In the Multitude of Counselors, There is Safety

Did you know that Donald Trump has a Spiritual Advisory Council? This program will discuss information from those who are a part of this council about Trump’s spiritual life and an APN call-to-action on Nov. 7th, the day before the national election.

The Media’s Election Deception

Have you believed the media’s “election deception”?  This week’s program features George Barna, founder of American Culture and Faith institute, sharing information on the latest polls of Spiritually Active, Governance Engaged Conservative (SAGE Cons)  and their thoughts on Trump after the media recently released videos from 11 years ago.

Jihad in America?

What is the level of jihad threat currently in America?  Is it possible that “suit wearing” Jihadis have infiltrated the highest levels of our government? Would you believe that it’s not a case of “the fox in the hen house” any longer, but rather-Jihadi Muslims are now at the top of the “pecking order”.  How and why did this happen? This program will take a look at these questions and more from an insider’s point of view!

Ministers Together

Did you know that the two positions of  the pastor in the pulpit  and the civil government official are ordained by God for very important reasons? In fact, when the two work together, the result is God’s blessing on society.  Today’s program will offer insights and practical examples of how the Pastor and the Official can make a difference locally, nationally, and worldwide.  Speaker: Pastor Jamie Mitchell is the Senior Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Lancaster, PA.

Preparing for Persecution

What do we need to know to prepare for persecution?  Is it coming to America? How can we help our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted for their faith in other countries?  Sam Rohrer, APN President, presents a message on this topic. Also featured is an interview with Dr. Salmon Hasan, founder of International Christian Outreach Ministry, who discusses how God is moving within the church in the Middle East and how we can help.

One Nation, Under God

Why is it important that our nation be unified under one constitution, one flag, one national motto, and so on? What is it about these things-and the principles and foundation behind them-that makes us stronger?  The Bible makes it clear that  “Every kingdom divided against itself will be brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand” (Matthew 12:25).  As the sword of truth continues to divide our nation-further driving a wedge between the light and the darkness, what should our response be?

Connecting the Dots: The Federalization and Globalization of America

What happens when the civil government oversteps its boundaries and begins to slowly, but systematically take away the rights of the people?  Should Christians hold these leaders accountable to biblical principles of God’s design for authority and if so, how?  Does the Pastor in the pulpit have any responsibility in this area?

Pastors, America Needs You!

When life comes crashing down, many people turn to the Pastor of the local church for help. Applying biblical principles to physical and spiritual needs is what the Pastor does best and what God intends for the pulpit. How can America’s Pastors step up to meet the needs of the hour and how have they done so in the past? This program will deal with the role of the Pastor in times of crisis.

The Power of the Pulpit, the People, and the Bible

Satan has done all he can to silence the pastors and believers of America but the truth is powerful and the Word of God stands firm despite his attempts.  This program takes a look at the Johnson amendment, Target’s transgender policy change, and the Museum of the Bible scheduled to debut in 2017 in Washington, DC. You’ll be encouraged to see how God is moving in answer to the prayers and actions of his people.

Sharia Law and the Constitution-Can They Co-Exist?

With the rise of Islam and Sharia Law, does history have any lessons to teach us about the dangers of oppressive ideology that promises peace and prosperity but only brings corruption, deception, and violence to its people? What can Americans and peace-loving Muslims do to ensure that another holocaust doesn’t occur?