What is the role of the Mosque in Jihadism?

What role are the over 3000 Islamic mosques playing in making a Manhattan type bombing or another 9-11 possible in the US? It only makes sense that the Imams and the teaching in the mosques are either telling American Muslims it is a sin to destroy and murder or they are telling them how to best murder and destroy. What is the role of the Mosque in Jihadism?

Wise Biblical counsel for speech – in case someone’s listening

Some Biblical principles to help us all guide our speech and activity on the internet, etc.

What is the result if America doesn’t limit our actions?

What does government do when people choose not to limit themselves with integrity or responsibility? Are we close to a totalitarian dictatorship?

Concern over the government spying on journalists

Is there anything about the concept of government (under the Obama or Trump administration) targeting journalists and their communications that should raise red flags?


According to the Jerusalem Post, “In lightning offensive, Iraqi forces carve out strategic corridor from Baghdad to Syria.” This highway and corridor linking Iran forces in Syria with Iraq and potentially with the Iranian forces on the border with Syrian and Iran seems more strategic than coincidental. What is likely at work here and what is Israel thinking about this? Could a new country come out of this situation?


History of Ramadan

What is the history of Ramadan? Why is it a holy month to the Muslim world?

How to push back against political correctness

How do we push back against political correctness?

Is the Church geared towards the feminine, rather than the masculine?

Is Church now geared more toward the feelings of the feminine, rather than the strengths of the masculine?

9/11 Hate Speech?

What causes those of us not directly involved or affected by 9/11/2001 to consider truthful statements of behavior related to the events of that day hate speech?

Vital connection between Passover and Easter for Christians to know

Is there one vital connection between Passover and Easter for Christians to know?