Stand in the Gap Today 11/03/16

Attorney David New will be on the program today to discuss the “Constitutional Crisis” our nation is in. What will it take to bring true justice back into our legal system? Host: Sam Rohrer

Stand in the Gap Today 11/4/16

What will happen on Wall Street in the next 4 years depends on who’s elected President. Bill Parker CEO of Grandview Asset Management, a biblically based investment firm located in Harrisburg, joins the program to give us the scenario. Host: Sam Rohrer

Dr. Ben Carson on Making Choices in this Election

Dr. Ben Carson appeared on Stand in the Gap Today radio program on October 28th to speak to those who feel they can’t vote due to principle.  Listen to this audio clip to hear his message about making choices in this election.

Stand in the Gap Today 11/02/16

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung joins the program to give insight into events taking place in the Middle East including Lebanon’s election of Michel Aoun, a supporter of Hezbollah and the Shiite militia. Host: Dave Kistler


Stand in the Gap Today 11/01/16

Is FBI Director James Comey a hero or a villain? Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann joins the program to talk about ongoing developments in the Clinton email scandal. Host: Dave Kistler

George Barna, “Don’t Complain!”

Recently, George Barna, founder and President of American Culture and Faith Institute, told us what he would say to those people who aren’t planning to vote in the November 8th election.  Listen to this audio clip from the daily Stand in the Gap Today program aired on October 27th.

Be an Informed Voter! Get Your Voter Guide HERE!

The American Family Association has published the 2016 Voter Guide on their website HERE.  You’ll get a “sneak peek” at your federal and state ballot and find candidate comparisons all in one place!