concerns should Americans have about the collection of data?
Is there any evidence this collection of information is being used in an unconstitutional manner or could be misused in the future?
What are more examples of ways we’re being monitored in our homes?

Does facial recognition technology pose a great threat to freedom?

Does facial recognition technology combined with the usage of cameras, satellites, and data bases pose one of the or perhaps the greatest threat to human freedom the world has ever seen?

12/21/17 – Trump Announces- the UN Denounces – God Pronounces

Trump Announces- the UN Denounces – God Pronounces. We are joined by Bill Koenig (White House Correspondent, Founder World Watch Daily). Topics discussed include: Pres. Trump’s reaction to the U.N. Jerusalem: Trump Announces – The UN Denounces. It’s now the US and Israel Against the World. Trump’s First Year in Review: You decide.

Should God bless a nation that doesn’t thank Him?

Should we expect God to bless a nation that doesn’t thank Him? Should a nation offer thanksgiving to God in order to receive His blessings?

Is thankfulness an important characteristic to have?

Is thankfulness an important characteristic to have?

11/22/17 – Gratefulness: God’s Plan for Blessing

Gratefulness: God’s Plan for Blessing. We are joined by Bill Federer (author, speaker, historian, and producer of American Minute). Topics discussed include: Gratefulness: It starts in the heart. Gratefulness: The Pilgrim Experience. Gratefulness: What the Founders would be thankful for Today? Gratefulness: The Hinge of God’s Blessing.

11/20/17 – What is a “Biblical Worldview”?

What is a “Biblical Worldview”? We are joined by Dr. Nathan Crockett (director of ministry training at Bob Jones University, hermeneutics professor, and director of “Think Bible – Biblical Worldview Camp”). Topics discussed include: Evolution bias in interpreting facts about birds. Why our worldview is important. Short comings of post modernism and unbiblical hermeneutics. Biblical Worldview & Good Hermeneutics: Tools and Resources.

Recommended Biblical Worldview & Hermeneutics Resources

What kind of resources could be recommended for Biblical Worldview & Good Hermeneutics?

Short comings of post modernism and unbiblical hermeneutics

What is hermeneutics? How subtle is a Godless (modernistic) worldview to twisting how one views the Bible? Do professing Christians in government lack proper Biblical Worldview?

Recognizing postmodernism in friends and loved ones

How can people recognize the influence of postmodernism in a friend or loved one?