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-The information below is taken from a newsletter sent out by Wallbuilders.  To visit their website, please click HERE.

Historically, American pastors routinely preached special sermons on specific holidays. These sermons used history to present Scripture and show how it was historically applied, thus showing the relevance of America’s Christian heritage to daily life. But many pastors no longer preach such Bible-based history sermons.

Interestingly, a recent Barna poll shows that 79% of church-goers say they want to hear sermons on our Christian heritage and how that relates to today. We encourage every pastor to preach a Thanksgiving sermon showing how the Bible and history relate to contemporary life.

To help make this task easier, WallBuilders has created a special Thanksgiving resource page with not only a modern Thanksgiving sermon outline but also many historic sermons. We also provide Thanksgiving graphics and historical illustrations as well as numerous Thanksgiving proclamations from federal and state governments that can be referenced (such as the 1863 proclamation by Abraham Lincoln pictured here).

So as you get ready for Thanksgiving this month, we encourage you to take some time to review this resource page. Discover information that will help you craft a fun historical sermon for your congregation that will provide them with modern-day Biblical relevance! And then if you do preach such a sermon, please let us know about it at

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