Protecting the Pulpit: What Every Pastor Needs to Know

On March 8th, the American Pastors Network recently held their monthly conference call designed to answer questions for Pastors and Church Leaders relating to current topics and events affecting  our churches and nation. The theme of this call was “Protecting the Pulpit: What Every Pastor Needs to Know”.  Senior Counsel Justin Butterfield, with First Liberty, and Dr. David Whitney with The American View, joined the call as guests to answer the following questions:

  1. What do pastors need to understand regarding their freedoms and limitations as a 501c3  entity when it comes to participating in the political process?
  2. Can pastors endorse a political candidate personally?  How about from the pulpit?
  3. How can a church protect themselves from lawsuits on certain issues like homosexuality and same-sex marriage?
  4. Should churches incorporate or not?
  5. How can a church “unincorporate” if they no longer want to have 501c3 status
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