Stand in the Gap Today 11/21/16

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung joins the program as guest to talk about the The Trump Factor: The Choice between two political systems and two world views.  As nations come to grips with the new leadership in America, it seems that they must decide which system/view they’ll embrace.  Host: Sam Rohrer

Thanksgiving Resources from WallBuilders

-The information below is taken from a newsletter sent out by Wallbuilders.  To visit their website, please click HERE.

Historically, American pastors routinely preached special sermons on specific holidays. These sermons used history to present Scripture and show how it was historically applied, thus showing the relevance of America’s Christian heritage to daily life. But many pastors no longer preach such Bible-based history sermons.

Interestingly, a recent Barna poll shows that 79% of church-goers say they want to hear sermons on our Christian heritage and how that relates to today. We encourage every pastor to preach a Thanksgiving sermon showing how the Bible and history relate to contemporary life.

To help make this task easier, WallBuilders has created a special Thanksgiving resource page with not only a modern Thanksgiving sermon outline but also many historic sermons. We also provide Thanksgiving graphics and historical illustrations as well as numerous Thanksgiving proclamations from federal and state governments that can be referenced (such as the 1863 proclamation by Abraham Lincoln pictured here).

So as you get ready for Thanksgiving this month, we encourage you to take some time to review this resource page. Discover information that will help you craft a fun historical sermon for your congregation that will provide them with modern-day Biblical relevance! And then if you do preach such a sermon, please let us know about it at

What Made the Difference in this Election?

This program features an interview from our daily Stand in the Gap Today program with George Barna, founder of American Culture and Faith Institute.  He shares a post-election analysis of the role that Evangelical Christians played in electing Donald Trump and Mike Pence to office.  He also comments on the direct intervention of God in answer to prayer and offers a plan for moving forward.

Stand in the Gap Today 11/18/16

IQ al-Rassooli, Iraqi exile and author of Unveiling Islam, joins the program to discuss the impact of the Trump election on the Middle East, Europe, and Russia.  Host: Sam Rohrer

Stand in the Gap Today 11/17/16

Could the election results be a prelude to a nationwide revival? Attorney and Constitutionalist David New joins the program as guest to comment on the impact of a Trump/Pence administration and give a brief history of the Electoral College. Host: Sam Rohrer

Stand in the Gap Today 11/16/16

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, Host of Prophecy Today, joins the program to discuss the Middle Easts’ reaction to the President Elect-Donald Trump. Host: Sam Rohrer

What’s Next for Pastors and the Church?

After the election came somewhat of a stunned silence among those, both for and against Donald Trump, who never thought he would be elected president of the United States. Then, reality set in. Many embarked on a buoyant, hopeful journey for what was ahead for the nation, while others took to the streets in anger and fear.

Regardless of how divided the country may seem, pastors and churches will be a key component to renewal, restoration and revival in America.

“The process for renewal of our nation must be led on our knees in prayer,” said APN President Sam Rohrer, “as we humble ourselves before God and seek His blessing. It also involves a commitment by the pastors in the pulpits of America to once again preach the whole counsel of God and reteach our people that the biblical principles that made America great are the same principles that can restore and heal our nation—one nation under God.”

One fact the country must realize, Rohrer said, is that half of voters did not choose Donald Trump for president, and are now in despair and despondent. The other half, however, feeling forgotten and desperate for change, did cast a vote for Trump, and are feeling hopeful and perhaps relieved. Rohrer commented that this dichotomy marks one of Christians’ greatest chances to tell the life-saving story of Jesus’ love and grace, in this relatively small window God has granted us again; He has given us a stay.

“How we think and act as believers,” Rohrer said, “will be crucial in not only how our nation will ultimately be united, but how the message of Christ will be furthered. The voters today who are in despair were seeking and searching for something, but they did not find it in the outcome of this election. This is an incredible time to share the hope and the truth of the Gospel. And we must remember that when we have a disagreement with someone, we must pray for them. It’s impossible to remain in strife with those for whom we are praying. This is biblical truth. Therefore, true unity is only possible when we come into agreement with God’s commandments and with His plans—both for our lives and for this nation.”

Rohrer hosts the daily, live, one-hour “Stand in the Gap Today,” the news and commentary radio program from APN that airs on about 425 stations nationwide daily at noon ET. Social science researcher George Barna is a regular guest on the show and recently shared election insight from his organization, American Culture & Faith Institute (ACFI). (Read more: “God Uses Strong Christian Support to Place Donald Trump in the White House”)

This election season, Barna’s surveys of SAGE Cons—Spiritually Active, Governance Engaged Conservatives—focused on voting trends, polls and the issues that were important to evangelicals. The latest research shows that the largest segment of support behind Trump was the Christian conservative vote.

While the Institute found that Trump was not the preferred option of SAGE Cons, they were the most reliable base of support he had. In an election night survey of 1,000 SAGE Cons, ACFI found:

  • More than 90% of them turned out to vote.
  • 94% of them cast their ballot for Donald Trump.
  • More than half (52%) didn’t expect him to win.
  • Two-thirds (67%) said they preferred his stand on key issues.
  • Nearly 6 in 10 (58%) said they disliked Hillary Clinton.
  • Key issues for these opinions were the candidates’ stands on abortion (53%) and Supreme Court nominations (49%).

On Thursday’s “Stand in the Gap Today” program (listen here), Rohrer and Barna discussed several key questions, including: What role did Christian conservatives play in the outcome of the election? What role did God play? Where do we go from here?

“God has given us a narrow window of opportunity,” Rohrer said. “Now we ask ourselves, what must be done in that window? God has given us grace and mercy, so what can we do with that gift? God answered the pleas and the prayers of His people and provided a reprieve. His continued blessing will be linked directly to our level of obedience. Yes, He has given us a stay, but the length of that stay is dependent on whether God’s people will be obedient or will go back to sleep. We will very easily return to the same comfortable, status quo ways if we fail to lead appropriately. This is about much more than winning an election; it’s a complete lifestyle shift and a change in the hearts of God’s people. And it starts at the pulpits of America’s churches.”

Stand in the Gap Today 11/15/16

Both the Trump administration and the Democrats are in the process of selecting people for key positions within the ranks. Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann joins the program as guest to give an analysis of their choices and to talk about the future of Capitol Hill. Host: Dave Kistler

Stand in the Gap Today 11/14/16

Could the election be stolen from Trump via the electoral vote on Dec. 19? Dan Kistler, Constitutional expert,  joins the program to explain how the electoral college works.  Also, is the left’s cry for unity basically a cry for compromise? Host: Dave Kistler