What attitude should Americans have towards President Trump?

What kind of attitudes should Americans have towards the President whether they voted for him or not?

The restoration of prayer and Bible reading in public schools Is there any research supporting this restoration?

Is there any research supporting the restoring of Bible reading and prayer in the public schools?

6/14/17 – Under Attack: Christianity, Human Rights, and Truth

Under Attack: Christianity, Human Rights, and Truth. We are joined by David New (Constitutional Attorney, historian, Biblical scholar). Topics discussed include: Lawlessness and a planned ‘mass assassination’. Bernie Sanders Attacks Christianity and the Constitution. The UK Prime Minister threatens a government change of ‘human rights’. The Answer to Lawlessness: Either Freedom or Dictatorship.

Danger in ignorance of America’s founding documents

What might happen if Americans don’t know the truth in their founding documents?

Wise Biblical counsel for speech – in case someone’s listening

Some Biblical principles to help us all guide our speech and activity on the internet, etc.