Christian concern for others turning into opportunities to witness

How do Christians show concern for others and turn that into opportunities to witness? How can Christians show others the story of redemption?


Christian thinking seeing “natural disasters” and “rumor of wars”

What should we be thinking as Christians when we see these “acts of God” and “wars and rumors of wars”? How can these events give us hope as Christians while the rest of the world tries to explain these events away and use these events to push their own agenda?

9-11 Memorial Services appropriate for Churches?

Is it appropriate for Christians to remember 9-11 by holding special services or memorials at their churches? Is such an action hypocritical since the Bible teaches Christians to love our enemies and forgive others?

Groups not wanting people to remember terrorists were Muslims

Why would some groups not want us to remember (and even in many schools hide the fact) that the 9-11 terrorists were Muslims (in fact in some cases they blame the U.S. for what happened)?

Has the younger generation forgotten 9-11?

Have we forgotten 9-11, especially the younger generation? Are there important details that need to be taught to our children?

Significance in the timing of natural disasters to the eclipse

Is there any significance in the timing of all these natural disasters as it relates to the eclipse?

Gov. Abbott declares ‘day of prayer’ in TX

Comments on Gov. Abbott praying with Franklin Graham, VP Mike Pence, and 2nd Lady Karen Pence; and declaring a ‘day of prayer’ in Texas. What kind of ministry might be accomplished in the wake of this kind of disaster if churches will seek to help people both physically and giving hope through sharing the Gospel?

9/1/17 – The Great Need for Churches to Evangelize

The Great Need for Churches to Evangelize. Topics discussed include: Gov. Abbott declares day of prayer in TX. Most churches in the U.S. not effectively evangelizing their communities. Reasons for the lack of evangelizing in our churches. Action steps that each of us can use to be more effective at evangelizing.

Has America progressed from the vitriol and hate of the 1960’s?

Has America progressed since the 1960’s? What is going on with the vitriol and polarization that is seen in the news?

8/23/17 – The Nations on Edge: The World In Transition

The Nations on Edge: The World In Transition. We are joined by Jimmy DeYoung (Host of Prophecy Today). Topics discussed include: Pres. Trump’s rally in Phoenix. Israeli Defense Force on High alert: N.K./Iran ‘axis of evil’; ISIS out:  Iran In. Turkey In: NATO out. Abbas out: Hamas In.