America’s #1 Enemy

Dr. Mark Christian, President of the Global Faith Institute, is featured on this Stand in the Gap Weekend program. A former Eygyptian Muslim and Imam with family ties to the #MuslimBrotherhood, he shares from personal experience why this worldwide organization is America’s #1 enemy.

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  1. Anon
    Anon says:

    On the May 7 program, I thought I heard one or both guests say Saudi Arabia was against the Muslim Brotherhood. Meanwhile I thought I heard the mosques are instruments/institutions of the Muslim Brotherhood. However, I thought I heard Saudi Arabia is one of the owners/funders of the mosques. So how/why can Saudi Arabia be against the Muslim Brotherhood yet funding the mosques?

    If I heard the program accurately, please explain this discrepancy. Thanks

    • News Room
      News Room says:

      Thank you for your question. We checked the transcription of the program and you are correct in that our guests mentioned that Saudi Arabia has declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, yet they also fund Islam/mosques through the Muslim Brotherhood. This seems to be a contradiction, however, we would consider Islam a political movement-with different sides-Sunni vs. Shia (similar to our Democrats and Republicans) that each have the same goal. These Muslim entities are fighting for dominance with each other, while still uniting under the tenets of Islam-Sharia law, establishment of caliphates, prophetical end times ideology resulting in world dominance, etc. The Muslim Brotherhood is the worldwide activist arm of both of these, yet the enemy of each depending on which side you’re on and which group you talk to.

      Here’s a link to some information on the Muslim Brotherhood that you might want to look at:

      This is a very short answer to a complicated question-but hopefully helpful!


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