Why do Christians continue to defend Islam?

Regardless of all the terror attacks done in the name of Islam Christians continue to defend the religion. Why?

6/19/17 – The ‘Axis of Terror’: The apparent and the not so apparent

The ‘Axis of Terror’: The apparent and the not so apparent. We are joined by John Guandolo (Understanding the Threat). Topics discussed include: Yesterday’s terrorist attack in London. Is there any defined connection between Islamic Jihadists and the left leaning political establishment? Do we need to change the Bible to make it more ‘relevant’?

Response to young people walking away from the Bible

What should Christians and parents be noticing and what should Christian leaders in the pulpits and elsewhere be doing recognizing the reality that young people are walking away from the Bible? What should be the response to this?

Changing Scripture for clarifications sake?

The Southern Baptists have now adopted a “gender-inclusive” translation of the Bible. What is wrong with changing a few words in Scripture for clarifications sake?


The nature and role of God: As referenced in the Declaration of Independence

The second paragraph of the Declaration recognizes another aspect of the role and nature of God. It says: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are, Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”  What were the Founding Fathers discussing by this statement?

Understanding the nature and role of God

Why is it important that the first and most important foundational principle starts with understanding the nature and role of God whether that be an individual, a family, or a nation?

6/16/17 – The Historical Answer to our Troubled Times – Part I

The Historical Answer to our Troubled Times – Part 1: Understand the Nature and Role of God. Topics discussed: “Neither male or female – just an X” OR Law. Our Founders ‘God-designed’ foundational plan for America. Why our Founders started with God: Why we must return. What difference would understanding God as Creator and Sovereign make?

6/15/17 – Lessons Learned: What will change after yesterday’s multiple shootings?

Lessons Learned: What will change after yesterday’s multiple shootings? We are joined by Jimmy DeYoung (Host of Prophecy Today). Topics discussed include: Let no crisis go to waste? What the Left and the Anarchists really want. Live Update from Jerusalem. News as it is happening.

True justice without acknowledgement of sin

Is it possible to have true justice or a functioning justice department or legal system if you disregard personal choice and the reality of sin and evil?

Bernie Sanders anger at Russel Vought’s statement

Bernie Sanders questioned Russell Vought again about his statement that anyone who denies Jesus as God is condemned and Russell clearly stood tall on what he believes as a Christian. Why did Bernie get so angry at Russell Vought’s statement?