Roe v. Wade Still Leaving Scars on Parents, Communities, Churches—42 Years Later

The Supreme Court placed a dark mark on American history 42 years ago this week with the landmark Roe v. Wade decision in January 1973, which made abortion legal in America.

Since then, National Right to Life estimates that more than 56 million abortions have taken place in America.

The American Pastors Network (APN, www.americanpastorsnetwork.netsays that four decades of abortion have left lasting scars on never-to-be mothers and fathers, families, communities and churches.

“Legalized abortion has been a shameful stain on our society for decades—and actually a ‘legal’ murderous choice in America for 42 years,” said APN President Sam Rohrer, who is also President of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network (PPN, “Abortion not only steals life from a human being with a God-given spirit and potential to do great things on this earth, but also leaves many, many wounds on everyone it touches—mothers, fathers, families, churches and entire communities.

“Today,” he continued, “thousands of pastors across the country struggle with the sadness, regret and broken-heartedness of people in their churches who have been deeply scarred by abortion. And perhaps more than anything in our nation’s history, the heartache of abortion, which has led the taking of more than 56 million innocent unborn lives, demonstrates that what is ‘legal’ can often be far from what is ‘right’.  

“Indeed, our Supreme Court’s decision violated our own Declaration of Independence—the basis for our Constitution—which recognizes that each of us has a God-given right to life. This week, we mourn 42 years of a decision that stripped the rights of those who were never given the chance to be born, and we recommit ourselves to speaking the truth about abortion in our churches, in our communities and in our culture.”

Churches, Rohrer added, have the responsibility to speak out regarding the impact and the gravity of abortion. APN offers pastors many resources on abortion so they can address this crucial societal issue with their congregations. These resources, some free and some for purchase, highlight topics such as the history of abortion in America, stories of women who regret their abortions, the pro-life movement in the United States, and the secrets of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Some of the resources include:

  • “180,” a 33-minute DVD (viewable online) that teaches congregations not only to help save the lives of the unborn, but also to help save lives for eternity.
  • “Baby Parts for Sale,” a 48-minute presentation that delves into the ugly side of abortion.
  • “RC Sproul on Abortion,” an audio message from the longtime pastor, author and theologian.
  • “10 Truths about Abortion,” a 60-minute DVD that exposes why abortion is no mere matter of “choice.”


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  1. Pastor Ralph Unroe
    Pastor Ralph Unroe says:

    Church of New Life; Mifflinburg, Pa: I have always wondered if those who advocated abortion; if their parents would have caused that speaker to suffer what they have wished on other; with WHAT VOICE WOULD THEY NOW SPEAK? God aint mocked. He Will Get The Last Word.
    R Unroe; 225 Park Avenue; Milton, Pa. 17847

  2. Dianne Pomon, Dir., Genesis Pregnancy Care Center, Pottstown, PA
    Dianne Pomon, Dir., Genesis Pregnancy Care Center, Pottstown, PA says:

    Thanks for your great article on the abortion issue. In many churches, this seems to be a dead issue (no pun intended), so hopefully your article will awaken those that are asleep on this issue.

    I recently read that 1:3 women sitting in the pew has had an abortion. Thus, there are untold numbers of “walking wounded” in the church that often have sought no help because of shame and guilt. When we see a woman that has had an abortion, often they can’t even minimally talk about it. Most have stuffed this in the back of their mind and don’t really understand the Lord can forgive them. Many even perceive abortion as an unforgivable sin.

    Just this past week we encountered a woman with a history of 5 abortions. She was so hardened that she didn’t believe it was a problem in her life. Most of the time women won’t seek help for at least ten years after an abortion. In the meantime, they carry this guilt and shame which often leads them to alcoholism, drug addiction, more promiscuous sex, failed relationships and marriages, etc. The Supreme Court has created a monstrosity of evil in our society.

    Thanks for standing firm on this issue! And for alerting pastors that may just not realize how serious this plague is on our nation. On the other hand, we have wonderful pastors in our area that support us and encourage us in reaching out to women that need our counsel from God’s Word. We praise God for them!


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