Wise Biblical counsel for speech – in case someone’s listening

Some Biblical principles to help us all guide our speech and activity on the internet, etc.

According to the Jerusalem Post, “In lightning offensive, Iraqi forces carve out strategic corridor from Baghdad to Syria.” This highway and corridor linking Iran forces in Syria with Iraq and potentially with the Iranian forces on the border with Syrian and Iran seems more strategic than coincidental. What is likely at work here and what is Israel thinking about this? Could a new country come out of this situation?


Can Christians love without speaking the truth?

Can Christians love without speaking the truth?

How to push back against political correctness

How do we push back against political correctness?

Is the Church geared towards the feminine, rather than the masculine?

Is Church now geared more toward the feelings of the feminine, rather than the strengths of the masculine?

Is strength being exchanged for weakness?

Is our society so weak that we now at a place where strength is considered over the top? What role do pastors in the pulpit play in the process?

9/11 Hate Speech?

What causes those of us not directly involved or affected by 9/11/2001 to consider truthful statements of behavior related to the events of that day hate speech?

16 years since 9/11/2001

Discussing a billboard put up along an NC Interstate by the NC Pastors Network in early May 2017. Gary Dull answers the following questions. Why is there such a visceral response now to this type of billboard? What has changed since the 16 years 9/11/2001 happen?


Solutions to heal America’s great divide

What solutions can heal this great divide that has surfaced in America?
How urgent must we be in acting this out?

Barna Defines Conservative and Liberal

George Barna (Executive Director of American Culture and Faith Institute) is asked to define distinctives between how he categorizes the great divide in his surveys with the words ‘Conservative and Liberal’.