Defending the Church Against Terrorism

Recent threats from Islamic terrorists against US churches raises serious questions.  Is there a place for God and guns in the church? What does the Bible say about self-defense and what are the practical steps necessary to protect believers in the face of danger from terrorists? Today’s program features guest Leo Hohmann, news editor with World Net Daily ( and author of the book, Stealth Invasion.

Defining Success in 2017

The world defines success in many ways. Sports stars, actors, business gurus and entrepreneurs are eager to share their approach to “making it big”.  But God’s definition of success is different.  George Barna, Executive Director of American Culture and Faith Institute, shares the steps necessary for families, the church, and the believer to attain success in God’s eyes, in 2017.


Keeping Christ in Christmas

How did Christmas become so commercialized and how can Believers make Christ the center of the holiday season.  Stand in the Gap Hosts Dave Kistler and Gary Dull discuss practical steps to remembering the true Gift of Christmas.

2016 and Beyond

How do Conservative Christians view what happened this past election, and will they continue to support President Elect Donald Trump as he appoints cabinet members and navigates troubled waters in the wake of the Obama administration? George Barna, Executive Director of American Culture and Faith Institute, shares the latest research and challenge to Christians in 2017.

The Enemy Behind the Mosque

What’s the real motivation behind Islamic terror attacks? Is it a result of anti-Muslim bigotry or “cultural homelessness”? This program takes a look at our human tendency to shift the blame and point the finger at every one else but ourselves. But the Bible says that “every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lusts, and enticed. Thus, when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

The Bible makes the analogy of those who become part of the church but are “wolves in sheep’s clothing” because they not only undermine the work of God, but cause strife and division and eventually destroy the church from within. A government, too, can be riddled with “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. Those that appear to be a part of us, but in fact, are bent on the destruction of our nation. Who are these people and how can we deal with them?

The World Reacts to President Elect Donald Trump

What will a Trump Presidency mean for those who love freedom?  What about for those who oppose it?  IQ al-Rassooli, former Iraqi exile, gives a perspective on this from the Muslim, Russian, and Iran/Israel point-of-view.

What Made the Difference in this Election?

This program features an interview from our daily Stand in the Gap Today program with George Barna, founder of American Culture and Faith Institute.  He shares a post-election analysis of the role that Evangelical Christians played in electing Donald Trump and Mike Pence to office.  He also comments on the direct intervention of God in answer to prayer and offers a plan for moving forward.

A Plan for a Blessed Culture

Now that the 2016 Election is behind us, does God have a plan to bless our nation? Is there a path we can follow that will ensure that He is for us and not against us?  Sam Rohrer, APN President, delivers this message on the principles that define a government of integrity.

Message Outline

Christian Citizen, Vote!

This Stand in the Gap Weekend program features interviews with former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, author and researcher George Barna, and 2016 Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson.  Each guest gives advice to those who are thinking of voting for a third party candidate, or not voting at all. Listen to hear the challenge to each Christian Citizen to fulfill their responsibility  and vote in this election.